Brexit: French Ligue 1 could suddenly be a bigger league than EPL…

Brexit: Seems those english will leave us. They will survive. I had voted to remain if I could. Now 5:54 in the morning it say 52% leave. So how will that affect the English Premier league. Will they allow so many foreign players. Maybe they all take the train and he’d for france.

Ligue 1 could suddenly be a bigger league than EPL…

And Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is heading for England, will he get thrown out. Or stopped at the border.

Maybe EPL goes back to Kick and run type of football. Decisions, decisions.

Honestly I had voted remain. And all jokes aside. This could ignite a domino effect. And with more risk for more right wings calling the agenda, what are we heading back to then? Let’s hope all of this goes well. Who believed we would get concentration camps in a european war, after WWII. And then came the Balcan war. Don’t claim a war will erupt in Europe. But EU started as a peace project after the said WWII. The possible Brexit could have been avoided even with this election, if the EU politicians in all EU countries had been more listening in to what their decisions could affect. And set alive. We have all seen how divided EU is between the main part of old western and old eastern Europe. What will the Scots do now. Leave the UK and apply for EU membership? Actually not an impossible thought.

Ps. I met a Serbian guy working here in Sweden. He told me it was very little needed to start a war in the Balcans again. Tention in Bosnia, and Albanians in the area of Serbia, kicking out Serbs. Who outside the Balcans talk about that today.

This can all come out very wrong. Sometimes it takes generations. Sometimes it goes scarily fast.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator artist and graphic designer

Travel to Sweden and Color your memories

Stockholm Urban Mix is a colouring book for Adults. And all about Stockholm, capital of SWEDEN.

If you visited Stockholm previously, or on your way to do that, on your vacation or through work, a different and nice memory could be the new coloring book. All drawings are images made in Stockholm.

Stockholm Urban Mix on the table
Stockholm Urban Mix on the table

Stockholm Urban Mix theme and concept focused on making a book with many different subjects. To show the life in the town. Instead of only famous attractions. Instead, those attractions that are in the book, are made with a locals perspective and viewpoint. Book Available at Amazon



My hope is that anyone who color the drawings,  will enjoy it as much as I did who drew them.


Book Available at Amazon

For more information about the Coloring book for grown-Ups, Stockholm urban Mix, here are a selection of links to my website and Amazon.

Amazon Author Page

My website.

Pictures of my book cover, info and a image map, with selection of drawings included in the book.

Amazon, buy the book

My blog, text on the release day, June 1, 2016

And Instagram



Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator drawing and creating the book.

Coloring books for adults, canvas illustration press imprint, Createspace, Amazon. Stockholm Urban Mix, illustrations by Stefan Lindblad

Discover Colouring Stockholm Urban Mix, the New Book


Just came out with the new colouring book for adults, grownups: “Stockholm Urban mix: An Adventure with Inks to Colour“, with drawings, illustrations by Stefan Lindblad. 116 pages.

Now available at Amazon, under the Imprint “Canvas Illustration Press”. Indie Published by illustrator, artist Stefan Lindblad.

Discover Colouring Stockholm Urban Mix, the New Book on the block.

A coloring book for adults, with drawings of places in and around the beautiful city of Stockholm



Stefan Lindblad
illustrator, graphic designer & artist
Stockholm, Sweden


Swedish national day today – who cares.

Outdoor with a coffee from my thermos, drawing in my sketchbook
Outdoor with a coffee from my thermos, drawing in my sketchbook

Swedish national day today – who cares. After all, we just got the day, basically, in 1983.

So what’s to celebrate really. After all, we have had over 1000 years to come up with the day, so why now? Everyone invented a reason that sounded flashy enough as a reason to have a day. It´s been debated the reason, and it is still debated. Was it the King Gustav Vasa? Or was it the Kalmar Union? – who cares! But I guess it was decided to have a national day instead of a Swedish flag day, with the king standing on a stage at Skansen, Djurgården, giving flags on a pole, to various groups. Like the Scouts.

And why. Sweden was recognised by Roman emperor Tacitus year 98. And mentioned a 1000 years ago as “Swēorice”, in the Beowulf story.  The tribe of people we today spell “Svear”.

Is this a reason to celebrate our national day? – Most probably not!

Most Swedes today, would still claim the true national day to be “Midsommar(Midsummer in english). A day when everyone dreams of blue sky, sun and dreamlike stories and flower crowns on their heads – but everyone knows it’s probably going to rain and be cold like shit that day, and not shine and be warm. At least not in the Capital. So better dancing like frogs waving your hands, while singing around a flower dressed tall pole, with round rings on the top sides. (Maypole)

One could also be gloomy about the thing, and say a national day is a reason why people go to war. And Sweden sure have fought many wars, gruesome wars, despite popular belief.

But I wont. I like my country. It´s a nice country to live in after all.

Well, better to have a day than no day.

Ps. Bella, she just like to eat green grass, regardless of day. Have a great national day!


Stefan Lindblad
Just a regular swede.
Oh, and an illustrator, artist and graphic designer by profession

My new Coloring Book for Adults – Stockholm Urban Mix

Coloring books for adults, canvas illustration press imprint, Createspace, Amazon. Stockholm Urban Mix, illustrations by Stefan Lindblad. Book was drawn on paper, and redrawn and sometimes drawn directly using Wacom pen tablet and Corel Painter. Book with multiple pages, 116 pages and 58 drawings, was put together, layout and design, using CorelDRAW X8
The indie published book´s drawings, illustrations, inks & design by Stefan Lindblad.

My new Coloring Book for Adults – Stockholm Urban Mix, is finally out there! Its entire name, with Subtitle, is “Stockholm Urban Mix: An Urban Adventure with Inks to Colour”.

It was published today, and instantly available on and Amazon EU and the UK. I am so happy and very proud of this book. I spent over two and a half months working with this book. Making drawings, illustrations of my hometown Stockholm, Sweden. Bicycling making research on site around town. Very early mornings to late evenings. Lot´s of coffee when taking a pause, and going through each days adventure.

If you like to buy the book?

The name of the book is “Stockholm Urban Mix: An Urban Adventure with Inks to Colour“. You can buy the book at amazon in north america, the site and europe. See below links., Buy “Stockholm Urban Mix”


I Publish the Colouring book under my own Imprint “Canvas Illustration Press”. Indie Publishing in its best sense!

I started to think about creating a colouring book for adults, grown ups, five years ago. In december 2015 my girlfriend Mia and I went late afternoon to “Fotografiska Museet”, the Photographic Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. Situated at the harbor with a view towards the Old Town. After a great evening watching photos, we stopped like we always do at museums and looked at books, flipping the pages and sometimes buying something. And there I saw a colouring book. Like it was telling me something, reminding me. I told Mia it was about time I took time to make that colouring book I had been dreaming and talking about for the past five years.

And two and half months ago, it was that time. I dedicated the time needed and worked very focused everyday to make it a dream come true. Many cups of coffee at coffee shops, cafés around Stockholm city and suburbia. And one or two cinnamon buns. Many pencils, markers and pens hard at work in my sketchbooks. Eventually, because everything have to be digitized either scanned or redrawn when being printed, I really have to say thanks to my favorite graphics program CorelDRAW for the design and layout and creating print ready PDF files. And using Corel PAINTER to redraw my sketches. Sometimes draw from scratch in Painter. Sometimes using Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Especially when I had to convert hundreds of RGB drawings made with Corel PAINTER to Greyscale color mode – using Batch Process. And my Wacom pen tablet.

I know, I know, it is starting to sound like an Oscars Award speech… but it really is appropriate somehow. The various tools are my best “friends”.

View a thumbnail map of some of the 58 illustrations in this book:

Being an illustrator and graphic designer I often don´t get time to make my own projects. Due to work for various clients take time. These two and half months with my colouring book project was well worth the focus it got, it was a pleasure from early mornings to late nights. And then my eyes got rest. And my hands. It was both inspiring and rewarding. Much easier to dig back into client work afterwards. Almost like having a vacation.

If you like to Test to colouring a page.

You can read more about my own Indie publishing, and imprint book projects. And Download a free page sample of a drawing to test colouring. Just click the link to my portfolio website

For you who buy the colouring book, like I wrote inside the book: ” I hope you enjoy colouring the drawings, as much as I had drawing them”.

Thank you!


Stefan lindblad
Illustration, graphic design

My brand NEW Colouring book for adults: Stockholm Urban Mix

Now official! My brand NEW Colouring book for adults, now soon available on Amazon: Stockholm Urban Mix

Probably within this week. Title of the book is: ” Stockholm Urban Mix “. Here a sneak peek of the front cover. It will be available to buy in all Amazon markets, be it US, UK, EU and so on.

EDIT: My Book, Stockholm Urban Mix, is now available at Amazon/Createspace, my e-store. Click here

Follow walking through the city of Stockholm. Sweden. Sit at the café, coffee shops. View the water side, the bridges, and one or two, or three dogs also living in the town. Sit and read, and sip coffee and color the drawings, and relax. Discover the town of Stockholm.
So keep your eyes out! This version has 58 black and white drawings, which makes a 116 pages long book.
I am publishing this book with Createspace/Amazon. Using my own brand new Imprint: “Canvas Illustration Press”.
Coloring books for adults, canvas illustration press imprint, Createspace, Amazon. Stockholm Urban Mix, illustrations by Stefan Lindblad
Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator and graphic Designer

Francesca Michielin – a new discovery, to me

Three year old song, that still feels fresh – and a perfect track to work to: “Francesca Michielin – Distratto”, from 2012. I sit and draw drawings, illustrations for my coming book project with my illustrations, using Corel Painter and my wacom. Wearing my headphones, despite being at my home office alone, only with our dog next to me in the house.

Great music with the Italian artist, pop singer, Francesca Michielin, who sang this weekend at the Eurovision song contest in Stockholm Globe Arena. The same night Justin Timberlake performed brilliantly at the show as well. Her song at the Eurovision was “Nessun grado di separazione”, 2016.

Francesca, she have already had a career for several years, despite her young age. None of her songs seemes to have been aired on Swedish radio channels, a disgrace really. Probably because she sings in italian, mostly. Also odd, because we are not afraid of listening to italian pop stars. Sad, because it is really good. Thanks to me watching the Eurovision, I suddenly got another great pop musician, singer to listen to while I work with my illustrations and designs.

Take a moment, and discover her music. It is well worth the time. I am still amazed that so few talked about her as a favorite in the Eurovision. I mean, here you have a very competent singer, artist, and she is bypassed by Russia and Ukraine? Mad.

Well,  that´s Eurovison – the upside down world.

Thank you for the music.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist and graphic designer

Ps. Of course, three is a good number, so here a third tune, and really wonderful one: “25 Febbraio”. Enjoy.


Music while working with my drawings

Drawing by yours truly, Stefan Lindblad, made for a speed paiinging video. View the drawing, illustration coming to live here 


I´m an artist, illustrator and deasigner. Nothing new. And I often, but not always, listen to music while drawing. After Mia and my walk with our wonderful dog Bella this morning, I sit an draw now, for a few hours. With drawings for my coming book with drawings. And why would it be wrong with Ed Sheeran “Thinking out load” in the bakground. Not at all actually.

Singer, artist Sam Smith is a new discovery to me, at least to actually get a name behind the song. I know I have heard his music, but never cought his name. Her in his brilliant “I´m not alone”. What a great song. I am a romantic softy, admit. So hearing this wonderful tune, I just come to think about my love, the woman in my life, Mia. A song that instantly cought my emotions. I heard that great song, in the great James Bond movie Spectre, a song I didn´tn catch who had written. Of course I was going to say, it is the said Sam Smith.

This morning the wonderful singer songwriter Eva Dahlgren, who have written so many Swedish classics, most swedes have heard at least one time in their lifes, said on the TV morning show, that when she writes, compose music and lyrics, she compose in pictures first. Interesting comment.

Just goes to show, that images and music are so closely connected. I listen to music, and see pictures, stories, words – inspiration comes from many places. Just like life is.

Talking james Bond – Adele, is one of those great singer songwriters, artists that keeps on giving. So many others I easily could sit and name drop the whole day. But, it´s time to draw those drawings.

But before that, here, enjoy, Sam Smith´s Bond tune “Writings on the wall” and the ever cool and almost out-wordly James Bond tune “Skyfall” by and with Adele. A tune that is so “James Bond”. Brilliant! Skyfall soundtrack is a soundtrack I keep on coming back to, to listen to while I work. Some of the music came back with “Spectre”.

Have a great inspirational day, wherever you are.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer & artist


Drawing: it´s all about the angles

Life as an artist, illustrator, often circulate around angles.

A few top favorite DRAWING angles/Rotations, in both Corel PAINTER 2016, and Corel PHOTO-PAINT: 45, 90, 270 and 250 is a great angle, when drawing and using my Wacom Intuos. It is all about the angles, folks. All about the angles.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, graphic design & art

The Phantom, the Hero, My Hero


When I was a kid I read a lot of comics. I can still be seen browsing a page or two. I get a lot of artistic inspiration from comic artists in my own work as an illustrator and designer. And The Phantom comic super hero, was probably my most read Superhero, for many years.

Lee Falk and Ray Moore, had a huge impact in that sense, on me as a kid. But I admit, Lee Falk’s name is more top of my mind,  when thinking about The Phantom comics.  The illustrators where not, and still isn’t,  just a few. Plenty illustrators have drawn Phantom comics. And in a way that probably taught me as a young kid, that art and illustration, drawing and painting style, vary a lot. I quickly got my favorites, and one that I simply didn’t fancy as much as the others. When one illustrator especially draw the week’s issue of the comic book, I read and bought it, but I didn’t enjoy his style of drawing as much. And it made it a less fun week. I quickly got my favorites.

In the year 2016, The Phantom is now 80 years in the making.  He came to life as a comic book hero, in 1936. Written by Lee Falk. And drawn by Ray Moore. In 1939 he was first published in colour. And the Phantom ‘s suite was coloured Lilac – but not in Sweden. In Sweden he was either black and white in the interior panels, and his suite Blue in colour, on the covers.

Obviously I was a member of The Phantoms club. I still have the good and the bad Rings. The bad with the Skull sign. And the good with four “P” in a round clockwise design. I was never comfortable though with the good ring sign, even as a kid, because it too much resembled a certain symbol a certain dictator used in Germany during the second world war. I was so aware actually already as a kid aged 7. After all not so strange, due to all war action movies shown all the time back then.

Stefan-Lindblad-The Rings_The Phantom Comic, Swedish Fantomenklubben rings

I saw that I had a note in the box with the phantom rings, saying in my own writing as a 13-year-old, I placed the rings in the box when I was 13. Funny how alway did that when I was a kid. Making notes for history and the future.

The Phantom made his debut to Sweden in 1940, in a weekly magazine called Vecko Revyn. That magazine changed totally in the 70’s and became a now known girls weekly fashion magazine. In the early 80’s it was just for girls, and still is. Vecko Revyn is often criticised for anorexia effects on young women, due to their constant fixation on diet, being skinny and young women’s fashion.

Back to the Phantom.
I could mention many comics I read, and which influenced me as a kid especially. Many of those comic books were Belgian and French. A others were american. The Phantom was undoubtedly one of the most read.

But always interesting that The Phantom apparently never been such a big thing in America,  compared to its huge success in Sweden, Norway and Australia.

According to the editor in the Swedish Phantom edition, he’s live and kicking. And a has a very strong position still. But not in America.

I kind of understood as a young kid and teenager, that the american comic The Phantom was different, in that many illustrators who drew The Phantom, had other nationalities. Not necessarily americans.

1996 the movie The Phantom was released. I watched it. Cool, it became a movie. But that was that. I couldn’t fully accept that he was Purple, to me he had always been blue. And, it wasn’t such a great movie made either. Maybe it had been much better with another team behind the production. Another director. Making it more like the last three Batman movies, had probably made it more interesting.

Happy birthday Phantom! Or like you are called here in Sweden: Fantomen!

PS.  1942, when in the daily newspaper, he was first called Drago! Haha what a name!

Happy that name was short-lived. No offense to Drago, but it would be like if he had been called Stefan. Just doesn’t cut it.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator artist and graphic designer

New video tutorial – image editing directly inside CorelDARW X8

Image editing a photo directly inside CorelDRAW. No need to use Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Gimp, or that other program called Photoshop. Do it all inside CorelDRAW!

“CorelDRAW photo image adjustments, using Tone curve and desaturate directly inside CorelDRAW. Altering, make changes to a photo. Change colors and depth to a photo using CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. Tutorial with CorelDRAW Master Stefan Lindblad.”

View more of my illustration & design work at my website

Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, design


The ordeal setting up a Sellers Account with Amazon

I recently found out that Amazon finally accept Sweden as a country to transfer money too. Making it possible to create a Sellers Account. 

Basically the reason for me to open a Sellers Account, is to be able to sell a self-published book, and print it with Amazon’s Createspace.  I have two current self publishing projects at hand. Amazon opens up the possibility to sell your own self published books. And work with projects of your own, as an illustrator – and writer. You can be very successful or just do it for the share fun.

But what is troublesome, is the close to monumental ordeal of creating a store and start to sell – and set up your Bank info and get payed. It really shouldn’t have to be so time consuming. I feel drained after two days trying. Mad.

It may at first seem easy and quick to set it all up. Then you start, and you see it take some time. Lots of time.

At this stage, it seems, demand I register with Payoneer to get my possible future royalties. If anything is sold that is. Maybe I don’t need Payoneer, but I don’t know. The Amazon seller support, well they didn’t help me much over the weekend, part from deleting a seller account I first set up at Maybe I shouldn’t have deleted that first seller account. Maybe I didn’t need it. I have no clue. No clear information tell me the Pro and Con. I still feel confused.

When I came to Payoneer after a ton of repetitive steps,  Payoneer won’t accept my exact street a dress.  So what to do. Call support. And hope for the best. I just experienced help from seemingly young adults at Amazon Seller account support who try their best,  but they of course follow a script.  And when they helped me, well I suspect they get paid by how many support cases they solve, and not how much support and advice they offer.

Sigh, I will continue tomorrow.

Stefan Lindblad

Cultural appropriation is a sort of fascism

The US ‘cultural appropriation’ going on among the younger generations of today, is madness, a sickness, and pure crap in its purest form. The younger crowd of today have gone nuts.

We fight for people’s rights and democracy. We fight for freedom to think freely and be free people. We fight for the right to interact and see each other as equals. And then these extremists comes along. Just like religious or political fanatics.

We have our “white” fascists morons in Europe and Sweden, and in the US, they have this stupid ‘cultural appropriation’ thing going on. In Sweden the fascist political Party “Sweden democrats – SD” – what an ironic name they´ve chosen, is like a slap in the face. SD writes in their political party principal program, they take the right to decide who and what, is pure Swedish. And if someone, generations back, hundreds of years back, have shown any sort of un-swedish behavior, they, SD, take the right to decide if they are Swedish or not. And if they should be allowed to be 100% swedish citizens – generations back, mind you. MAD!

I fear the american ‘cultural appropriation’ is going to come over to Sweden as well. Wait, is that allowed?

Really, the video attached in the article says it all. Something for us all to learn from. To see how it all starts to go very wrong. This american ‘cultural appropriation’ is totally Bollocks. This woman in the video tells the guy he can’t have dreadlocks, which she consider as “black culture” only black/afro-americans are allowed to use. Mad. In what way is she any better than Sweden Democrats? None.

Talk about extremists

If we as human beings are forbidden from being inspired by other cultures, and wearing cloths and haircuts and making art, eat etcetera what others claim to be of their culture, we are talking about fascism. We are talking about building walls. It is about building fences and borders no one are allowed to cross. Unless the person or person´s on the other side of the border, give their “godlike” permission.


There is no culture that has not been inspired or influenced by another culture. That simply doesn’t exist. We do that every single day. It is in the human DNA to do.  You just have to start tracing the tracks, and you will see it.

Did Picasso and the other european artists in the 1900´s do wrong, when they painted oil paintings, and were inspired by african art in form of mask´s? What shall we do? Does the afro-american woman decide over what is right or wrong. And will she destroy the art, paintings at museums and private collections made by Picasso and other artists, for violating african culture, in the name of ‘cultural appropriation’.

Havent we had enough of all these extremists in our shared world!

So now what, have I done something wrong when I make art, illustration and designs, that in the slightest might have been influenced by american culture? But then, what is american culture. What is Swedish culture. Just go to old town, Gamla Stan, in Stockholm Sweden. And look at the several hundreds of years buildings standing there. They are architecturally and culturally influenced by german, french, italian, spanish and what have you.

Will the afro-american woman forbidd me from eating Chinese – because I dont look Chinese? Am I allowed to cook asian inspired food – at my own house?

Wars around our world, have through history, been started so often by stupid thinking just like the mad ‘cultural appropriation’.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist, designer
Stockholm, Sweden, Europe. Planet Tellus – also called “Earth”.

Introducing DARK interface in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 – it´s Brand new!

Hello people, I hope and guess you´r as excited as I am with the brand New DARK interface in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8! I just love it. I have been beta testing the graphics X8 for quite some time now. And I have got quite accustomed to it by now. I will probably continue with the bright interface for CorelDRAW – I feel its better for vectors and layout and graphic design – and go totally DARK using Corel PHOTO-PAINT X8. But let´s not wait, watch my FREE quick and short video presentation, of the brand new release of CorelDRAW graphics Suite X8. You can also Download the Free trial version here:


Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, graphic design
Official CorelDRAW Master