Millenium book “The girl in the Spiders web”, the fourth by David Lagercrantz

David Lagercrantz Portrait, illustration, drawing by Stefan Lindblad 2015

David Lagercrantz Portrait, illustration, drawing by Stefan Lindblad 2015

Today I read about David Lagercrantz and the Millenium book, and started to draw a portrait of him, as seen here. And came to ponder of how different the reactions over the book release is, depending on which country, and the context in which it is discussed.

Outside Sweden and sweden´s cultural elite and media frenzy, with back stabbing and mayhem type of comments and critique, the new Millenium book “The Girl in the Spiders Web”, written by Lagercrantz and not Stieg Larrsson, have hit the world scene. The original trilogy that Stieg Larsson himself sadly never got to see in print, have sold about 80 million copies worldwide. Staggering numbers really. I know, I know, we are closing in to 7 billion people living on this planet Tellus. But all the same, 80 millions is a very respectful digit to look at. So what does the world media and cultural and enterainment, style news say about this new Millenium book? Well the british respectful news paper The Guardian put it this way, and I quote;/

“Without ever becoming pastiche, the book is a respectful and affectionate homage to the originals. Two of the new characters deliberately nod to the Pippi Longstocking books, which were one of Larsson’s inspirations for Salander; and the Swedish title, Men Who Hate Women, of the first Millennium book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is alluded to in a number of references to misogny and maltreatment of women. There may still be arguments about whether continuation novels should be written at all, but Lagercrantz could not have fulfilled the commission any more efficiently.”

I hope it goes well for the book. I understand and respect fans of the book who may feel it odd to read this book by another author, writer, but its a very good writer and journalist, just like Stieg Larsson himself. You really couldnt ask for anyone better equipped, or in the type of leageu. Who understands the life and work both as an author as well as a journalist. I can also understand the fight between Stieg Larssons girlfriend who should have a chunk of the rigths to the book, considering the father and brother of Stieg Larsson didnt live with Mr Larsson those many years, basically as a married couple. With suspicions that the girlfriend may have contributed as well, somehow, to the story. But going on attack in the swedish media at David Lagercrantz the way its happening, that is stretching the moral behaviour. If any, go criticizing the publisher if you like. Lagercrantz is a person who cant be blamed, really.

Who is Lagercrantz then. Well he wrote the Zlatan Ibrahimovic book “I am Zlatan”, together with Mr. Ibrahimovic as the story goes. Which is the best sellling book about and by an athlete – ever! And brilliantly reached so many young kids as well as grown ups. And made an affect on the will of reading books.

And more importantly, he is a quality writer indeed in his own right, who just happened to get two offers he simply couldnt refuse; the book about Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and the Millenium book. Now, would you had said no? I don´t think so.



Stefan Lindblad
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Formex Trade Fair, Fall 2015 – rapport from the front

Stockholmsmässan, Älvsjö, formex 2015, Stefan Lindblad illustration och Design

Every third or fourth year I pull my legs in motion, my mind and heart and head over to Formex the trade fair. Fair for commerce, entrepreneurs, buyers and the occasional lectures. It’s exciting every time to look around at what is happening, and what will try to get itself out on the market to consumers in stores. Also to meet other designers and talk with possible new clients. Making meetings on the fly.

And it is always fun to meet my old colleague and friend Helena. She comes up from Gothenburg, and we get the opportunity to talk outside of Facebook. This time, she helped the company Pluto products. While previous years she still had her own successfull company she recently sold, to pursue something new and different in life.


Pluto Produkters produkter på Formex mässan, Älsjö, Stockholmsmässan 2015. Foto copyright Stefan Lindblad

Pluto Produkters produkter på Formex mässan, Älsjö, Stockholmsmässan 2015. Foto copyright Stefan Lindblad

But it is also a trade fair as I mentioned, and I take the opportunity to meet small and medium-sized businesses who have their founders and others on site, while Large corps more have others on site. People who need and want, and are interested in my illustration and design services, being on the edge themselves to grow and meet creators. This year I managed again to make quick meetings “on the fly“. It aint obvious that I can meet possible clinets to buy my services, when they go there to sell their own products. But once again I managed it. The companies were interesting in my work, and the people seemed really nice.

Rita Assor, möter, Stefan Lindblad, Formex 2015, Stockholm

Stefan Lindblad möter Litauiska designern och grundaren Rita Assor på Formex mässan 2015

A meeting that stood out was the meeting I had with the designer from Estonia, Rita Assor who exhibited her own products with her own design. Being the founder of her own company. Exciting and always fun to meet other designers and illustrators like oneself, and from other countries as well. It was extra fun that Rita works in Corel Painter creating her designs, which I do as well together with CorelDRAW and Corel Photo-Paint. It is always fun to talk CorelDRAW. Rita mentioned how Corel Painter dont do vector, and I git to mentioned my favorite vector graphics program CorelDRAW – of course! Rita Assor was an interesting and energetic designer, who makes really nice designs and products. And hand-sewn products as well.

Miurio decor, Rita Assor design, illustration

Miurio decor, Rita Assor design, illustration

After the meeting with Rita Assor in Hall “B”, I went ahead, ended up in Hall “C”. Where I came to Åre bakery. I got a taste of their chocolate biscotti, and their perfect made espresso with coffee beans from Swedish coffee favorite Arvid Nordquist. Just what I needed right there and then. Impressive also, the one who made the coffee to me, don´t even drink coffee herself.

Åre Bakeries packaging and logo is fine, however, would be nice and inspiring to have the opportunity to illustrate and design to this sort of products of coffee and cakes myself. as I both like art & design, and coffee and cakes. Sounds like the perfect match, right!


Åre bageri

Åre Bageri, Formex 2015

Åre Bageri, Formex 2015, foto Stefan Lindblad

It was time to start thinking about heading back to town and work. And bycycling the nice refreshing ride along with Huddingvägen Street. Seeing the edge of Årstafältet and Enskede Gård lovely area with Enskede Bakery & Café in the park. it was a long and intense morning at Formex. It was also nice to start to unwind, and to wind up, and working with the Infographic illustration for my magazine client Elinstallatören.

Stefan Lindblad
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Hockey Legend Forsberg bring shoes to swedes

Peter Forsberg the Hockey Legend extraordinaire, have brought Crocs to the Swedish people  Now it’s time for flip flops Ipanema.

Crocs or as called in Sweden: “Foppa tofflor” was a massive success, which against better knowing, brought people together at work places, and using the same footwear all over the country. Regardless of status. Well yours truly never bought or wear any, but proof in the pudding or not, it was an instant success.

Peter Forsberg claim in this video extraordinaire how you can’t run wearing Ipanema flip flops.

With the help of other sports stars and another legend, you’ll understand why


Stefan Lindblad

Composer Allan Petterson from Sweden who uplift you with depression

One of Swedens most prolific and great classical music composers, in the 20th century, is Allan Petterson. Very dramatic, heavy music, almost depressing compositions sometimes. So tough it make you happy listening to them.

I remember visiting a friend who was an opera singer, in downtown Stockholm, Sweden. Close to Clara Kyrka (Clara Church). He was playing an LP record, back in 1995-ish. We talked about art and other opera singers. And I remember telling him: “But you have to press them to pay the invoice. You were there and sang the opera songs at the Church concert, and did your part. And you havent got payed for three months. Outrageous. Call them up and put you feet down. Send them a reminder. Or better, send them the debt collector if they dont pay. After all its 60 days AFTER you sang at the concert, right?”

He didnt. He waited until the Church people payed the invoice, when they decided they wanted to. 90 days after.

Allan Petterson symphony nr 7 was playing in the background. Maybe it was the  music that got me going extra furioso about the injustice my friend the opera singer was experiencing. The injustice, as he claimed, was that he and other Opera Singers did not dare to be trouble in the eyes of the church adminstration people, because, according to him, he feared it could mean they would´nt get any more concerts at the church, being seen as problematic to work with – a.k.a getting payed on time like everyone else.

I would´nt buy that situation myself, although I fully understood the situation and respected his worries.

As the tension increased while we talked over the injustice, we noticed it came in tandem with what was being played in the background. We smiled and my friend said: “Some say they get depressed when they listen to his music”. And I answered and he agreed: “- depressed? No, its great dramatic music. I feel uplifted by this depressing music”.

I know, it sounds so odd, but at that time and that situation, it was uplifting. It was like a force of nature coming from the notes/composition score written down by Allan Pettersson, and played so brilliantly by the orchestra. I can´t vouch for wether my friend actually started to practise sending the debt collector on various churches for not paying his invoice in time. But he seemed stronger and more aware of the injustice. And uplifted. Encouraged to someday change the situation. And I hope he was. We never talked about it again. Although I talked with other createives about it afterwards, about not being payed on time. Just like many other creatives, business owners. And sadly, its a constant discussion still.

It might be a surprice to many, but very big international swedish corporations, companies made several small businesses, suppliers, go bust, bankrupt. Simply because they practised to not pay on time. But rather wait 90 days after invoce had been sent their way. Keep in mind that for over 90 days, the small businesses still had to pay taxes for their invoices to the tax man, with money they didnt have basically, while waiting for their own invoices to get payed. People lost their jobs. Companies drowned.

And that all while the beautiful music of Allan Petterson was playing.

Who was Allan Petterson? Born 1911 in very dire situations, poor, at Södermalm, today a very hip area in Stockholm. And passed away 1980. He recieved a very large international following of fans who loved his music. He is today one of the most important swedish composers lived. For more reading about Allan Pettersson the composer, Wikipedia.


Stefan Lindblad
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Americans get itchy about non-americans comments on Trump

I just read a comment on a public FB page about dogs, from an american who was sick of celebrities who were non-citizens of the US, basically foreigners, who have their say, having opinions, on how america is, and how they try to influence how americans should vote. So he asked the public person, Victoria Stillwell: “Are you a citizen of the USA?”. And when she responded yes, then he said it was okey for her to comment, and rant his statement. Victoria Stilwell had just put a comment on her FB page, saying Donald Trump was out of line. That is very scary, sketchy stuff for conservatives to say – apparently 😉

Now,it seems especially those who are very conservative (I know, not all, just some few odd balls), seem to strongly dislike people from other countries having an opinion on their country and politics, presidential election. The United States of America is a country which constantly affect other countries with strong intent to do just that – for their own benefit. Both politically and economically and culturally. Just like Russia. The so called super power countries (aka owners of atom b´s). USA intentionally so much, that actually we non-american citizens should most definitely have our say about their country. Maybe we should even be allowed to vote as well. And the same should apply with Russia.

Now, no country is an island even with water around it 360 degrees. It is still connected to this planet.

Stefan Lindblad
A Swede living in Sweden, and who has no problems with americans, or russians, on any other for that matter, for having a say about Sweden, for being americans, or others.

Here for reference

I don’t normally get political on my page but this is going too far. This man for president? It would make this great…

How Mac users install Windows 10 on their Mac´s

So you are a Mac user, and you just need Windows 10 installed on your Mac computer, to run Windows only programs. Such as your favorite illustration, design, image editing and layout program CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7.  Here is a great informative video from CNET, on how to install windows 10 on your Mac computer. Highly recomended. Have fun and hope this helps

Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, art, design

New “How to create editorial illustration” tutorial of mine

“How to create editorial illustration”, my latest written tutorial for Corel. Hope any of my own experiences can be of joy and help to other illustrators and clients alike. You find the article, turorial here


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Is SEG – Sven-Göran Eriksson heading back to European football

SEG Sven-Goran Eriksson, anyone? I think he is in the market again, marketing himself for a hopefull return to european football, in Italy and Europe. He has said he would like to come back to Europe. Right now he coach/manage a team in China. However, he is certainly still a brilliant coach. Certainly not relevant for EPL longer, but in the rest of Europe, he would still be up to date. Would be fun to see him in Italy again.

Sven-Goran Eriksson helped build Manchester City football club to what it is today. He discovered, brought John Guidetti from Sweden to Manchester City football Club. He is still the best coach/manager that English national team have had, and made terrific up until he went to Mexico. Chinese football has certainly done him good. Now is the time he comes back to Europe again.

Here an article todays Swedish daily Sports supplement in Aftonbladet (Swedish). You can also read the story and his thoughts on Ibrahimovic and AC Milan link, the Swedish daily refers to, in Solo Calcio.(Swedish)  Which refers to a a long interview in Italian Gazzetta Dello Sport.

 Here more additional read, in english;

Guardian 1

Guardian 2


Stefan Lindblad
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A spontaneus meeting on a bridge this morning

Photo by Stefan Lindblad, August 2015

Got a spontaneous meeting with an artist this morning, Kenneth Pils, on the Skanstullsbron bridge, over the channel into to Södermal Stockholm (Sweden), coming from the South suburbs. 9-ish in the morning. A person I’d never met before. There he stood and drew in his sketchbook. Where I planned to have been yesterday drawing, but instead went to the Globe and Hovet arena´s area, and drew instead, in my sketchbook. A place I pass so frequently into town on my bicycle. Stoped with my bike and started to chat. Exchanging thoughts about his subject, what Kenneth Pils was drawing. The Monster of a building they are building, and which so massively will kill everything that was a grand canal view (in swedish). The monster building is grotesque. Fortunatley one can view the canal further on. Who ever gave the go ahead of this among the politicians and city planners, must be a moron. Really.

A fun spontaneous meeting in the morning. I continued on my bike. Bought a bicycle tube. And later drawing urban citizens and areas around Medborgarplatsen in my sketchbook. And took photo references for later. See more of the art made by Kenneth Pils on his website. Thank you for the meeting and chat! Always nice and inspiring to meet a stranger when it gets like this morning.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist and graphic designer

England leaving EU and summer thoughts

Sweden is a member of the EU. I voted yes.  And so is England,  part of the EU. In 2016 England will have n election on Wetherby they will leave or stay in the EU, European union. How do you make such a decision.  It was hard to decide on joining or not. But how is it when you decide to leave or stay. There are many similar situations in life when we make such decisions. Equally the decision the English will have to make in June 20q6, will affect not only those living in the EU. It will affect those who are expatriate.  Those who live in European countries today.

Will these english people have to leave Sweden and other EU countries? Will the have to apply for permanent recidentship like all other non eu citizens.

How will this affect those english people who travel so easily back and forth.

As I write this I am having coffee and a chocolate chip cookie and reading yesterday’s paper. Will everything the English know and live be a yesterday’s experience.

Stefan Lindblad



Greece is For Sale or am I missing something?

Greece as a country put this horrible economic and disasterous situation in many ways on themselves, with help from American and European banks and politicians who looked the other way, and fixed the numbers. So at a first glance you may think that whatever is hit at them, its their own fault and they are worth it. You sit there in your stool and sip coffee in Helsinki, Finland, Berlin, Germany or why not at a café somewhere in Latvia.

But then, regardless how missmanaged and corrupted Greece have been by banks, ship owners, small company owners and politicians, you say they  they have not been stopped by the general public of Greece.

But one thing is missing, right. In the agreement with the EuroZOne, ECB and IMF. Don´t you think that any company or country or regular person, need some sort of incenment to grow and be able to make money. You can after all only save up and starve so much. At one point you have to invest. So question is; why didnt the EuroZone countries put more money set aside, to make it easier for Greeks in general to make money, and help its own country to grow and invest friendly. According to some Swedish news media and people in the know, the money set aside in the agreement is way to small.

But does EVERYTHING have to be up for grabs? Or is it just a missconception in the media? Have the EuroZone countries been able to think enough, so Greece doesnt have t sell EVERYTHING? Sell all their islands and historical sites? Those sites that are part of our common history, like Acropolis.

Or does the EuroZone think that because British museum and other european museums already stole, sorry – bought… marbles and historic artifacts from Greece, its okey to have them sell the rest as well?

I feel deeply there is a serious lack of vision from the Eurozone, IMF and ECB. Or it is just media making this a bigger story than it is. Time will tell.


Stefan Lindblad
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I always find a reference & listeners feeling confused. The story about tribe of Dan and the bumblebees

I guess you can’t call yourself a renaissance man. That’s for others to judge. But if you like myself see references from all directions of life, when discussing a topic, then here is my references of today.

As I read the sports pages this morning about swedish football player John Guidetti signing for the football club Celta Vigo in Spain,  I made a quick search on the town Vigo. I found that Vigo is in the Spanish autonomy Galicia region. ( There is a great Galicia Spanish designer illustrator there named Maria Lopez Lopez).

Galicia is not far from France. And because I loved Asterix and Obelix comics as a kid, I made a quick reference to the Celtic´s Asterix and Obelix who was the last Gaul village standing up to Julius Ceasar, being super strong from drinking the druids secret soup.

I then mention to a friend on Facebook who lives in Scotland, that we can’t just talk football and Guidetti, we must read something about the Galiciens history, the town of Vigo in Galicia. Later I read that the same friend in Scotland who voted for Scotland to be free from England, that his mother and maybe his father as well , we’re actually Irish.

For a reason I have no idea of how it came into my news “feed”, I read that the lost tribe of Dan in Israel,  was suggested to be Irish celts. And so i made a reference to the fact that Galicia is a former Celtic region. Now, as I read the article about the Israel lost tribe of Dan, and people commenting in a Irish online newspaper/blog feeling proud of being a possible lost tribe of Israel,  and Irland being a very catholic country and people, the Irish commentators seemed to block that tiny short sentence saying the lost tribe of Dan to be the tribe from which Anti-Crist will be born. All according to the old stories in the Torah.

As I this afternoon came out from the community washing room, laundry, I said hello to a neighbour who also had started to wash his laundry earlier, now standing under a Lind tree, I said jokingly: “Hey isnt it a wonderful tree. Smells very nice when blossoming”. ( my surename meaning the lind tree leaf).  He said “Listen. Can you here? My girlfriend made me aware of the bumblebees humming as they fly around in the tree. wonderful isn’t it”. I agreed. And there we stood and I was reminded, reference again, that we stood under the tree were it was at least 20 + dead bumblebees on the ground. Almost biblical.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator graphic designer and cover artist

Summer reading Rogue Angel by Steven Savile, a.k.a Alex Archer

Steven Savile, Rouge ANgel, Grendel´s Curse, Worldwide Mystery, Harlequine books.

My Reading for the summer ain’t just one book. I read not only books either. But today on this great summer day in Stockholm Sweden, i am reading friend Steven Saviles book Rogue Angel Grendel’s Curse. Under his temporary pseudonym Alex Archer. It’s a great story. A story to entertain. But Steve ain’t Steve if he doesn’t make a thrilling and in this case very contemporary and current subject matter.

It may be about Grendel’s Curse as the title of the book is. It is chilling also, when you see how fascism and nazism have grown in Europe and Sweden. The country and subject setting the story is in. Part from Beowulf the Nordic legend.

Enjoy the writing by Steven Savile. Your in for a ride. And very well written as well.

Like the story says on the back cover of the paper book:

“A sword of legend in the hands of an extremist… 

Skalunda Barrow, Sweden, has long been rumored to be the final resting place of the legendary Nordic hero Beowulf. And there’s something of Beowulf’s that charismatic and zealous right-wing politician Karl Thorssen wants very badly. Intent on getting his hands on the mythical sword Nægling, Sweden’s golden-boy politico puts together a team to excavate the barrow. A team that American archaeologist Annja Creed manages to finagle her way onto. She wouldn’t miss this possible discovery for anything. 

With Nægling at his side, Thorssen could be invincible…a Nordic King Arthur. What his followers don’t know—and Annja is beginning to suspect—is just how far Thorssen will go to achieve his rabid amibitions. When Thorssen marks Annja for death, she quickly realizes that this is much more than a political game. And the only way to survive is to match Thorssen’s sword with her own.”


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator graphic designer and cover artist