CorelDRAW X7 tutorial Align & Distribute on my Youtube Channel

I just uploaded to my Youtube Channel a new video tutorial on how to use Align & Distribute Docker on Objects, in CorelDRAW X7. This works the same in CorelDRAW X6 for anyone who uses CorelDRAW X6.

This is a very good feature when you work in any type of production and really need to align two or more objects perfectly aligned to each other. Meaning in my case in the video tutorial, to have the outlines of both objects to be placed exactly on top of each other.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist & graphic designer
CorelDRAW Master


What confirms it´s World War III – in a way it´s Raging already

What is confirming if the World War III is raging in full flames. In a way it´s already a World War III raging in full flames.

If compared to the previous WW I and WW II, what constitutes might be if several countries fight against each other on a wider spectrum. For example the old war with Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Kosovo, Montenegro & Serbia, equal to old Yugoslavia Bosnia war, was not a WW III. It was a war that split Yugoslavia into new states and the rings on the water felt all over europe. And still does. Those born 1995 will probably live for ever as if the war was way back in history. They might live as if war would never happen again in Europe. It could too easily start again though. Just imagine if the current slightly fascist-coloured Hungarian regime would start to do very nasty things to minorities. Or the rise of groups of people who have been part of europe for over 500 and maybe 1000 or more years all over europe, and especially in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary would suddenly say: “Enough is enough” and their fight for their rights to be recognized as equals suddenly turned into a raging war, as the western european countries agree with them. Back in 1985 I remember feeling that Communist Europe, Eastern Europe, Warsaw pact, was´nt going to fall in my lifetime, or at least not in the near future. And how wrong I was. 1989 & 1990 things had been put so much into motion that the world we all knew five years earlier was no more. And who believed the Arab Spring would turn things around completely so suddenly and so quickly.

History could teach us something if we only allowed it.

Remember this back in 2003? The Anger European leaders felt at American Rumsfeld calling European opposition countries to join in waging war, such as France, Germany, Sweden etcetera as “Old Europe”. When Europe hoped to not start the Iraqi War. What if a “No War” had won instead, and USA & UK had let the inspections for Saddams so-called weapon of mass destruction had been taken into account instead. When Swede Hans Blix told there were NO findings of WOD in Iraq. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld didn’t like to listen – they instead started to slander all those who didn’t agree with them. They couldn’t accept that Iraq & Afghanistan wasnt the same thing at that time. I believe strongly that D. Cheney had his target on Iraq all along since Kuwaiti war ended in 1990, when they didn’t remove Saddam back then. The result of that decisions back in 2003 in part show us what we see and experience today. It wasnt the only reason and cause for today’s situation, but probably a strong ingredient. History already tell us something, and will tell us even more in 50 years from now, that the decisions made in 2003, was a strong ignition all for the horrible things we see today.

People really should read the great book “March of Folly ” by Barbara Tuchman from early age in schools. And politicians should have it as their default introductory literature before they are allowed to govern. But that is not how life work.

Here the interesting article in British The Guardian Newspaper back in 2003 when the Iraqi war wasnt raging. When USA Rumsfeld traveled to Europe trying to get them on board to invade Iraq. via 

Is World War III currently raging in full flame, and where?

The Middle East and the fact it affects the entire world in one way or the other, yes. It is my own private opinion saying it is.


Stefan Lindblad

CorelDRAW X7 tutorial: Create round corner Radius using the Fillet Docker

I made a new tutorial now available on my Youtube channel. In this tutorial I show how to create a round corner on an object using the Fillet, Scallop and Campher Docker in CorelDRAW X7. And in combination with the Guidelines tool and Smart Fill tool.

In any kind of business you might need to have exact measurement to a curved corner. And with a Radius of let say 40 mm. of the corner. And adding an angle of let say 15 degrees.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist, designer
CorelDRAW Master

CEO of Microsoft ask women trust the system

Wow… What a Male schmuck CEO of Microsoft.  Regardless he tried to refrased himself. “Women, ask for a raise.  Trust the system”

Read entire article here

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator,  Artist & graphic designer

Why PayPal’s Split From eBay Threatens 70 Million Americans & rest of the world

Read this if you use PayPal.  It might affect you.


PayPal’s coming split from eBay potentially threatens eBay, Apple Pay, and all the ungainly legacy tech companies whose investors are now pushing them to break into pieces.  But there’s also a large group of people for whom the PayPal-eBay breakup is bad news: anyone who hates banks, particularly the low-to-moderate income people the industry calls “underbanked.”

//End Quote

Read Entire article on Slate, here:

Stefan Lindblad
Artist, illustrator & designer

Corel CEO Tom Berquist about Corel Painter at IDF14: Corel på YouTube

Check this video from Intel IDF14: Corel CEO Tom Berquist talks about the great new 2 in 1 technology supported by Corel Painter :

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator,  graphic designer & Artist
CorelRAW Master


Are you also annoyed by Wacom Touch? – Here the solution


Are you like me both annoyed and sometimes in tune with Touch feature on Wacom Intuos Pro? Well here is a solution that may eas the annoyance for you today. On the actual Tablet when buttons and ring is on your left hand side, go for the top button. Click and the Touch is Off. Click again and the Touch is back.

Touch can be as annoying to me as Windows 8 flying out sidebars or what they are more properly called. Very annoying.

Hope this helped.

Stefan LIndblad
Illustration, design & image editing

Me drawing a Helicopter Live in my sketchbook

In this video I recorded myself drawing on free hand a Helicopter. Using my marker pens. (Touch pen by ShinHan and Faber-Castell) I originally recorded the video for a video made by M. Adam creating the video for Corel Corporation. Made for the Video presentation they did about me for their Hero´s video after they had appointed me to CorelDRAW Master.

Mark A. who made the Hero´s video only used a second or so for his video, so now almost 2 years later I felt it was in order I put the full video out there. For the shear fun of it. Because we artists can be like nerds about our material, here goes: No, its not a Moleskin sketchbook. Its a Swedish brand sketchbook.

For the making of this video I first used a Canon digital camera on a tripod. My Sketchpad and pens. And I used Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X7 for editing and compiling this video. The music I use is by Courtesy of YouTube music/Audia library

You can read about the related articles by clicking Here> . And at Corles blog here>.  Corel´s Hero´s videos are made to present users using their great illustration software. In my case CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. 


Hope you enjoy the movie!

Stefan Lindblad
Artist & illustrator

My illustration & Cover Art Design for “Jack Stone” crime Novel

Stefan Lindblad illustration, cover art, graphic desing, book cover, Jack Stone Crime novel, Steven Savile and Steve Lockley

Stefan Lindblad illustration, cover art, graphic desing, book cover for the Jack Stone Crime novel 2014.

One of the book cover art & designs I made this summer was for the crime thriller novel “Jack Stone”, written by the two authors Steven Savile and Steve Lockley.

Jack Stone” is a thriller written by bestselling authors Steven Savile and Steve Lockley. Jack Stone” is about an English ex SAS soldier who is out of the Regiment. He doesn’t want to fight any more. All he wants to do is go home, but going home means facing his demons and he’s not ready to do that. Not yet. A hard-core Thriller, Crime story. You can read more about the book and even buy it at Amazon here >

You can view more sample cover art & designs on my website here


Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, book cover graphic design


Enjoy feeling paranoid? – Meteorite just passed undetected

Enjoy feeling paranoid? Here something for you. Nasa says according to CNN:  “9,672 near-Earth objects have been discovered as of February 5, 2013. Of these, 1,374 have been classified as Potentially Hazardous Asteroids”- only 1% discovered of possible meteorites according to some studies. (I have no clue myself). One is heading towards earth. 31 aug this year, 10 days ago, one til then undetected will pass and not hit us. Meaning scientists had not discovered it until 31 august – basically. Would it hit us on sunday, it would have the power of 30 Hiroshima boms. Feeling better now?

Read more here

Stefan Lindblad


Corel Photo-Paint Tutorial: Image Editing & creating a blue Sky

Corel Photo-Paint Image EDITING & CREATING A BLUE Sky.

Here a New tutorial in which you will learn to use Corel Photo-Paint for image editing. Create a blue sky and using non destructive Lens Object, And how to use a Grayscale Lens (Filter) effect to improve a colour photo.


Click here to go to the product >

Perfect tutorial for anyone using Corel PHOTO-PAINT offering image editing services to clients. Or just about anyone working with image editing. Both on a professional level as well as hobby. This one will improve your skills and workflow.
You will for the price of a cup of coffee learn the tricks of the trade – and doing it professionally!
ATTENTION: Download link, Zip file will show when you have payed the download product. If you experience any problem, just contact the store directly!


Before-After-photo-Stefan_Lindblad_2014.jpg_BlogPromoImage show the before and after.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, design & image editing

The complete list of the creatives I have interviewed

At last the interviews listed in a proper order.

A complete list of the creatives I have interviewed published on this blog. In the order: at the top the latest, the bottom the first. Click on the menu “Interview Series” to simply read the latest, or choose “Interviews Listed” to pick and choose.

Stefan Lindblad


My full Spread editorial illustration for the Kollega Magazine in Sweden

Full Spread editorial illustration for the Kollega Magazine in Sweden
Article talks about all the various chemicals we have around us at our office, without thinking about it. Here is the illustration showing how it looks without all the grapichs added to it by the Art Director, and then after with it all applied, Layout below. You see how I delivered it, and how they later used it for the article. A true Before & After. Hope you enjoy seeing it. Getting a sense how my work looks like as a freelancing editorial illustrator. Click this link to see it in action on my website here

Stefan Lindblad
Illustration & cover artist, designer

Great art in Counterspy Computer game

Counterspy computer game. Screenshot image of the game. Website to the developers is

Screenshot from the game, permission to use courtesy Dynamighty

I don’t personally play computer games but I enjoy the art and graphics if made well. And one stylistically brilliant one is Counterspy.  With all super realistic style computer games it is refreshing to see such a great solitaire like Counterspy. Someone mentioned that one of the responsible in this game being created worked at Pixar. And that might be it then.

Counterspy computer game. Screenshot image of the game. Website to the developers is

Screenshot from the game, permission to use courtesy Dynamighty

It feels like a great comic and a real movie. It’s beautifully coloured and drawn. If you don’t play the game then you at least like myself can enjoy the art.

I always enjoy seeing who created the art and the game. It is like when I go to an art gallery, museum, magazine or reading a comic – I like to know who made the whole thing.

Fortunately after a little search on the net I found the San Fransisco based company making it: Dynamighty. There you can view more great images from the game and read a little story about the team behind the game:

Dynamighty have a Tumblr Blog page with more great images from the game, view it here

On their website they have published a youtube clip of the game, so you can see small clips in motion.

I don’t know what computer gamers in general like about the game, but on today’s morning TV Show SVT Morgon, Sweden’s and Scandinavia’s largest channel. Like the Scandinavian BBC, the computer reviewer who feature on the show regularly reviewing games and talk about the gaming industry in general, Sweden being quite important in itself on that department, he talked positively about the game. And that´s how I came across the game itself. Still havent played the game. I simply don’t play computer games. But I sure love the art and design of the game. So from that point of view I can only recommend the game and hope you who play gets a great experience. If it was a movie I would definitely see it. If it was a comic, I would definitely buy one issue of the book for pure enjoyment and inspiration for my own art as an illustrator and cover artist.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & Cover Artist
Stockholm, Sweden

Once a spellbound mysterious forrest

It was once a spellbound mysterious forrest. A true John Bauer like forrest as we say in Sweden.  Look Bauer up. Now two years later that mayor part that captivated my mind and gave me inspiration.  This old old forrest is torn to pieces.  I’m humble to have walked it’s path. Now its gone.





Stefan Lindblad