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At last the interviews listed in a proper order.

A complete list of the creatives I have interviewed published on this blog. In the order: at the top the latest, the bottom the first. Click on the menu “Interview Series” to simply read the latest, or choose “Interviews Listed” to pick and choose.

Stefan Lindblad


My full Spread editorial illustration for the Kollega Magazine in Sweden

Full Spread editorial illustration for the Kollega Magazine in Sweden
Article talks about all the various chemicals we have around us at our office, without thinking about it. Here is the illustration showing how it looks without all the grapichs added to it by the Art Director, and then after with it all applied, Layout below. You see how I delivered it, and how they later used it for the article. A true Before & After. Hope you enjoy seeing it. Getting a sense how my work looks like as a freelancing editorial illustrator. Click this link to see it in action on my website here

Stefan Lindblad
Illustration & cover artist, designer

Great art in Counterspy Computer game

Counterspy computer game. Screenshot image of the game. Website to the developers is

Screenshot from the game, permission to use courtesy Dynamighty

I don’t personally play computer games but I enjoy the art and graphics if made well. And one stylistically brilliant one is Counterspy.  With all super realistic style computer games it is refreshing to see such a great solitaire like Counterspy. Someone mentioned that one of the responsible in this game being created worked at Pixar. And that might be it then.

Counterspy computer game. Screenshot image of the game. Website to the developers is

Screenshot from the game, permission to use courtesy Dynamighty

It feels like a great comic and a real movie. It’s beautifully coloured and drawn. If you don’t play the game then you at least like myself can enjoy the art.

I always enjoy seeing who created the art and the game. It is like when I go to an art gallery, museum, magazine or reading a comic – I like to know who made the whole thing.

Fortunately after a little search on the net I found the San Fransisco based company making it: Dynamighty. There you can view more great images from the game and read a little story about the team behind the game:

Dynamighty have a Tumblr Blog page with more great images from the game, view it here

On their website they have published a youtube clip of the game, so you can see small clips in motion.

I don’t know what computer gamers in general like about the game, but on today’s morning TV Show SVT Morgon, Sweden’s and Scandinavia’s largest channel. Like the Scandinavian BBC, the computer reviewer who feature on the show regularly reviewing games and talk about the gaming industry in general, Sweden being quite important in itself on that department, he talked positively about the game. And that´s how I came across the game itself. Still havent played the game. I simply don’t play computer games. But I sure love the art and design of the game. So from that point of view I can only recommend the game and hope you who play gets a great experience. If it was a movie I would definitely see it. If it was a comic, I would definitely buy one issue of the book for pure enjoyment and inspiration for my own art as an illustrator and cover artist.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & Cover Artist
Stockholm, Sweden

Once a spellbound mysterious forrest

It was once a spellbound mysterious forrest. A true John Bauer like forrest as we say in Sweden.  Look Bauer up. Now two years later that mayor part that captivated my mind and gave me inspiration.  This old old forrest is torn to pieces.  I’m humble to have walked it’s path. Now its gone.





Stefan Lindblad

What will the young all become


Interesting to watch all different teenagers coming from a school nearby. I am sitting at a bench at a square where tram trains and the local bus come and go. Cars going by and people on bicycles. Some on a skateboard. It is late summer in august in Stockholm. We all enjoy these last weeks of summer for this year. The autumn have already arrived high up in the country. We are looking forward to the approaching fall and wonderfully coloured leafs. Some of use have started to wear jackets. Some still in t-shirts. During the day it aint cold.

I am having a quick-lunch with two small bread and drink yoghurt with mixed berries, 500 gram. Bought at Lidle supermarket. All these personalities these teenagers have. What will they all become. Some arty while some sporty. Some yell. Some starts to dance silently while one sings at the same time. All as if they were in some sort of movie. Some try looking cool while others mysterious  Next to me sits a couple with a new-born. And we talk and  giggle and wonder the same. What will they all become.

Stefan Lindblad
Artist, illustrator & graphic designer.

2D vector custom technical illustration: Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone


2d vector custom technical illustration by Stefan Lindblad, appointed CorelDRAW Master by Corel

Illustration by Stefan Lindblad, copyright 2014

Updating my website with 2D vector illustrations: I just added the handset of the 2D vector custom made technical illustration: Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone, Microsoft devices, Product image.

This is one type, clean style of product illustration that I offer clients who need custom made product images.

Later on I will add more parts that are included in the box when you buy a Nokia Lumia 920. Doing this solely for fun and publishing it on my website. As said, more to come. And you can watch more 2D vector illustrations on the website

All made with corelDRAW X7.
These are similar to what you might see in a leaflet, broshure when you buy a product


Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, graphic design & art


The Interview Series: Toby Mikle working as a freelance Technical illustrator in USA

A new interview in my ongoing Interview Series with fellow illustrators, artists & designers in various businesses around the world.

Welcome Toby Mikle – Technical illustrator to the Interview series

Toby ​Mikle ​and I are both illustrators. While I was browsing the internet to look for resources and inspiration for my own illustration work the other day, it was really nice to bump into Toby Mikle´s website showing his technical illustrations. I really liked what I saw and found out after a search on the net even more work by Toby Mikle. Like many other illustrators he work with more than one type of work. But this interview is focusing on the technical illustration work and important things like Coffee

Your Name:
Toby Mikle

Facebook Page
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Toby Mikle, technical illustrator, 2D Vector illustration

Hi Toby, and thank you for participating in my Interview Series with illustrators from around the world here on my blog.

​No problem, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this project.

What type of work do you produce?

​My focus is mostly on Vector Illustration.

Toby Mikle, technical illustrator, 2D Vector illustration, Vegetated Roof Chicago

What year did you start working as an illustrator?

​1999 I decided to freelance for a living and worked many part-time jobs while I built up a client base.​

Do you work as a freelancer or a staff illustrator?

Though I have taken some short-term on site contracts, most of my work is considered freelance.​


Toby Mikle, technical illustrator, 2D Vector illustration, redraw of power cable

Which computer software do you use?

Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator​

Today in our digital world, do you work with traditional medium as well?

I draw on paper for fun, but find that conception sketches can be created and modified much more easy in digital format. ​

What is it that you like with your work?

The challenge of taking source materials and creating a dynamic visual representation that is not only interesting but informative to the end-user.​

What made you start working with technical illustration?

​I offered a variety of Illustrations services when I was contacted by a contractor for Memorex. I created a sample illustration from a photo of a radio and was hired to create them all. ​​Since then I have worked for a large number of clients both large and small.​

When it comes to technical illustration, what do you think is important to think about when you start a project.

​What is the most visually appealing way to represent this and serve its purpose clearly.

If your client for whatever reason give you a limited brief, do you still start working to just get started, and later go back to the client with more questions. Or do you pressure your client with adequate questions so that you know right away what you are expected to do?

​I make it clear that i either have great references, descriptions, and source materials or I don’t. The quality of the direction given and the quality of the sources provided​ will effect the overall quality of the project in both budget and desired outcome.​

Toby Mikle, technical illustrator, 2D Vector illustration, Chain Saw illustration

In the end people will be looking at your technical illustration for a reason. For example if they buy a product. What have you learned through the years to be of extra importance?

Line widths, breaking lines when they fall behind something and are not as import an element. Overall visual communication techniques.​

Do you prefer 2D or 3D tech illustration

3D is beautiful but I only work in 2D.

Toby Mikle, technical illustrator, 2D Vector illustration, refinary factory buildings

Among all the products you illustrate is there any specific product that you feel especially difficult to capture, for whatever reason to portrait?

It is extremely difficult but also a challenge that I love. To create very detailed scenes, like a factory, refinery, airport or the capital in Washington D.C.​

What do you think is the most common problem or mistake a new or seasoned illustrator does?

Underestimating the time it will take to create a vector based Illustration.​

What do you think makes a great technical illustration?

​One that is appealing to look at and communicated effectively with the reader.​

Would you say there are is a different way to how you work today to how it was when you first started out. Business-wise?

Only in that I have different techniques and am now more able to understand what the client and I need to begin.​

Do you like myself go out and sit and work at cafes, to brainstorm etcetera. And if so, do you bring just a sketchbook and pens or do you bring the computer and a wacom tablet?


I bring a sketchbook with me when I go out, but it is more for personal artistic freedom than work. I like to take breaks and creating only technical illustrations would make me feel like a robot if I weren’t able to explore the organic world and perhaps bring some of what I see out there, into the
technical designs. ​


Toby Mikle drinks caffeinated dt pop​, then more coffee


And lastly coffee. Everyone get this question: Coffee or Tea in the morning?
Coffee, with caffeinated dt pop​, then more coffee


Thats the way to go :-) Thank you Toby!

Thank you Stefan! :)



Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer

New York City & Wetterling Gallery in Stockholm Sweden – a personal art institution to visit


As a young aspiring artist in my early 20´s I started visiting the Wetterling Gallery. Going to all sort of art galleries in town was a must of course. What was always so great with WG at that time, was all the international pop artists WG was exhibiting at the gallery. I still remember the exhibition I saw with Robert Rauschenberg and his fantastic work around 1987-1988. To me one of his best work. I went to the gallery and saw his work and was amazed of what I saw. So fresh, so new, so inventive.

During that time Swedish art critiques writing in swedish morning and evening news papers more seem to write for their own personal gain and glory. Writing almost ridiculously so-called intellectual pieces very few people actually understood. In Swedish we some times call it “ordbajseri”. Fancy words for just fancy words sake. It was quite funny when one regular journalist I believe in Expressen evening paper around that time wrote something like: “Wow, I finally understood what Lars O. Ericsson actually ment”.

I loved reading those art reviews and lengthy pieces in the media at that young age because it was talking about “my world” – the art world. And to be fully honest it was fun that they got so much room in those newspapers. They don´t today thats for sure. And off and on they actually wrote something that actually was interesting. But after a while I just ditched them all and stopped reading them more or less. And instead continued to read the international art magazines and International Herald Tribune.

I remember that many people I met and discussed art with at the time criticized the Wetterling Gallery for being superficial for showing all these famous rich american pop artists – instead of Swedish and Europeans. But there were already so many doing just that in the swedish art scene back then, so if Wetterling could bring big artist names to small Stockholm, how could you really criticize him for it. He was doing something beneficial for all the swedish young aspiring artists and the swedish art scene. Thats my view anyway.

Wetterling Gallery still remains at the same address as he had back then in Kungsträdgården. A High-end address no doubt and clients with big wallets buy there, but the gallery is welcoming. So even those with not so big wallets easily feels welcomed. Here the WG Facebook Page>

Today I went there once again with Mia to watch some art that catched my eyes from outside the window as we passed by – Paintings by James Rosenquist. One of those american icons.


Today I asked if I could take a photo of Mr. Björn Wetterling himself, and him as always being so approachable and polite, he said yes. Here he is infront of some of the work being shown right now.

Björn Wetterling himself don’t know the story, as I mostly just said “Hi” when I visited the gallery and not much more both back then and now, part from a few polite words here and there appreciating the art. When I was a young man I whent into his gallery and often talked to the two blonde young women assistants working there. Who both happened to open their own art galleries years later. I usually talked and discussed with them about the art and asked questions. We were the same generation also. One day in 1988 I told one of them that I was going to New York for a few weeks. She remembered how much I talked about Robert Rauschenbergs art exhibition they had been showing. And I don’t remember all in detail, but she suddenly gave me the direct phone number to Rauschenbergs assistant in america. I called her up and presented myself and said I would be interested to meet Mr Rauschenberg if that was at all possible to see how he worked and maybe ask advice, as I was going to New York City. She was then very friendly asking me to contact her again as it was actually possible to make this visit possible. She might be able she told me to have Rauschenberg going up from Florida to New York. I was absolutely stunned as a 22-23 year old young artist. We talked a bit longer and I understood it was´nt just “talk”. I was going to contact her again prior to the trip. And maybe when I landed in New York. I couldn’t believe it and became so nervous about the whole thing that I actually lost the note, the paper with the direct phone number written down to Rauschenberg, before going to NYC, and the meeting never happened. I still went to NYC and talked with a friend at the time Robyn C. about it. I still had two brilliant weeks in NYC, I stayed at Robyn C and her room mates place in Jersey City, and other fantastic things happened I still remember and cherish. But no Rauschenberg.

Back home in Stockholm, I told the young women at Wetterling Gallery that I lost the note. And I continued of course to see art shows at Wetterling Gallery.

Through the magazine Art News I learned about one of many favorites at that time Ross Bleckner, an artist I like to remember having seen work of at Wetterling Gallery in the 80´s – 90´s. Or just take for granted would had been exhibiting there. Not that many in sweden new about Ross Bleckner at that time.

These days I still visit but far, far, far from so often as back then. Which basically ment at least once a week.

If you are going to Stockholm, Sweden then you really should try visit the Wettering Gallery. Today they still show american & international artists but much more local swedish artists as I understand. And that’s perfectly okay of course.

A personal thank you to Björn Wetterling for bringing art to the masses.


Stefan Lindblad
Artist, illustrator & graphic designer

The Alaskan Mud story I liked – visiting those Sharks

I like art & design and I like business that feels good. I love the little guy and girl who makes it. I think I like the company Alaska Glacial Mud Co. as well. Despite never using their product or even seeing them. I only found it via the TV set. So the founder of Alaska Glacial Mud Co made an impact.

Sometimes I watch Shark Tank. Usually I don’t like watching this American version, and prefer instead the British version called “The Dragons Den”. I much more prefer the British one simply because it feels more human and respectful. And the music ain’t so bold and not so dam LOUD all the time. The American shark in the middle, the arrogant guy who can be funny sometimes, Kevin O’Leary I have no doubt might be a really decent fellow off camera. ( He is said to have learned kids to read – and we love that of course). But on camera in the American Shark Tank, he usually make me change channel. But then I saw the episode with the Alaskan mud product, and he made me stay for just a bit longer before shifting for some reason, and then the woman Lauren Padawer from Alaska trying to find investment for her organic skin mud product from Alaska made me stay put, full stop. She went from there empty-handed. But she came out strong I think. She didn’t allowed herself to get bullied by the sharks. Not intimidated by them. Even the most strong character can lose the confidence with lights and cameras in their face knowing millions will watch them. Even people in other countries like myself – and the four sharks staring at them. Asking. Demanding. Pushing, pushing, pushing.

I was impressed.

I hope it goes even better now with her mud skin product. I like the concept and as an artist, illustrator and graphic designer, I like the colour scheme their products packages have. It sure have an organic feel to it. I might had liked to add just a tad more to the illustration/graphic on the jar. The labels, but I like it. I think the products look, for example the label on the jars with mud would benefit if the owner of the company Lauren Padawer and the designer of the labels would update the graphics just a notch. I like the lids. They are thick and gives both a feminine and masculine feel to it and spa feel. And she is into the spa as she mention on the TV show Shark Tank. There really is a lot going already with this company product when it comes to story telling it. And the way it is being portrait.

But I am a designer, illustrator and artist myself, so I have to mention that I would´nt choose the background image on their website, of the beach or mud under the water the way it looks right now. And the cold blue water feel they are after: I am from Sweden and know how could fresh water in lakes, shores and creeks in this norther part of the world many times are. And they would benefit if their website would get an updated look as well. Still I think the product seems great. The things I mention are my own views of course. And if Lauren Padawer at Alaska Glacial Mud Co would agree, then I think the sales would benefit. The Story telling of the company would too. I like the home and personal touch, but it should be more spa like. I can totally see how the whole idea of the product and company is there, just that extra push to make it look more refine. But still keep that local, nature, organic Alaska feel to it.

 Alaska Glacial Mud Co, Lauren Padawer, Alaska Glacial Mud Purifying Mineral Mud Masque - Lavender Peppermint - 3.5 fl oz

All in all from my own personal view there is just that tad more needed in some areas of the design of the product label and website and it is spot on. So close, so close. Great to see so much coverage in various magazine already have come Alaska Glacial Mud Co´s way.

Congrats Lauren Padawer!


Greetings from Sweden

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist & graphic designer



Cafe Stories – a new segment on my blog

Drinking coffee and visiting cafés, coffee shops when working and when just hanging out, is nothing new to me or others in general. When I go alone to coffee shops, cafés , I do it to work. I read and I draw. And sometimes doing my accounting before I send it to my accountant. And one thing I do as I said is to draw & design and sometimes take photos of where I am sitting. SOmetimes I meet people I know and some I dont know. Sometimes very interesting meetings suddenly appaears, and thoughts being thought. Whatever happens at the cafe´might wind up on my new segement here on my blog.

I´m calling it Café Stories.

With an irregular posting and never knowing when I will post it, it is still there to view and read, and already the Cafe Bar Italia story is upp there. More WILL come. Enjoy and spread the mojo! 

Stefan Lindblad
Artist, illustrator & graphic designer

Sport events said good for economy, and then falls apart to the end of economy

Athens Greece in 2004 – and now what?

What do Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup games Really mean to a country´s economy. What happens when all is no longer needed. A huge football “Arena da Amazonia” was built in the Brazilian Amazonas while people starved, and now will become something else after the world cup. They simply don’t have the population to fill the stadium with football fans, enough to pay for it standing there for football. And the same in South Africa, Football stadiums in odd areas where people really don’t need it, and wont use it, and people still starv and live in shitty housing, and economy said to be a bolster for its economy – right. We all wanted the olympic games to come to Athens, Greece in 2004. And today? Ho does it look today. Are they all in use and with a vibrant economy built upon the success of the stadiums that were built? You be the judge. Here some pictures and an article´s you can read. A good read.

Images: Olympic Stadiums in Athens , Greece in basically ruins>
Article about the stadiums, Athens Greece, in the Business Insider >
The Daily Mail in 2008 already and only 4 years after wrote this piece. >

The Guardian: Football stadiums Brazil World Cup Amazonas >
South Africa: Article BBC> The Globe and Mail> >

And now when the Brazil Football World Cup 2014 is to an end, Brazilian and international media is preparing themselves again – this time for the Brazil Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games: Rio 2016. South Africa Football World Cup cost South Africa a staggering $3.5 billion. They now have good infrastructure which most South Africans are said to not have access too. And football stadiums now said to be White Elephants. Standing there to almost no use. And FIFA, that world body of football probably made a HUGE success with lots of money into many people’s pockets by means we don’t like to know, or actually like to know. And FIFA who are so big it is said FIFA demanded to be free from taxes in Brazil 2014, and said to have been accepted by Brazil. I say said because whom am I to actually know. Mostly those who do know as responsible never talk straight and honest, do they.

Media made brutally honest portraits of the corruption and disgrace involved in the Russian Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. But not enough. Sochi the most expensive olympics ever: not much happened – part from the fact that when the Paralympics started, the Russians started the war situation in Ukraine & Crimea. At the same time of that war situation Brazil´s government were in the running up to the premier of the hugely expensive world cup in Brazil 2014. While people in Brazilian favelas starved, and demonstrations raged. Difference between Brazil and Russia is of course that the Brazilian people could demonstrate somewhat, while the Russians really couldn’t.

Russian Olympics, Sochi >
“Sochi Olympics a ‘monstrous scam’ – Russian opposition” BBC >
The Guardian: “The Costliest Olympic, Sochi” >

And so it goes. On and on.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist & graphic designer

Student room in Stockholm Sweden

Study & Live in Stockholm – Student room


Welcome to Sweden!

It’s that time of year when students are coming to Sweden to study at the university.  I am no student I am just a Stockholm resident who run my own freelance business as an illustrator and graphic designer. What saddens me are all those who try to scam students and other people trying to find a place to live. Many succeed to scam students and others unfortunately.

So if you are a student looking for a student room in Stockholm Sweden and other towns, you really have to be careful. For example if someone won’t show you the apartment, studio, flat or student room and ask you to pay a deposit, then that is the very first warning it is a scam in the making. And you really have to be careful. Some might say they can not meet you saying they are out-of-town and therefore need you to pay a deposit. Which is 9,99/10 a try to scam you.

It is difficult to find a student room in a town like Stockholm.  It is difficult for us who already live here. What is good though is that Stockholm and suburbs and small towns around are very easy to get to and from.

You can easily use a bicycle. Stockholm is a more and more bike friendly town. Trains in various forms and buses so don’t feel you need to be in the very center of town. You really don’t.  But still be careful. If I as a Stockholm person would recommend places to look for and that are safe – and Stockholm is already a safe town – it would be to get online first with student organizations and ask advice for places to live in.

I am no student so I don’t know all the ins and outs to go online specific to students. But that said I would highly recommend you first go online and contact your university and ask. And the student organizations.  They surely have good tips and will be on your safe side.

Here a few links to get you going and in contact to some who might be able to help.


The LARGEST apratment renting out organization in Stockholm, is “Stockholms Bostadsförmedling”. Most major landlord companies put their student rooms/apartments/flats on their website.

SSSB: Student organizations renting out

Stockholm University with tips

BLOCKET – The largest site in Sweden searching for rent
If you try out Blocket, then read their Customer Security or contact directly Blocket for more info if needed.

Important Article about Student Renting in Stockholm. A good read, recomend.
I use Google translate to translate the article into English. It made a fairly good translation
Hem & Hyra is one of the most important magazines in Sweden about living and costs in Sweden.

Skrapan is the house in the photo of this article. Very popular and very much center in town. ON the largest island in Stockholm: Södermalm.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology


Be careful and don’t pay and act fast because the person in the email or on the phone is pressing you – it´s the oldest sales trick. I they say it’s many who are in line and talks like that, then I would go away. Anyone who is serious in renting out their space should be calm and show proof they actually own the contract they are renting out. Unfortunately many invent even non existing addresses or just about anything.

Be safe and vice and don’t stress and you will hopefully get a place to stay and be able to focus on your studies.

If you feel this info was helpful & because some actually ask for it, and worth the price of a cup of coffee, great & Thanks! The amount equivalent a small standard brew coffee cup is just fine :-) Appreciate it! Click PayPal button below


Have fun and who knows you might even see me without knowing, working while having coffee at the same coffee shop you are at. I am a freelancer after all!

Stefan Lindblad, photo editing, illustration, vectorisering logotyper,

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, Artist and graphic designer

New illustration update – at Bar Italia in London, England

Here a drawing / mixed media – collage type I made when Mia and I was at a Café ” Bar Italia ” in London, England. For the record: No Mia had NO gone on the table. I placed that afterwards using my pen of course. It was a great day in London town and Mia had tip me about this great italian style café in London England called Bar italia. One equivalent cafe I know about in Stockholm Sweden that no longer excist, was called Café Select. There are other cafés in Stockholm similar to Bar italia, but the good and bad with coffee chains like Espresso House, Waynés café, Starbucks and Caffee Nero is that the single cafés becomes a odd bird in a mayor town after a while.

Bar Italia hope you always excists for generations to come!

Bar Italia, London, UK,  England, Illustration by Stefan Lindblad

Bar Italia, London, UK, England, Illustration by Stefan Lindblad

If you are looking for the address: 22 Frith Street, Soho, West End, London, W1D 4RF, England. Click here for Google Maps > Enjoy!


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist & designer

American football or just Football

American football is the most common term outside the US. In US they call it Soccer. In Italy Calcio. But American football shouldn’t it just be called American rugby instead? Nah, the Americans decided they wanted football as well – just their own way. Football is football. And it’s a non issue really to be fully honest. But for the fun of it we tend to get all jigged in going ding over this. After all the world outside US know it’s football. Even the Italian’s.

Now the world cup in Brazil is long past. In Europe the national teams prepare for the euro cup in France 2016. And the various leagues in the big football countries start. In Sweden our league is in full swing already and ends in the fall.

Celso Borges the great Costa Rica national team football player in World Cup Brazil played in Sweden and team AIK, but probably move to French team Evian and l Ligue 1 as of today.

The big games are full speed ahead in Europe. Summer is still here. Soon the cold arrives and games continues. 

Be sure to enjoy watching the world’s best player seen since 2004: Zlatan Ibrahimovic.  Enjoy watching the man who makes goals and passes continously others are happy to make once in their career. And have done since he was a kid in Sweden. Why the best since 2004 you may ask, because no other have had such a career and continuity. And because after all its the beautiful game and he makes it beautiful. Full stop.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator,  Artist & graphic designer

New Texture Pac 2 is out!


New Texture Pac 2 is now ready to purchase and download from my store.

Download & Purchase Click here >>

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For the price of a Cup of Coffee you get 33 Texture images. $1 USD
All created from scratch by Stefan Lindblad, Illustrator, artist & graphic designer.
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TexturePac 2 includes 33 GIF images.
Perfect textures for graphics & images for both web & print.

They are all 72 dpi/ppi made straight from high-resolution 300 dpi photos. Stefan Lindblad – Illustration & Design, have photographed and converted into Black & White. Various organic, cement, leafs, grass, pine cones etcetera.


Texture Pac 2, Stefan Lindblad, textures for graphics and images, web and print


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist & graphic Designer