Illustrator Artist Glove for Tablets

You have seen them around on creatives, illustrators forums, social media and websites alike – the Artist Illustrator Glove for Drawing Tablets. They are useful, look cool and they are often quite expensive considering you basically buy one glove and not a pair.

Drawing glove for tablets, Dechatlon Running glove Kalenji, Stefan Lindblad, Illustrator, blog
Stefan Lindblad, illustrator. Wearing his Drawing Glove for Tablet – the Dechatlon Kalenji Running glove, cut off fingers

This is the story how I got my own drawing glove for tablets – think running, and sports store. Think KALENJI and Dechatlon Sports. Think Lifehack!

Create your own glove

One of the most common brands for illustrators glove for tablets is from Huion, the tablet maker and Dokiwear. I still havent seen any from Wacom. And a Wacom glove could be kind of cool – if you use Wacom tablets. Other brands are Huion Artist Drawing Glove, Dokiwear CG Art Glove, Parblo, XP-Pen, Meko.

Alternative 1 and Alternative 2

When I decided to cut off the fingers on the glove, these two alternatives came to mind.


I like LifeHacks and this is one solution to save money and still get a great tool for digital illustration work

The drawing glove I use is from sports store Dechatlon (French sporting goods retailer) called KALENJI – the running glove! And basically what you do is to use a scissor and cut off three fingers. The thumb, the Index finger and Middle finger. Around the Thumb cut just outside, along the seam. Don´t go too tight to the seem. Better leave some material a few millimeters. Alternative 1 is the one I went for. You can also go with Alternative 2 and cut along the dotted line.

I cut off the index and middle fingers keeping those wholes individually intact, instead of just cutting off entirely. Not trying to mimic the ones from Huion and Dokiwear. I felt it gave a better overall feel and no need of a large area to make a new seam along the cut.

Prices compared, save money on creating your own

I got my Running glove at Dechatlon, I cut off the fingers myself, customized for 59 Swedish Kronor and a siccor at home. Equals Aprox. €5.58 and $6.32, £4.79 respectivly.

Compare that to a Huion Artist Glove for tablet, including shipping and your paying around $14 – $20. Or a Dokiwear CG Glove for $16-$25 – for one glove. That said, I might buy a DokiWear glove later. They do look cool and comfy. Exchange rates may vary, and can change all the time. To check with your local currency, try using my Swedish currency – amount is 59 Kronor in Sweden – and compare with your local currency at MSN Currency Converter. Or your local Dechatlons or similar Sports retailer website for more information.

And before you all go rushing off to the nearest Dechatlon online store or physical store (or other local sports retailer) – they don’t carry any specific drawing glove. Like I show, they carry a perfect glove for tablets from material aspect and you customize it, and make it into a Drawing Glove for Tablets. And at Dechatlon that’s the one I use, shown in this example pictures. The material is more or less the same as the brand’s from Huion and DokiwearPolyester and Elastan – because there is two main factors involved to make up for a great drawing glove – the material and chopped-off fingers.

Drawing flow tech

The one I use and giving a near perfect result for a Drawing Glove for Tablets, is made of 91% Polyester and 9% Elastan. And it is also washable at 30 degrees, and no tumble dry after washing it. Perfect material and very comfy for gloves for digital illustration and image editing. The main trick is free-flowing and friction-free. And the other is to get a perfect grip holding the Wacom pen – hence the cut-off fingers. You don’t like to stumble on the drawing tablet area when working with a tablet. What you like to have is an easy breeze experience. One that gives you a great free flow, friction-free smooth stumble-free movement over the drawing tablet, cintique or intuos type.

History behind Drawing gloves for artists

Originally gloves started showing up for drawing artists, illustrators who didn’t like to get their drawings or hands covered with smudge. The importance with digital gloves for tablets is the clear difference in surface, and one being real paper and the other being for digital work smudge free tablets.

And if you still ike to have the fancy stuff, the cool brand and great gloves made for the task, then I recomend taking a look at the ones from Dokiwear and the one from Huion

Mazo Grey V1 Elite, USD 16.00
Huion Artist Glove,
US $11.99 inc shipping from China to the EU

Have fun!

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator and graphic designer