Bought a shiny Samsung Galaxy S10E, thanks for the 2 years Huawei P10

I bought myself a brand new Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S10E. And it feels a bit like coming home. To me as an illustrator, and graphic designer the camera is always important. I take a respectful amount of reference photos. I … Read More

Urban Sketching, coffee at Café and buying art supplies

Today was one of those nice days when I had some time to relax, do some drawing and sketching and still get some work done during they day. I decided day before to go to my regular art supply stores: … Read More

How to install a second, multiple blog on WordPress

I’ve tried to solve this myself so many times – adding an additional blog on my WordPress site. And I succeeded, just not the way I envisioned it initially. I use WordPress for my illustration and design business, showcasing my … Read More

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