NEW CorelDRAW 2019 for MAC and PC. For MAC people!

For a very long time now, we talk 20 or maybe even 30 years, and since the Mac version 11.0 in 2002, CorelDRAW and Mac users have longed for a proper Mac version for CorelDRAW. And finally it is here … Read More

Illustration and book cover I made, rejected the last minute 2016

This illustration and book cover design, was done with another book title and author name initially, but I deleted title and author name, publisher, and added a new mockup title and my own name. The book was never published Of … Read More

Wacom Art Pens breaks down, poor engineering, or bad material

I love Wacom Tablets and use them extensively, almost everyday since the Wacom Intuos 1.0 was released almost 20 years ago. Before it was called an Intuos I believe. Therefore I have several different Wacom pen Tablets since 1999. But, … Read More

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