Texture Pac 1 – With concrete, grass, organic textures

Texture Pac 1
By Stefan Lindblad, illustrator & designer

Texture Pac file formats “.JPEG”. Perfect for any image editing program, such as Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Gimp, and Photoshop.

Corel PHOTO-PAINT & CorelDRAW Texture Pac 1, Stefan Lindblad CorelDRAW Master

Texture Pac1
Concrete, grass etc.


TexturePac 1 includes 32 jpeg images.

They are all 96 dpi/ppi jpeg images made from high resolution 300 dpi photos. I Stefan Lindblad – Illustration & Design, have photographed and converted into Black & White.

Various concrete walls, footsteps, leafes, grass etcetera.

Corel PHOTO-PAINT & CorelDRAW Texture Pac 1, Stefan Lindblad CorelDRAW Master

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Microsoft ENDS mainstream FREE mainstream support of Windows 7

Oh my god, is appropriate to say, considering how long they had Free support for Windows XP. Microsoft warns support ending for popular Windows 7 January 13 in 2015.

Read more here:


Stefan Lindblad

Independent writer, Self Publishing writer looking for a Book Cover

Are you an Independent publisher or Self Publishing writer who is looking for a Book Cover made by a professional Cover artist, illustrator & graphic designer. On my website as well as my blog, I have published in my portfolio various samples of work I have done for numerous book publishers.

My skills in making print originals on paper and on the web are excellent, and something I do continuously. I have also written tutorials and held online webinars on the subject for Corel Corp. who is a graphics software developer. I have also held on site courses for printing and sign making companies in using the graphic software in their daily work.

I love doing book covers and posters, it is something I like doing both as an artist and reader of books. There is something special to convey a story in one moment: the book cover and poster.

  • My website portfolio with book covers can be seen here >
  • To see the tutorial on the subject Illustration & book cover design, read more here >
  • Various online Webinars on the subject of book covers, illustration and image editing, retouch  can be seen here >


Stefan Lindblad
Cover Artist, Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Marvel says Thor becomes a woman in new Comic Marvel series

Thor, Woman, Hero, Marvel ComicsPress picture from Marvel Comics

In the world of Comics, and Comics in the western world, it´s a big thing when leading Hero´s are women. I like it. Over Half of the world’s population are women, and still Hero´s in culture is mostly portrait as men. Stupid and arrogant. It is therefore positive to see that the new Comic “Thor”, a Nordic Viking Mythological god 1000 of years ago, in a comic book is a woman. And it is not entirely bad either. It is sometimes said women had a strong position in the old Viking culture. Read more, BBC, Viking women>

If you are looking for more information about the Vikings and maybe plan a trip to Stockholm, Sweden, then a visit to Historiska Museum is something you may would enjoy. Read more here >

Read more about the new Woman Thor on Marvel comics website here >
Read CNET article about the same, here >

Now just hope this women character isnt made silly, like many women heroes have been done previously in the world of Comics. Make her strong as the Male Thor character. Make her believable and the readers will love it. And the female readers may flock the comics of Thor.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, Cover Artist & Graphic Designer


The wild west of webhosting 1997

I remember the wild west of the internet back in 1997 when I registered my website domain name for my freelance illustration company. I uploaded my website to a free internet service called B.I.P. Bottnia internet Provider and got free internet to my home, and 10 MB of free space for my website and 1 free email address. That was a lot back then. BIP was later bought by Spray network. I really liked that company. You got free internet with a 56 k modem which probably woked up the neighbours and had to put up with advertizing while pages were loading.

But it was okey, their little astronaut boy logo was kind of cool. I still have the address with a page that directs it to my current website on the professional webhost. Funny, still website visitors come to my website via that old single page with a long website address. Kind of cute and so i still keep the 10 MB for sentimentality reasons. And it’ s still free.

In 1998 – 99 i found a so called dedicated webhost, web hotel as we call it in sweden. In 98-99 it was runned by a young guy in south of sweden in a small town. One day i called the support and found out it was just a guy, and his father answered the phone and said he was out and didnt know when he was coming home. But should be home before dinner. That was the cute home feel of internet back then. He later sold his company he runned from his boy room at his parents house to another guy in another small town close to his. Still just one guy but he seemed to have an office and was running his web host business on the side. He too later sold his comapny to a real AB company who later bought several webhost companies taking market shares and they too was bought by an even larger AB (corporate) company. All that happened in 2 – 3 years time and was considered ages during the internet gold rush. When you start to think about it thats what internet is: a very short time span with lots happening tech wise.

Today things are slightly different indeed. When the dot com crash came it didnt kill the internet and world wide web. It rejuvinated it and and became much more professionall.

There was a lot of fun when it all arrived to the general public. So much wild west. I learned about the internet from other young guns at the various internet cafes in 1997-99. And trial and error and spending hours at these cafes in the evenings when i was single. Not many such cafes left in Sweden today with so many having their wifi sorted in other ways. I believe there is just one single internet cafe around in the area i frequent the most in biking in and out of town. Compared to 15 years ago.

I wonder what is coming next that blow our minds

Stefan Lindblad

New Fill Tool dialog fill the old gap and improves greatly Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7 fill

Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7, the image editing and illustration program that ships with CorelDRAW [Graphics Suite X7 got a more than welcomed enhanced and highly improved Fill Tool. At first you might not think it is so much, but that's because you probably havent looked properly. If compared to older previous version X6 and older versions of Photo-Paint we had a way smaller dialog and both feature and especially workflow wise, it was smaller and less good, if compared to todays X7 Fill tool dialog in X7.

Look at the screen shot and if you have X6 or older versions, compare. One thing for example is when you have a colour for the Brush tool and you like to use the same colour. Remember how easy it was with X6, it was., But compare to today and you will see how much easier it is with X7.

Below printscreen image: New Fill Tool Dialog in Corel Photo-Paint X7

Ne]w Fill Tool Corel Photo-Paint, Corel photopaint, Corel Paint, CorelDRAW X7″ width=”700″ height=”572″ /></a></p>
<p><a href=Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 fill toolPrevious Fill tool in Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6

Enjoy the brand new filling world of Corel PHOTO-PAINT!

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, Cover artist, graphic designer – and artist
CorelDRAW Master appointed by Corel

Lock Object in Corel PHOTO-PAINT – to protect reference images

As an artist and illustrator, or anyone working with images, it is very common to first draw a draft pencil sketch in a sketchbook and scan or in another way bring the draft sketch in to Corel Photo-Paint, and use as a reference image. For example you might like to use your Wacom pen tablet to to draw new outlines on a new object and have the reference draft underneath.

Use the LOCK Object feature in the Objects Manager Docker in Corel PHOTO-PAINT. By locking the object you wont accidentally draw new outlines on the reference object. Many are the artists and illustrators who have done just that – drawn and painted on the reference object by mistake, and then having to redraw the entire thing.

So go to: Objects Docker > Right Click the reference object > Choose LOCK

Hope this helps keeping the stress level to a low…


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist and graphic designer
Appointed CorelDRAW Master by Corel

The art supplie store in my heart

One of the first art supplie stores i whent to on my own as a young man, 16 years old, was Jordi Konstnärshandel. We had just moved into the big city in Sweden: Stockholm. Today one can almost call it an institution among the towns various art supplie stores. The two young women then working there are now owners of the store and still work there. Today on a new address. When i go traveling to other cities in other countries i love visiting the local art store. I know other creatives like myself doing the same. There is always a feel of feeling home away from home at these stores. I always buy something from the stores abroad. Would almost be a crime not to. And i always treasure those a little extra.


We have all got the same question at one point I guess or heard it at least: “which is your favorite colour”. I have many. One big fav is Paynes Grey. Here a great looking acrylic colour tube with Paynes Grey from Windsor Newton. Ps. I personally prefer Heavy Body acrylics so i actually use another brand than the one in the picture – Cryla from Daler Rowney – but this one looks great! And ita a decent one from Windsor Newton. Not heavy body though.


Great sketch drawing pad as well from Lana. French paper with a nice grain surface and slightly yellow in colour.

Stefan Lindblad
Artist illustrator graphic designer

Corel CONNECT to view & install fonts

As a user of CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT you may be used to Bitstream navigator to view and install your fonts. With Corel CONNECT X7 you can easily go online using Content Exchange in Corel CONNECT “Libraries”, the tree column to the left.

Click and select Content exchange and select Fonts. In the Fonts foldes you can rather quickly browse around the fonts and install either by hoovering over the font thumb preview or simply right click and choose either Install fonts or the Install font family.

For those who know which font they are looking for, this might be the best quick way to find and install the fonts that comes with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7. I use it this way myself and it works like a charm.

This is just one way of doing it of course.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer & arist

Ennio Morricone, art, drawings, music – and love

Italian movies have ment a lot to me as both a young man and later. Dont get me wrong I love movies from America, England, France, Spain, Germany – and occasionally Sweden. I love listening to music from great movies and when I make drawings and paintings.

Ennio Morricone is one of my favorite Italian and international movie music composers, not surprisingly maybe, but how can I not love “Metti una sera a cena” by Ennio Morricone. I find myself in love, in strong emotional state, happy and uplifted. Its something very special with music written by Ennio Morricone and the Italian touch. When Mia and I met up with our friend Melinna in Athens, Greece and sat at the greek anciant outdoor theatre on the slopes of the acropolis and listened to the Roman Sinfonietta and choir with said Ennio Morricone conducting his own music. With a clear blue sky and the white houses in athens and the mediterrainian ocean infront of us. It is somewhat unreal sometimes. And yet very real. I will never forget when I sat there listening at the concert and I turned my head and looked at Mia. The love just hit me as it have ever since the very first day I saw Mia and her eyes.

Currently working with the Graphic Novel I am drawing for the project I am doing with my friend and writer of the novel Steven Savile. As our hero steps into places like bars and parks and streets of Europe, the music helps me relief myself from the artistic agony we all can feel when the pen and hand is not working like we expect it to do. Or when it does and the music adds just that joyful and exhilarating state of mind of being somewhere else, inside the story itself. To become part of the story. Being there oneself just like our hero. To hug and help him through and forward. And our hero in the story needs all the help and healing he can get.

Thank you Morricone!


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, cover artis and artist

Where magic happens


Magic happens when mind and a pen meets. Today its my two sketchbooks and a manuscript for the graphic novel i am doing with my friend and writer Steven Savile. Tucked savely to my bike. Another time and day its the digital wacom pen and my favorite softwares Coreldraw, Corel Photo-Paint & Corel Painter. Today i bring my sketchbooks and move my pencils newly sharpened edges to my nose. Inhaling the inspirational smell of a wood pen. I touch the surface of the paper, feeling the grain and paper fibers under my fingertips. I look at my sharpener i bring with me in my backpack. Sometimes i tell people i have my office in a backpack. I could say my studio but they wouldnt instantly understand. Office sounds more like work for most people. My studio and office is always with me regardless if i have a large studio place or an actual office. As long as i have one pen and one paper i am all set.

With summer already here and my bicycle ready to move, i tighten my two sketchbooks tight to my bike so they dont fall off the bike. I am heading off to a cafe’, coffee shop. I wont stay too long but enough to do some work. Then head back and work some more.

I hope its a good day for some magic with my pens and paper. Its a very good story Steve wrote. Beautiful story. Wish me luck

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, designer & artist

Corel Scrapbook is replaced with Corel Connect

Anyone who have used CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT up until version X6 have probably at least once used the nifty docker called Scrapbook. I LOVED the Scrapbook – and then came Corel CONNECT. I remember when Corel CONNECT made its entrance for version X5. And if you are using CorelDRAW Graphic Suite X6 you can still find and use the Scrapbook via Tools > Customizing > Commands. And then write in the Binocular icon searching for Scrapbook. Then drag it to the property bar and click OK.

With X7 this wonderful docker is no longer present. But if you are used to Scrapbook you really dont have to feel to sad because Corel CONNECT which is not only a Stand alone program, is very much so a DOCKER. So if you have either version X5, X6 and now X7 you simply go to Windows > Docker > Corel CONNECT and it will open up as a docker. And it really does look ver similar. And with added functions. Just give it a go. If you loved Corel Scrapbook then you will start to love Corel CONNECT as well.

In other words for me personally it is nothing I really miss from Scrapbook – part from its name – but I miss functions I would love to be added to Corel CONNECT. With each version of COnnect X5, X6 and now X7 features have been added. But me being a unpatiant user, I feel things could move on faster in that department, But I use Corel CONNECT Docker with the same easy really as I did with Scrapbook Docker.

Corel CONNECT works in great combo with the Tray Docker so the features compared with the scrapbook are many indeed.

Now, for sentimentality reasons I feel Corel could have let Scrapbook still be available in X7, but that’s my personal feel. I can somewhat understand that Corel remove oldies when new is so much more elaborated and more useful with added features.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer & artist
Corel appointed CorelDRAW Master

NEW CorelDRAW X7 update 1, formerly service pack 1, is OUT!

New CorelDRAW graphics suite X7 has a new bright interface as default. With the new Update 1 (go to Support> Patches & updates> and choose “CorelDraw X7″), formerly called CorelDRAW service pack 1, you can now customize it and make it a little darker. Example, it has the option to choose what color you want for the entire framework of the program. See picture example. You do so via Tools> Customizing> select Contrast High and then the color you want.

Personally, I like the new bright interface / interface. It feels new and fresh. However, I have changed it a bit and applied the outside frame to a 30% black (gray). Have fun and try your favorite colour scheme.



Stefan Lindblad
Illustratör, grafisk formgivare
Appointed by Corel: CorelDRAW Master

Running a freelance business and summer is here

Running a freelance business is not less tricky than other ventures. One day another fellow freelancing illustrator and designer said he were surpriced i had low times in the summer, and another guy surpriced my low was in christmas. Now the difference between us three was that they were so focused on creating client work for either the christmas holidays and new year and summer tourists time of the year. They forgot their business lows were the other rest of the year. And that other time of the year was my high.

To run a business is tricky. Best would be if all year around was a constant high, which in itself sounds contradictory. A steady influx of money though is something we all need. And a variety of clients. Both big and small.

I like having vacation and rest and fuel the batteries. But it doesnt mean 2-3 months of summer totally closing down my work and sipping coffee on a beach all day. What i do when my clients close for vacation is to do other things also important in running my freelance business.

For example i can make new possible client meetings on the fly. With a more relaxed attitude over coffee and ice-cream in the summer. I can work on updating my website portfolio and looking after my other social media channels. I can create new work of art. I remember how i one year whent to London UK and enjoyed the weeks and made drawings in my sketchbook. Then back home uploaded them to my website. Those drawings became a money maker for several years as clients liked the style of work. I can do many things during the summer months. Preparing myself for what will come later on. Drawing up strategies for the fall and winter. And some clients still work, allthough not so hard during the summer and have more time for face to face meetings. Which is very rare in my type of business in Sweden, with the arrival of internet. Very much so the past 4 years. The Swedish Book Fair for example is almost right after the industrial vacations in europe. And some years it is more important to attend.

I have several projects that needs to be finished. I hope i will be able to finish some of them during the summer.

Hope the summer give me that rest and inspiration we all need.

Have a great summer!

And to those who who follow my blog and subscribe to my newletter, cheers and thank you!

Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator, artist, graphic designer