The Real Planet of the Apes (Documentary)

The Real Planet of the Apes, it says. It is a rather interesting story about apes part of a science lab in Liberia, and the people who run it through two civil wars – and the land, the Island the apes were somewhat rescued to. When the money funding the lab ended.

Motherboard an online magazine originally started by magazine VICE, have made this 15 minute long documentary.

View video review and learn how to make a coloring book with Stefan Lindblad, CorelDRAW Master

Hi guys,

I just like to take the opportunity to post two videos, and they are both related very strongly, with CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT and Corel PAINTER. One is a review that came out yesterday on various channels on the internet.

Reason i like to post it, is because both these videos are related. It is my book, and my illustrations, yes. One Video is the video Webinar on How to create a Coloring Book, or just about any type of illustration, comic book really.

These videos basically show you how my final book looks like. and the other video how i created it.
If you happen to like my book, and is interested to let say buy the book, you can do so on AMAZON. Simply go here: Buy Stockholm Urban Mix, Colouring Book for Adults, by Stefan Lindblad, on Amazon

And here below, is the slightly over one hour long video webinar I made for Corel, on how to create a Coloring book using these three computer programs, together with my pen and marker pen drawings from my sketchbooks on paper.

This show very well actually how to accomplish something like this. And if you take the time to actually view both videos, you will have learned tons.

So, its really up to you 🙂

Enjoy the learning journey in how to create a comic book or a coloring book.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, cover artist, graphic designer
Official appointed CorelDRAW Master

My colouring book Stockholm Urban Mix, got a review, by Jennifer Rose Shaffer

Hello people, my colouring book Stockholm Urban Mix, got a review, by Jennifer Rose Shaffer, who runs one of the major Facebook groups for Coloring group lovers in America.

I am very glad for this review. Hope you like it too!

With videos becoming ever so more popular reviewing books, and coloring books as well, I am very pleased to see this video coming alive. I have to say I feel very happy and pleased with this very kind review Jennifer Rose Shaffer have done about my self published/Indie published Coloring Book For Adults: Stockholm Urban Mix. I feel very much for this book.

You can read the dedication and description on Amazon, and in the book itself of course, in which I explain the history behind the book. Click link here: Stockholm Urban Mix on Amazon


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic Designer

Sushi Oi a Premium Sushi Restaurant in Stockholm 

Sushi Oi restaurant, Premium Sushi Tokyo Style. Karlavägen 36 Stockholm Sweden
Sushi Oi restaurant, Premium Sushi Tokyo Style. Karlavägen 36 Stockholm Sweden

Today went for lunch with an old friend. And later coffee and a cardamom bun at a cafe around the corner. Fortunately for me the restaurant Sushi Oi serve vegetarian versions as well. I eat most things like veggies, chicken and basically regular meat. But not raw fish or meat. No fish at all really. Okay, okay, once every sixth year! 

So what brings me to Sushi Oi restaurant today then, a sushi restaurant of all places. Simple, Sushi Oi is a Premium Sushi Restaurant in Stockholm Sweden. At Karlavägen 36 to be exact. It’s a brand new place well worth the visit.

Mr Jon, top Premium Sushi Chef at Sushi Oi

Sushi Oi is a really nice place. A whole in the wall size. Chef John is a top Sushi Chef, previously working at legendary Seikoen Japanese Restaurant close to the Sheraton hotel in Stockholm Sweden. In other words he knows plenty about Sushi and Japanese Tokyo style food.

Photo of Sushi Bento borrowed from Sushi Oi Facebook page.

Seikoen closed recently after being at the same spot probably since the 1960’s or so. Stockholm have changed its layout around Seikoen and Sheraton. A bus stop and a sort of round-about layout of the traffic did not make it entirely natural to go there. So as the story goes, or I presume, the owners closed Seikoen and simply concentrated on their other restaurant Roppongi instead. Making it an easy decision for the two top chef´s John and Per to join forces to open their own establishment Sushi Oi.

And already sushi lovers how found their new favorite home away from home.

A great new place have arrived. Here is a selection of links on where you find Sushi Oi, Karlavägen 36, Stockholm, Sweden:


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator and graphic designer

No, Urban Sketchers is not a new movement

The urge to invent new movements on a almost daily basis, is somewhat… well, misleading, when it often really is far from new. And instead is something that should be labeled as reinventing the wheel. 
No offense, but this quote from Wikipedia on the so called movement Urban Sketchers, is just wrong, in some respect:

The Urban Sketchers movement was started on Flickr in 2007 by journalist Gabriel Campanario”.

No, it was not something new, only the labelling of it. That is, the movement that started 2007. It’s wrong if you acknowledge the fact that artists and alike have been drawing on site where they live or travel to, for hundreds and maybe 1000 of years before year 2007.

If I just go to myself. I have done urban sketching and landscape and rural sketching since at least age 16, when we moved into town. And I was 16 years old way before 2007.

So, although I like the concept and exercise it daily myself- drawing – it is far from new. Yes, if you dress it in new clothing and present it as something unique and new, people of today with an Internet of constant search for being part of something, I guess you could label it as new. But it just ain’t. 
What it is, is a great way for people to have inspiring fun together.  Sharing experiences and artistic life. But just not a new thing started 2007.

Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator and graphic designer and artist

Coloring book clubs and then my own Stockholm Urban Mix

When I started making my colouring book for adults, grown-ups, I made it for my own amusement. After five years thinking about it, I finally got myself to create the drawings and planning the book. A lot of work. joy and

About Jenny

Adult Colouring Book Review



Art begins with something


Art always begins with something, like coffee. And pen, marker pens and sketchbooks. But of course above all, the urge and lust to express something. To experience art, similar desires. Sometimes an active decision. Many times it just comes over you like he sun suddenly shine through the clouds.

Right now I am sitting where I drew one of my drawings for my colouring book for adults : Stockholm Urban Mix.  Difference now is that the tomatoes plants have grown. And green tomatoes have started to grow with it.

I’ll sit and enjoy my coffee, triple espresso from fresh grinder beans. Read a book and maybe draw some.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator and graphic designer

My colouring book for adults now in Stockholm Bookstore

What a nice day, with surprices. Bicycling on Götgatan Street in Stockholm. Pass by and by chance and impromptu moment, go back and enter the local Book Store. The kind of book store you see in feel good movies; “Söderbokhandeln, Hansson & Bruce”. When i leave the store, for a visit to my accountant in Old Town “Gamla Stan”, Stockholm, who i was to deliver my colouring book to as aswell, I have suddenly sold a test order of my coloring book for adults; Stockholm Urban Mix, to the book store. Yay! After that, i headed home and back into town again, and delivered some books to the store. This means that you can now buy my book at Amazon online, and if you visit Stockholm Sweden, you can now buy the book locally at Söderbokhandeln (South island bookstore) at Götgatan Street, Cafe & Store Snickarbacken7 and Supermarket/Grocery store ICA Bea in the south suburb of Svedmyra/Enskede.

Now I’m sitting at café Starbucks at Götgatsbacken, Götgatan street having a fika, coffee. While they play great Jazz music in the background. 

That’s also how life can be an ordinary Wednesday!

If you like to read a bit about my colouring book for adults “Stockholm Urban Mix”, just click this Amazon link, or visit my portfolio website;




Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator and graphic designer

Coachloads Japanese / Asian tourists keep visiting Kidlington, UK

 Kidlington? Ever heard about it? No? – Figures, not the most famous place on earth, but wait, that just changed. It just has to be the gardens, and their “perfect” layout. It does look a wee bit surreal, if you start to think about it. And use a lot of imagination. A bit like places in a possible computer game, or an Anime animated movie. Or Midsomer Murders or Morse.
I remember when my mom was at our country/all around house in Sirmishamn, south Sweden. She was enjoying her coffee in the garden reading a book, when a few German tourists opened the closed garden door, and walked in and took pictures. Hilarious and very odd. They didn’t even ask, if i am not mistaken.
But complain as if the tourists from asia are disrespectful. In some parts maybe, but Swedes,. English, british and all type of western tourists do this as well – all the time. They just can’t understand how their intrusion, photo taking of locals in a foreign country, could ever be – intrusion.
Anyway, quite hilarious


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer, artist

Brexit: French Ligue 1 could suddenly be a bigger league than EPL…

Brexit: Seems those english will leave us. They will survive. I had voted to remain if I could. Now 5:54 in the morning it say 52% leave. So how will that affect the English Premier league. Will they allow so many foreign players. Maybe they all take the train and he’d for france.

Ligue 1 could suddenly be a bigger league than EPL…

And Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is heading for England, will he get thrown out. Or stopped at the border.

Maybe EPL goes back to Kick and run type of football. Decisions, decisions.

Honestly I had voted remain. And all jokes aside. This could ignite a domino effect. And with more risk for more right wings calling the agenda, what are we heading back to then? Let’s hope all of this goes well. Who believed we would get concentration camps in a european war, after WWII. And then came the Balcan war. Don’t claim a war will erupt in Europe. But EU started as a peace project after the said WWII. The possible Brexit could have been avoided even with this election, if the EU politicians in all EU countries had been more listening in to what their decisions could affect. And set alive. We have all seen how divided EU is between the main part of old western and old eastern Europe. What will the Scots do now. Leave the UK and apply for EU membership? Actually not an impossible thought.

Ps. I met a Serbian guy working here in Sweden. He told me it was very little needed to start a war in the Balcans again. Tention in Bosnia, and Albanians in the area of Serbia, kicking out Serbs. Who outside the Balcans talk about that today.

This can all come out very wrong. Sometimes it takes generations. Sometimes it goes scarily fast.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator artist and graphic designer

Travel to Sweden and Color your memories

Stockholm Urban Mix is a colouring book for Adults. And all about Stockholm, capital of SWEDEN.

If you visited Stockholm previously, or on your way to do that, on your vacation or through work, a different and nice memory could be the new coloring book. All drawings are images made in Stockholm.

Stockholm Urban Mix on the table
Stockholm Urban Mix on the table

Stockholm Urban Mix theme and concept focused on making a book with many different subjects. To show the life in the town. Instead of only famous attractions. Instead, those attractions that are in the book, are made with a locals perspective and viewpoint. Book Available at Amazon



My hope is that anyone who color the drawings,  will enjoy it as much as I did who drew them.


Book Available at Amazon

For more information about the Coloring book for grown-Ups, Stockholm urban Mix, here are a selection of links to my website and Amazon.

Amazon Author Page

My website.

Pictures of my book cover, info and a image map, with selection of drawings included in the book.

Amazon, buy the book

My blog, text on the release day, June 1, 2016

And Instagram



Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator drawing and creating the book.

Coloring books for adults, canvas illustration press imprint, Createspace, Amazon. Stockholm Urban Mix, illustrations by Stefan Lindblad

Discover Colouring Stockholm Urban Mix, the New Book


Just came out with the new colouring book for adults, grownups: “Stockholm Urban mix: An Adventure with Inks to Colour“, with drawings, illustrations by Stefan Lindblad. 116 pages.

Now available at Amazon, under the Imprint “Canvas Illustration Press”. Indie Published by illustrator, artist Stefan Lindblad.

Discover Colouring Stockholm Urban Mix, the New Book on the block.

A coloring book for adults, with drawings of places in and around the beautiful city of Stockholm



Stefan Lindblad
illustrator, graphic designer & artist
Stockholm, Sweden


Swedish national day today – who cares.

Outdoor with a coffee from my thermos, drawing in my sketchbook
Outdoor with a coffee from my thermos, drawing in my sketchbook

Swedish national day today – who cares. After all, we just got the day, basically, in 1983.

So what’s to celebrate really. After all, we have had over 1000 years to come up with the day, so why now? Everyone invented a reason that sounded flashy enough as a reason to have a day. It´s been debated the reason, and it is still debated. Was it the King Gustav Vasa? Or was it the Kalmar Union? – who cares! But I guess it was decided to have a national day instead of a Swedish flag day, with the king standing on a stage at Skansen, Djurgården, giving flags on a pole, to various groups. Like the Scouts.

And why. Sweden was recognised by Roman emperor Tacitus year 98. And mentioned a 1000 years ago as “Swēorice”, in the Beowulf story.  The tribe of people we today spell “Svear”.

Is this a reason to celebrate our national day? – Most probably not!

Most Swedes today, would still claim the true national day to be “Midsommar(Midsummer in english). A day when everyone dreams of blue sky, sun and dreamlike stories and flower crowns on their heads – but everyone knows it’s probably going to rain and be cold like shit that day, and not shine and be warm. At least not in the Capital. So better dancing like frogs waving your hands, while singing around a flower dressed tall pole, with round rings on the top sides. (Maypole)

One could also be gloomy about the thing, and say a national day is a reason why people go to war. And Sweden sure have fought many wars, gruesome wars, despite popular belief.

But I wont. I like my country. It´s a nice country to live in after all.

Well, better to have a day than no day.

Ps. Bella, she just like to eat green grass, regardless of day. Have a great national day!


Stefan Lindblad
Just a regular swede.
Oh, and an illustrator, artist and graphic designer by profession

My new Coloring Book for Adults – Stockholm Urban Mix

Coloring books for adults, canvas illustration press imprint, Createspace, Amazon. Stockholm Urban Mix, illustrations by Stefan Lindblad. Book was drawn on paper, and redrawn and sometimes drawn directly using Wacom pen tablet and Corel Painter. Book with multiple pages, 116 pages and 58 drawings, was put together, layout and design, using CorelDRAW X8
The indie published book´s drawings, illustrations, inks & design by Stefan Lindblad.

My new Coloring Book for Adults – Stockholm Urban Mix, is finally out there! Its entire name, with Subtitle, is “Stockholm Urban Mix: An Urban Adventure with Inks to Colour”.

It was published today, and instantly available on and Amazon EU and the UK. I am so happy and very proud of this book. I spent over two and a half months working with this book. Making drawings, illustrations of my hometown Stockholm, Sweden. Bicycling making research on site around town. Very early mornings to late evenings. Lot´s of coffee when taking a pause, and going through each days adventure.

If you like to buy the book?

The name of the book is “Stockholm Urban Mix: An Urban Adventure with Inks to Colour“. You can buy the book at amazon in north america, the site and europe. See below links., Buy “Stockholm Urban Mix”


I Publish the Colouring book under my own Imprint “Canvas Illustration Press”. Indie Publishing in its best sense!

I started to think about creating a colouring book for adults, grown ups, five years ago. In december 2015 my girlfriend Mia and I went late afternoon to “Fotografiska Museet”, the Photographic Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. Situated at the harbor with a view towards the Old Town. After a great evening watching photos, we stopped like we always do at museums and looked at books, flipping the pages and sometimes buying something. And there I saw a colouring book. Like it was telling me something, reminding me. I told Mia it was about time I took time to make that colouring book I had been dreaming and talking about for the past five years.

And two and half months ago, it was that time. I dedicated the time needed and worked very focused everyday to make it a dream come true. Many cups of coffee at coffee shops, cafés around Stockholm city and suburbia. And one or two cinnamon buns. Many pencils, markers and pens hard at work in my sketchbooks. Eventually, because everything have to be digitized either scanned or redrawn when being printed, I really have to say thanks to my favorite graphics program CorelDRAW for the design and layout and creating print ready PDF files. And using Corel PAINTER to redraw my sketches. Sometimes draw from scratch in Painter. Sometimes using Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Especially when I had to convert hundreds of RGB drawings made with Corel PAINTER to Greyscale color mode – using Batch Process. And my Wacom pen tablet.

I know, I know, it is starting to sound like an Oscars Award speech… but it really is appropriate somehow. The various tools are my best “friends”.

View a thumbnail map of some of the 58 illustrations in this book:

Being an illustrator and graphic designer I often don´t get time to make my own projects. Due to work for various clients take time. These two and half months with my colouring book project was well worth the focus it got, it was a pleasure from early mornings to late nights. And then my eyes got rest. And my hands. It was both inspiring and rewarding. Much easier to dig back into client work afterwards. Almost like having a vacation.

If you like to Test to colouring a page.

You can read more about my own Indie publishing, and imprint book projects. And Download a free page sample of a drawing to test colouring. Just click the link to my portfolio website

For you who buy the colouring book, like I wrote inside the book: ” I hope you enjoy colouring the drawings, as much as I had drawing them”.

Thank you!


Stefan lindblad
Illustration, graphic design

My brand NEW Colouring book for adults: Stockholm Urban Mix

Now official! My brand NEW Colouring book for adults, now soon available on Amazon: Stockholm Urban Mix

Probably within this week. Title of the book is: ” Stockholm Urban Mix “. Here a sneak peek of the front cover. It will be available to buy in all Amazon markets, be it US, UK, EU and so on.

EDIT: My Book, Stockholm Urban Mix, is now available at Amazon/Createspace, my e-store. Click here

Follow walking through the city of Stockholm. Sweden. Sit at the café, coffee shops. View the water side, the bridges, and one or two, or three dogs also living in the town. Sit and read, and sip coffee and color the drawings, and relax. Discover the town of Stockholm.

So keep your eyes out! This version has 58 black and white drawings, which makes a 116 pages long book.

I am publishing this book with Createspace/Amazon. Using my own brand new Imprint: “Canvas Illustration Press”.

Coloring books for adults, canvas illustration press imprint, Createspace, Amazon. Stockholm Urban Mix, illustrations by Stefan Lindblad

Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator and graphic Designer