When others colour my drawings, Coloring books

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It’s a very special feeling to see colorings of illustrations I´ve made for my two self published coloring books. “The Eclectic Colouring Book” and “Stockholm Urban Mix”. As a professional illustrator I colour my drawings, illustrations, to various clients such as newspapers, advertising agencies and companies in general. It is my job. It is normal, so to speak.

By creating my own indie published colouring books from scratch and the whole process to final product, it is like watching your own off spring being loved and cared for when watching them coloured.

To watch other peoples coloring of my drawings, the feeling is warm, joyfull and almost a bit unreal. It hit an emotional nerve, a little every time. The second and the professional part is that I do these books to hopefully give joy to others, individuals who love to color. These books are like one’s own children or something of the sort.

Stefan Lindblad

New Video, my new coloring book: The Eclectic Colouring Book

My new video showing drawings to colour from my New coloring book: The Eclectic Colouring Book. A flip through pages video. All Indie Published. Available through Amazon & Online Stores


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator and Indie Published.
Creator or Colouring Books and the illustrations in them

Coffee, work and Corel PHOTO-PAINT

Photo Stefan Lindblad, Espresso House COffee, Globen, Stockholm, Sweden

Working a bit. Corel PHOTO-PAINT in action. Brew Coffee, and a Safron bun at Espresso house Coffee Shop at Globen Shopping Mall, Stockholm, Sweden for those who are from out of town. Looking from inside coffeeshop to the public area.

Life is good this way. Illustration on the computer screen and in Photo-Paint, is a panel for the upcoming GraphiC Novel “Ashes”. The novel Ashes is written by, and comic fully based upon named “Ashes”. I draw and design it entirely in Corel Photo-Paint, after quick rough drafts in my sketchbook of course. A lot is also made from scratch directly in Photopaint. And a Wacom pen. Have been working on this comic for quite some time now. So much other illustration and design work is worked on parallell.


Stefan Lindblad

Great first review my new Coloring book The Eclectic Colouring Book

Yay, always nice getting great reviews for my brand new book “The Eclectic Colouring Book”. Read more on Amazon. I´m very proud of my new book.
The Eclectic Colouring Book, Stefan Lindblad, Amazon, Createspace
Stefan Lindblad

Storyboards for the movie Moonwolves

CLICK Moowolves banner above to view the trailer!

I was the original Storyboard Artist for Moonwolves, and made storyboards for the animation movie Moonwolves. I made quite a few drawings actually. Movie is based on the kids book by Malin Ahlin, and project was initiated by Nima Y himself. But the movie director Nima later came to the conclusion he needed another type/style/technique of Storyboard. And that’s totally okay with me. And they moved on with another storyboard artist. But although it was a drag of course, to not continue drawing more and be part of the movie project, movie project originally started by director Nima Yousefi, he of course is still a great director and guy 😉 And I wish only the best for his movie.

I have worked with Nima Yousefi on previous movie projects of his, (like the short movie Kilimanjaro) with storyboards. And it´s always been great to work with him.

Here a detail with thumbs, original Storyboards for Moonwolves. By Stefan Lindblad, copyright. 2016.
Here a detail with thumbs, original Storyboards for Moonwolves. By Stefan Lindblad, copyright. 2016.

“The Moonwolves is a magical animated short film for children in preschool. Based on the critically acclaimed picture book by Malin Ahlin.”

Best of luck with Moonwolves!
“Moonwolves has been selected by 15 international film festivals so far.”


It´s doing great in other words!


Stefan Lindblad

Dear David Abney, CEO of UPS. Something just aint right with UPS Sweden

Dear David Abney, CEO of UPS,

My name is Stefan Lindblad. I am a customer who always have problems with packages delivered to my door, with UPS chauffeurs/service. And today problem even to get Customer Service in Sweden, on the phone, to just redirect the package sent from the USA, to be delivered to one of UPS Access Points in my area. Currently the package is in Kentucky, US. probably heading to Frankfurt, before it arrives in a few days in Stockholm, Sweden.

In short, after humongous problems in July to get packages with books from Createspace/Amazon, delivered to my doorstep, it took weeks and ridiculous hassle, I felt I should now use the new access points UPS Sweden in Stockholm had fixed.

I called up, but the agent at the Customer Service said it was impossible for him, to redirect the package, to be delivered to the UPS access point. Now, that is very strange. It would be easier for UPS in my particular area, with dumb entrance doors being locked. And also easier for me, to simply go to the access point and get my package.

Here a pic and a few years old blog of mine. One of those moments with UPS. (Click pimage)

But, as I got annoyed, have in mind I had HUGE problems with getting my package delivered in July this year, the agent asked me not to swear. Okay, that’s fair, but honestly, I just asked the guy like this: “Hi, my name is Stefan Lindblad, and I have a package from the States sent to me. I have my tracking code, and just like you to help me redirect the package to one of your new access points (a small grocery shop)”. The agent instantly told me that was impossible. I would have to register an account at UPS. I think it’s called “My Choice/UPS”. And change the delivery address myself on your website.

Okay, but why even have a customer service then. That´s my first question.

He then went on (irritated, fair enough, as I was pissed to be fully honest), informing me that, first, the package had to be delivered to my doorstep before he could make any address changes, in the case the chauffeur failed to delivered. I would get my usual SMS or note in the mail box, asking me to call UPS Customer Service to make a redirect, changing the delivery address – to your access points. BUT ONLY AFTER talking with the Chauffeur!? Or did he say that was not possible either???

I am amazed to say the least.

I was annoyed when I called, because the July hellish UPS delivery situation just flashed in front of my eyes. It took several weeks to get my package delivered, basically. With chauffeurs not even coming to the entrance door, where I had put up three (3) signs with my phone number, placed a thing so the entrance door was open even. But, no, he just didn’t like to go to the door. And drove away. And made a report he couldn’t deliver. All while I was working from home. 10 meters from the street. I say it again, 10 meters from the street. Door open. Notes on the entrance door. Even after talking with Customer Service, it failed time and time again. After many fails, they changed chauffeur, and made my packages high-priority.

I honestly don’t get it. What in heaven is the problem here.

I am small business owner, just me self-employed illustrator and graphic designer. I just like to get my packaged delivered. Making it easy for both UPS and myself, to deliver my package from Amazon. But, no, that’s not possible.

Why having a Customer Service, when they can’t give proper service.

Ps. It wont matter this time, even if the chauffeur succeeds to deliver to my door this time. There has been too many hassles, and most probably will continue to be. Simply, because the landlord in my rather posh area, don’t have door buzz codes that work properly.


Thanks for listening!

Best regards

Stefan Lindblad

Looking for vector digitizing in the US?

If you’re a company, in let say america or Canada, and you need your image, photo or logotype, vectorized, always go to a professional service. Like myself I was going to say. I do that type of work quite regularly, vector digitizing images, paralleled with my main work as an illustrator and designer. So I really don´t need it, but someone else might!

If you are a designer yourself, who need something like a back-office to help you with those vector works coming in, it is really a good idea to turn to a fellow professional – like myself or another company. That way your client can rest assure that they can turn to you for most type of work.

Today I came in contact by chance, with an american company in California who offers this type of service: vector digitizing work. Vectorizing logotypes. Visit their website at Image Cleanup.

I chit chatted with them via the internet today, and it all sounded very reasonable. Contact them and try them out. And check for “JESSE at image cleanup” (jesse …@…imagecleanup….com ), that´s the guy I chit chatted with.

Enjoy your coffee, or tea, wherever you are!

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & Graphic Designer


The Difference between voting in the USA & SWEDEN

Difference between USA & Swedish elections. 53,4% voting in the US. In Comparison in Sweden, in the last Gov & Parliament, municipality – “Kommun & Landsting”, election 2014, A whooping 85.8% voted in Sweden, of those eligible to vote. Those allowed to vote in Sweden, are citizens from age 18. No need to go and register mayhem, we get a voting card sent home to us, and we bring an ID or Drivers licence. And of course we have majority “popular” vote and not electoral.
I also read that 11000 voters voted for a dead Gorilla in the US, called Harambe. Those 11000, could have changed the result. And In Sweden we of course have many people voting for odd choices. For example Donald Duck. Now Donald Duck is an american citizen, probably, so it is really a wasted vote. Again, Donald Duck is renamed into Kalle Anka in Swedish, so, maybe he would be eligible, with a swedish passport. Have to talk with Disney about that.
Stefan Lindblad

Stefan Lindblad – My top book recommendations for freelancers

Books are a great, not only to look at their fabulous covers, but to actually read. For a visual creative person, reading is very much part of who I am as a person and creative freelancer – illustrator, artist and graphic designer.

But what to read?

My take on this is to read a variation of books. For instance, from a creative perspective, we need not only books on accounting, and how to get a great deal with a client. We also need books for inspiration. Many times I have landed great illustration work by first reading, seeing, experiencing – and then creating drawings for my own enjoyment. And placed them on my website, and then contacting both new and old clients. Especially new. The trick is to make work you love doing, your own way. And then present them. It will be your style. Your main portfolio. And the old work will be your backlog. Your experience. Sort of. So go read a variation of books.

You can read more great tips to get your freelance work feel better and inspiring, by visiting the “Blog Carnival” at Freelancermap https://www.freelancermap.com/freelancer-tips/11536-blog-carnival–book-recommendations-for-freelancers

  1. Actually a website: creativebloq.com
    Great source to start your day. It give inspirational as well as great tips for freelancing creatives like myself. On a daily basis. They also publish the creative magazines Computer Arts and Imagine FX
  2. A picture book: Business Cards, The Art of Saying Hello
    An absolute great book packed with visual inspiration. And it gives you a perfect broad view what a business card is and can be. It broadens your perspective. And make it easier to think outside the box. ISBN-13: 978-1856693868

  3. A Swedish book, you will have to find your book in your language or english on Amazon, that basically teach you the same: “Typografisk Handbok”, by Christer Hellmark.

    If you use Fonts, Type fonts in your design, you really must learn the craft. Dont dabble and hope for the best too long. We all work on the fly. But to deliver great results and give your clients something they are willing to pay for – big corporate clients especially, or if you get a freelance on-site temporary work.
  4. Bring It Home with CorelDRAW, by Roger Wambolt“. First, dont get stuck on it mentioning a Graphic Software program. If you do, that’s the first mistake you do. So, okay, you’re a user of software from Corel like myself, or Adobe, Autodesk or user of free open source programs, doesn’t matter. This book is great for anyone who work In-House or freelance. You need to get quick help and reference, and learn how to accomplish graphic design work. Great book, by a great guy I have the privilege to have met and know personally.
  5. And of course, “How to be an Illustrator, by Darrel Rees”. It give you an idea on how it is to work as an illustrator in a broader view. It share real life stories to learn from. Great book. And it is beautifully made as well

This blog article was made after being asked by Freelancermap in Germany, to participating in the initiative from said freelancermap.com: A blog carnival, packed with book tips for freelancers. You really can´t say no to that, can you!

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist & graphic designer

Pen and Touch pressure problems

If you´r an artist and illustrator like myself, who works digitally, then your probably familiar with off and on experiencing oddities in your favorite digital program, those crazy things we just don´t understand.

Meaning, “why does it have to be so hard!”
One of those things, is a pressure sensitive thing when working with a Wacom Pen tablet or any other digital pen tablet brand. 99% of the time it works great. No issue at all, but other times that last 1%, is often what bugs me the most.


I work with several illustration and graphic design software, for instance CorelDRAW, Corel Photo-Paint and Corel PAINTER. I love them all. I use them all the time, and have done since the stone age.

Drawing with Wacom pen tablet, any simple brush stroke can sometimes make the brush, Paint tool nib looking and feeling as if it stumble on something, while painting and drawing. You´r about to draw and paint a round outline. But for some reason it stumble on something at the start of the outline, and creates a straight line. Making the round outline to have a straight line, followed by the round outline you were drawing and painting. Or when you have a Wacom pen making it unnecessarily annoying to simply press a toolbar tool icon to open an additional tool in a fly out.

Sounds odd? I know. But if you have experienced it, you know what I am talking about.

For example in Corel Photo-Paint, sometimes, and especially if Windows operating system have made a setting to got lost, or if I have had to reinstall my program, this can happen. Settings are lost and it bugs big time.

Example, see screen picture above: Create a New Image. Select Paint Tool and the Quick doodler brush. A classic paint tool and nib to use if you intend to make an ink drawing style drawing. From scratch or inking digitally a pencil drawing for a comic illustration. Draw a circle. I am not surprised if you off and on, get the same odd straight line result as you can see in the above screen picture. See the red mark I made. Now if you experienced this, how to solve it?

What you should try to do, is to look for “Pen and Touch” and “Press and Hold Settings” in Windows. Look at the image posted. You can find these settings for Pen Touch and pressure in Windows here: Go to Control Panel /Hardware and Devices /Pen and Touch (look for a Pen symbol, not the Wacom pen though) / Pen and Touch (Settings for Touch and flicks) / and edit the “click and hold timing” in the Pen options as seen in the screen pictures below. Double click the selected “Press and hold & Right-Click” as seen in the picture below. This open the second dialog, as seen in the picture below “Press and Hold Settings”. Where it says: “Speed” the slider is by default placed on the third mark seen from the right, on the slider “ruler”. Drag the slider all the way to “Long”. Or make the adjustments you seem to fit, to hopefully resolve the issue.


Hope this helps you, as it have helped me.

I know, it’s very annoying, you install a program, and then you still have to go to the Windows operating system settings. But that’s how it is sometimes. Windows can make things more hard than needed. Reason for this Windows Settings is that the initial lag when painting probably is caused by a pause in Windows, to see if you want a “press and hold = right-click” or if you are clicking and moving. And things like that. It bugs me every time. Not only do we have to create art, we need to be computer geeks as well to figure these things up. Fortunately though, great community forums such as www.community.coreldraw.com exists (Official CorelDRAW forum). And there often is some guy or girl in the world who have figured it out. Or some great Corel employee chipping in at the Official CorelDRAW forum.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist and graphic designer
(CorelDRAW Master)



Time and life travels fast 

Drawing and photo Copyright Stefan Lindblad. Having coffee, cookie and drawing at a coffee shop

Have a coffee while pondering this.

Feel 65 millions or 2000 years was long ago? A day have 24 hours. A week 7 days. A month 30 days and a year 365 days. When you past age 25, you usealy feel how time fly away. Count those numbers again. Ponder them. Now ask yourself if 2000 years ago or 65 million years ago is so long ago. Life travels in relative speed on an imaginable pace.

Now enjoy your coffee, Art and life. Enjoy life. It’s precious.

Stefan Lindblad 

Illustrator and graphic designer 


The Real Planet of the Apes (Documentary)

The Real Planet of the Apes, it says. It is a rather interesting story about apes part of a science lab in Liberia, and the people who run it through two civil wars – and the land, the Island the apes were somewhat rescued to. When the money funding the lab ended.

Motherboard an online magazine originally started by magazine VICE, have made this 15 minute long documentary.

View video review and learn how to make a coloring book with Stefan Lindblad, CorelDRAW Master

Hi guys,

I just like to take the opportunity to post two videos, and they are both related very strongly, with CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT and Corel PAINTER. One is a review that came out yesterday on various channels on the internet.

Reason i like to post it, is because both these videos are related. It is my book, and my illustrations, yes. One Video is the video Webinar on How to create a Coloring Book, or just about any type of illustration, comic book really.

These videos basically show you how my final book looks like. and the other video how i created it.
If you happen to like my book, and is interested to let say buy the book, you can do so on AMAZON. Simply go here: Buy Stockholm Urban Mix, Colouring Book for Adults, by Stefan Lindblad, on Amazon

And here below, is the slightly over one hour-long video webinar I made for Corel, on how to create a Coloring book using these three computer programs, together with my pen and marker pen drawings from my sketchbooks on paper.

This show very well actually how to accomplish something like this. And if you take the time to actually view both videos, you will have learned tons.

So, its really up to you 🙂

Enjoy the learning journey in how to create a comic book or a coloring book.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, cover artist, graphic designer
Official appointed CorelDRAW Master

My colouring book Stockholm Urban Mix, got a review, by Jennifer Rose Shaffer

Hello people, my colouring book Stockholm Urban Mix, got a review, by Jennifer Rose Shaffer, who runs one of the major Facebook groups for Coloring group lovers in America.

I am very glad for this review. Hope you like it too!

With videos becoming ever so more popular reviewing books, and coloring books as well, I am very pleased to see this video coming alive. I have to say I feel very happy and pleased with this very kind review Jennifer Rose Shaffer have done about my self published/Indie published Coloring Book For Adults: Stockholm Urban Mix. I feel very much for this book.

You can read the dedication and description on Amazon, and in the book itself of course, in which I explain the history behind the book. Click link here: Stockholm Urban Mix on Amazon


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic Designer