”Stefan is an absolute dream to work with!”

~ Cécile Brosius, MBA, MSc Director of Product Marketing, Corel Corporation, Ottawa, Canada


My name is Stefan Lindblad, work as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and artist. Based in Stockholm, Sweden. Corel, software developer of programs such as Corel Painter and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, named me one of their 8 official CorelDRAW Masters in the world. Quite an honour, admit.

On a daily basis, I create illustrations and designs, for editorial magazines, agency’s, advertizing agencies, corporations annual reports. And various types of companies. I also make illustrations for Book Publishing Houses, illustrating kids books and books for grown ups. Illustrate and design book covers. I also love working with my own projects, like my own indie published colouring books, and art exhibitions etcetera.

Please view my Portfolio Galleries here on my website.

I like sharing my knowledge I have gained through the years, working in my fields. And I do so by both writing tutorials for Corel, as well as recording video tutorials and webinars for Corel, as part of being a CorelDRAW Master, for an international audience. My written tutorials have been translated to many languages. Back here in Sweden, I off and on hold classes and training sessions for swedish companies wanting to train and learn CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. From sign and print companies to Equestrian companies with Inhouse offices.  I sell my own online courses on my own swedish website, in Swedish language on using graphics software.