Who is a pirate, pirate exhibition at the Maritime Museum, illustrations Stefan Lindblad
The exhibition was extended by one year. The exhibition was scheduled for Dec 2009 – May 2011, but was extended to May 2012.

I was commissioned to draw the illustrations in the summer of 2009, when Elin Harland and Pia Frände exhibition producer contacted me. After initial meetings at the Maritime Museum, I started my research. Once it was decided which pirates would be portrayed, I started my research following historical references to how the various pirates looked. With some help from the museum. I created four pieces for the main exhibition hall. Of which three digital drawings, illustrations were portraits, and the fourth was a pirate ship image, which I called the “naval image”. Even a poster was created fro the Subway/Metro system trains, Big Signane outdoor signs on the Main Street Strandvägen all the way to the Museum. and postcards and Posters etcetera. For this poster illustration I draw/illustrated the real person, historic Pirate Störtebecker who raided the Baltic Sea, standing next with a more modern pirate from Adenviken, a person I invented and not a real person. Pirates, portraits for the exhibition was: Lars Gatenhielm, Störtebecker and Ali Khoja.

I first started sketching in my sketchbook, and then proceeded to create all illustrations by signing them with my digital pen, Wacom Intuos, and Corel PHOTO-PAINT graphics program. (Share in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite).

Photographs of illustrations, montage and creator of illustrations Stefan Lindblad

Photo credit, of outdoor facade the museum building photograph by Anneli Karlsson, SMM