In an INSANE world of Sports

In an INSANE world of Sports stars, Raheem Sterling ask for at least £150 000 per week – to play football. And rumoured to have decline signing for Liverpool as he was only offered £100 000 per week. Raheem is 20 years old. Hardly score any goals despite being a striker. Rumours has it, today, that Pogba, who play for Juventus, wont join PSG unless he get the same salery as Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Pogba is 22. And Swedish starlet footballer John Guidetti, as great as he is, is also just 22 is rumoured to ask for millions only to sign a contract. So called signing bonus. Weather all this is true or not, the amount of money talked about are useally in the so called world of sports, not so far from the truth.

To give some comparison, and perspectives to Zlatan to both these two youngsters who just became adults, grown ups, asking for the amount of money really big stars earn. Look at YOUR career and compare that with Ibrahimovic, year after year. Compare the type of goals and assisting passes and magic on a weekly basis Zlatan have made since he was 20 and was to join Ajax. Zlatan is soon 34. The world of sports and the complete lack of self awareness of the young players of today, and all older as well for that matter, is mindblowing to say the least. In an insane world of sports where no one really is worth these sums of money, in an insane world of money called sports, Zlatan Ibrahimovic have accomplished something for more than a decade.

In this twisted world he therefore is worth it. Now, all these rumours may just be rumours cooked up sports journalists, and this may so be, but the sums of money talked about are still a reality.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist and cover graphic artist

Jack Stone Savile & Lockley book, video & art Stefan Lindblad

Last summer I made a book cover, with my illustration and design. Book is Jack Stone, a thriller, by writer´s Steven Savile and Steve Lockley. It was great fun to make the cover art and design for these two guys. Almost a year later I thought it about time to make a video commercial. For the fun of it mostly, to play around with my program Corel VideoStudio X7. I originally made the drawing and painting and design in CorelDRAW X7 and Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7. Courtesy for the music and sounds available in Corel VideoStudio. Enjoy reading the book and watching the video! Its a great thriller, and I loved making the image and design.



Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic design artist
CorelDRAW Master

Impressions & discoveries from the Comic Festival “Seriefestivalen”, SPX Stockholm, Sweden 2015

The Stockholm International Comics Festival , the Small Press Expo, is organized by Serieteket at House of Cutlure “Kulturhuset” City Theatre (Stadsteatern), Stockholm. It was about time I dragged my legs in that direction. This year it was extra fun, now when Irma Eriksson, who I know and have interviewed, (click to read the interview) was participating as an exhibitor. Irma Eriksson is the creator of two comics, including the excellent Imy The Comic .

I took the bike and bicycled through a sunny and cheerful Stockholm. Filled with happy tourists and locals. At Sergel Square (Sergels Torg) as is tradition, had a demonstration going on. Outside Burger King, where I admit that I ate two quick burgers for 10 SEK each, stood a man and woman who certainly once have dreamed of a life in the fast lane. With a dream of glitz, glam and neon lights, and probably once whanted a bit like that sufficiently dangerous addition to it, so they felt that they lived an exciting life. But today they are sadly so under the ice in drugs and just trying to survive each day. And dreaming perhaps of a better life. All while families with children and participants of the demonstration are eating burgers and fries and soda, and the children crying because they want an ice cream and balloons. While others buy clothes in the large chain stores. And buying books on culture, going to a matinee theater and playing chess in the cultural house premises.

After having my two burgers, walking over Sergel square (Sergelstorg), “Plattan” as its called by local Stockholmers, pass demonstration, passing the actress who played Pippi Longstocking in the original films and through the entrance, I am struck by how everything suddenly changed. It all becomes pop-culturally. There stands an older man, 60 years of age with a cape around his neck as if he were a superhero in costume trousers and polo shirt, and it feels completely natural. While a young woman with black platform shoes and a big and tall hairstyle with a small dangling skeleton of perhaps 10 cm above the forehead, selling her own comic books. And the outside world suddenly seems so far away, so distant and to have vanished. As fast as in a gust of wind when the front entrance door is closed.

Once inside the comics festival, like a mini-mini comic con version, I am struck as I walk past one exhibitor table after the other, how good the and talented many of the cartoonist, comic artists particpating are. It’s been a while since I visited the Small Press Expo, Comic Festival. And probably there were good comic artists and cartoonist even then. However, I am struck by a feeling if not this year is a little extra good quality. Where the highest level is simply at a little higher level. I could be completely wrong. But it is the experience I get.

I am a professional artist, illustrator, designer and enjoy to walk around and see what colleagues have done, hobbyist and professionals. And what is going on in the world of swedish comics. Both those who like myself has it as a full time profession, and those who might just have started out. It is inspiring. And the vast majority are talking to me. They say hi. They are communicative. And there were some quick, spontaneous and interesting meetings. I even get a nice quick meeting with the Swedish association for illustrators & Designers big chief Jenny Lindahl Persson, Executive Director. She remembers my name. You could almost believe that she is American. For those who do not know, Americans are incredibly good at remembering names! Personally, I’m too bad at names, but faces – that’s my thing.

Lisa Harald & Viktor Engholm
Two of the first I get the opportunity to talk a little with about comics, publishers and easy to read literature, and see their own works are Lisa Harald and Viktor Engholm. Two really nice people to talk with. Lisa Harald shows a book, an anthology she is included in. A book about female love and her own comic – and has a really neat business card, with a exquisite cartoon images. Victor shows including his own series of comic books published by the Argasso publishing House . And since I have illustrated several easy to read literature for children and young people, it is natural that I got caught by his comic book. And we exchange ideas and tips on creating them.

Lisa Harald website>
Viktor Engholm website>

Laura Lohikoski, Johan Jonsson Lars Johansson were three comic creators I also met at the comic festival, who shared a table. They were easy and pleasant to talk comics with – and talking vegan chocolate cake which Laura had recipes & baking tips on. Lars J’S “Overman”, Laura L.’s “The nerd thats me”, and Johan J’s fantasy, the Viking series “Jon”. After a number of tables I passed, I am struck by all fanzine´s available. As it should on a comic festival. But I am strucked also by how many who could push up more real books. Instead of color inkjet copies. Printing books at Swedish printing companies, and in the very small, tiny, quantities self publishing comic creator does, will be terrible expensive. But there are cheaper alternatives. And many, such as a Laura Lohikoskis comics, to take just one example, should get their own printed book. Even Swedish publishing houses often print their books abroad, in countries around the borders of Sweden, such as Poland and the Baltics. And then we have the Swedish publishing houses horror Amazon with its “CreateSpace” , which is perfect for “Self Publishing”. POD, Print on demand as it is also called. But then again, after all, everyone has a budget to stay within. Nothing’s for free just because it is cheaper elsewhere. But there are alternatives. There are even swedish POD´s.

Laura Lohikoski website>
Johan Jönsson Website>
Lars Johansson Website>

Very close their table is now my friend and comic-illustrator colleague Irma Eriksson from New Jersay, USA, now living in Stockholm. She has very nice looking and quality printed books and posters, in smaller quantities. A presentable table and easy for visitors to stop by and see her works “Imy The Comic”. Walking around at a trade show with many people and many impressions, easily takes on ones strength. It’s nice to just be able to land and chat a while. Irma confirms that she will soon go to London to participate in the London Comic Con. If it’s not raining, and the sun is shining in London, she’ll have a great trip to London Comicon. I envy the journey and experience. One day I might have the opportunity to participate yourself at Comic Con.

Pagina is a Swedish publisher I personally always associated with the computer books. Therefore, it is especially satisfying to discover that they have published their first comic book “Theos Occult Curiosities”. Two happy chaps I thought to write, and they were just that after all. Two cheerful and people skilled cartoonists, comic artists, who together created the comic Theos Occult curiosities. When I later go on to the website I see that I am not wrong – they are happy! All photos they published show that. But, but, they are also great artists and has made what appears to be a really nice comic series to dive into. I didnt have time to going through the cimc so much at the festival (comic con), but do it for yourselves if you have the opportunity. Well drawn comics iare always fun to land in.

Theo’s website>

GASPARD publishes SISTERS, now in Sweden!
Gaspards website >

New French comics are back in Sweden – as it should be. Thank Gaspard for that.
For all of us who grew up with Belgian and French comics, the comic book series “Sisters” should be a fun and exciting acquaintance, if you’re buying comics for children and young people. It is always refreshing to read and make discoveries in the Belgian and French comic tradition. Yes, everyone wants to draw manga today or fantasy, or superheroes, but French & Belgique comics is something that, among other things influenced me immensely when I was little and as a young teenager. The style to draw and the subject matters.

Everyone out of some sort of self-respect, in my own subjective opinion, should at one point in their life read the science fiction comic Linda and Valentin, who also made a huge impact as an inspiration, to the original Star Wars movies. And the Smurfs, Asterix and Obelix, Lucky Luke, Gaston! and so on. Gaspards Sisters for children and young people can become a new exciting journey.

The deaf in history
Before I finished the visit for the day, and to ride home on my bike, and make a stop at a local café to write this blog article, I turn once again past a table. What a fun surprise. The Comic graphic novel “Book of the Deaf in history” by deaf comic artist Viktor Jäderlund have a good story to tell, that of the Deaf an their history, and is well drawn. Viktor also has a stylish business cards. I like the sleek design and stylish business cards, hence I mention this now for the second time. There is something more cartoonists at the show should look at. Many simply didnt have business cards. I myself realized the business card’s impact already as a 20 year old, when I missed a sale of an oil painting to an art collector on the train from the Stockholm international art fair. All the thousands of people leaving the art fair, heading with the train back into town, when we whent off the train on the plattform, meant that we missed each other. And thus a possible sale of one of my paintings. So give yourselves business cards people! And have them always at hand. Although you might just get ti give away a card once a year. It may be just that time you need it. Dont leave the house without it.

Viktor Jäderlund proved to be an interesting person. It was a quick meeting while more visitors wanted his attention. Thanks to Viktor had a sign language interpreter/friend with him, who made it possible for us to talk to each other. I had earlier in the day noticed one of the book’s cover and drawing style, and thanks for the interpreter’s help, i could hear his thoughts and ideas about the book, and have it explained.

Also, by flipping pages through the book I immediately learn new things about deaf and their history. A book everyone should read, even hearing people.

Viktor Jäderlund website>

A good Comics festival (comic con), the Seriefestivalen in Stockholm Sweden. Fun and inspiring meetings. Go there you too next time!


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer, artist

The Ultimate Selfie, by Stefan Lindblad

My New Vector Art Illustration: The Ultimate Selfie, by Stefan Lindblad

In a world where Selfies is the New norm. The thing that anyone with a phone and self awareness… we all do these days. Well here is the ultimate selfie, by me, Stefan Lindblad, illustrator, designer and artist. Idea, concept and art. Enjoy! Made of course with CorelDRAW.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, designer and artist

Being mobile, thinking computer power & support for backup – the life of an illustrating designing freelancer

Support is power

I´m a Laptop guy, I work mobile. But of course I also work from home. After all I am a freelancing business owner. Its just me, no other bosses. My office is where I am. So, that said, I am about to consider buying a small desktop. And basically I am thinking at this point, on the ever present question i-Cores. CPU. I know that an i3 on a desktop is faster than a i3 on a laptop. Heck, most probably an i3 on a desktop is faster than an i5 on a laptop. And i5 on a desktop is way faster than an i7 on a Laptop. So with this sort of knowledge, why am I even asking the question on what to choose, when considering a possible buy of a back up desktop, slim, at my home. Well. One thing, I need a backup to my laptop. My older laptop is – well its old and worn out. And my old desktop is much older. Not even used these days. So I mostly relay on my newest Laptop and my external moniter/computer screen connected to it, and external harddrives when working from my home office. You may see me sit and work mobile with a coffee cup at one of the local coffee shops/cafés, but I do work from home as well.

I am a Freelancing Illustrator, designer & artist, and this is what I have to have in mind when making decisions. Lift it a notch, and big and small and conglomerate corps need that as well. just so much more personally affecting you when you are a freelancer.

In the subject title to my blog article I wrote: “Being mobile, thinking computer power & support for backup – the life of an illustrating designing freelancer” says in plain text what its about.

Through the years, ever since I first started out as a freelancer in the late 90´s, I have been relaying on my self learning at least the basics of computer hardware and software, via the internet, forums and friends and freelancing collegues. I have been forced, but also wanted it, to be my own support division. The forced and want is because I like to learn and be independant, but also because support cost money. One of the big things therefore, is to choose a computer hardware product who can offer the basic and advanced support deal included into the price when buying any computer hardware. To me, all software support I easily manage myself. And what cost time in crucial deadline situations, delivering illustrations, design and art to my clients, are hardware failures and support to fix them. Thats why I choose big corps such as HP and Dell. I think that the swedish sales division at Dell have been preetty useless, but the TECH support have been brilliant. And the Tech support is what I need and want. And after having relayed on HP since the late 90´s, decided to move on to Dell two years ago when I bought my first Dell product, a Laptop, and now recently an external desktop monitor/computer screen. And the tech support helped me once again. Not the sales division, in deciding in the end. But of course, without tips and responce to my suggestions and questions from and with friends, all in all, I would be stranded.

One person working as a mid level team leading boss at a big international copr, ridiculed beta testers, as those who dont make money and not enough work. He was probably not making that remark too seriously, when I chit chatted with him and his cloes friends at his weekend Barbeque. But some probably was his view anyway. I said, I know a guy who is a retailer and support company in asia for software he sells. To him, beta testing is probably crucial as he sells knowledge and be on top of his game. So his clients keep coming back to him, again and again. If there is someone in his country in Asia who knows the ins and outs of the software, its him. And thats why he deliver the best support service. No pre-written answering manuscripts. But instead the core knowledge. Beta testing also give him the network with people from all over the world and the core people at the software company he beta test. Go to him and your company and business is saved when the shit hits the fan.

Going back to my own situation. I am here and need to decide which product to buy, and what capacity it has. I dont always need to know every nuts and bolts in a computer setup. But I need to know that I get at least the very basic so my work move on forward.

As of now, the main companies and solutions i need to illustrate, design and make art to my clients, of a wide varity, i´ve chosen Corel and their computer graphics solutions, and I have moved away from HP for now, and hope Dell will work fine. I hope that they together with Wacom pen tablets, never stop making great products and offer at the least a great basic support. I say great basic, because it has to be at least great. No one is perfect. So I can accept glitches off and on, but not always. And these three companies have shown to deliver that right now. Corel most certainly since 1997 when I started using their graphics software.

Michael Dell was claimed around 2013, to try to buy back his baby: Dell Computers. And in the article I read he was aiming to focus much on services. Whatever that services actually is and was, it is in many ways what is so important: Service = Support. Let see if that is what he delivers now.

When this fail, it all falls down.

I have worked all my life with service and communicating with people, giving service, even as an artist, designer and illustrator I do that. I dont sit in a dungeon and hide from people. And I know from years of dealing with all sorts of people and situations, from various type of work I have had through the years, that one word means so much, and the WAY you say it. One feeling, and HOW you deliver it. If  it is just talk, it will fail. You have to deliver what you say. And still so many CEO´s and various bosses seems to fail in understanding this.

Okay, a PS. Why all the i3, i5 and i7 and the speed? Well when working with images, it is very important to have power. Not so much if you are a writer. Computer power is the thing for any digital artist. There is no way to come around it. Images weighs more than plain text. Basically.

Have a fab day wherever you are.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, grapic designer & artist

Juventus is back!

Juventus are through. In a good football world they will win the Champions League. And in a small way the struggle for Zlatan to win all his trophys – and the Champions league dream, is somewhat connected with the struggle to come back in style for Juventus. If you like to read the story that way – and I am swedish just like Zlatan, so I decide to do just that for this blog article.   At the time when Zlatan left Juve for Inter – to stay in Serie A instead of playing in the Serie B, it was a Juventus that had won two Serie A titles, only to be relegated to Serie B due to the Calciopoli scandal. A Calciopoli thats been dragged in courts and media ever since. A decade long story. And since then watching this Ibra playing and winning Serie A titles with Inter Milan, Barcelona and AC Milan almost every year, just before he moved on to PSG and continue winning. It is also a struggle and come back in a way for Gianluigi Bufffon, this giant, the fabulous goal keeper.

Buffon, a player who have stayed at Juventus all this time. This great of the greats in the history of goal keepers. Alessandro Del Piero who run a cool advertizing campaign “the life of Del Piero” is no longer playing in Juve, nor is he playing at all in european football – he´s in India. But to me it is somewhat a come back for him as well. I know it may sound far fecthed. Taking the thesis too far. But to me Alessandro Del Piero is also Juventus – he is the greatest all time goal scorer for Juve after all. And for everyone who lost their titles and being relegated a decade ago, its a come back. Even if the players have moved on forward and forgot about it.

Juventus is back in european football.

What would be a wonderful match to watch – but which probably wont happen, is if Juventus reach the final of Champions league, and on the stadium seeing both Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Alessandro Del Piero, David Trezeguet and other players from back then, watching their old team play – and hopefully win.

Now I like to see Marco Verratti play for Juventus. This young fantastic player. And I wouldnt mind seeing Swedish player John Guidetti playing alongside Marco in Juventus. One can always wish.

Forza and Congratulation to Juventus!


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer, artist

Weather app on Android lock screen, the bugger

I have two smartphones. One is Samsung S4 +4G android, and the other is Nokia Lumia 920 windows phone. On my Nokia Windows phone I don’t have that bugger weather app that is stuck in twilight zone , locked in time and space on the Lock Screen. Who designed this madness. Anyway, I am surely and definitely not the only one irritated over that weather widget app. Mine have been showing +2 C and rain – for months everyday.

There are ways that seems to work off and on for various users. I’ve tried many of them. I hope the the oneI made yesterday will have done the trick. I say hope because the widget app seem to haunt and com back, having tried other things before. My problem with the Samsung weather widget on the lockscreen started when I stupidly updated to Lollipop 5.1. I should have stayed with Kit kat.

What I hope solved it this time, fingers crossed, is that the weather app from yahoo I used on my home screen, was removed. Drag and dropped in the bin. And I reapplied my AccuWeather app on the home screen again. I also have since long ago removed, disabled the monitoring setting: places. Disabled it.

So hope this works now. Unfortunately the AccuWeather app was the first app to Crack when I installed lollipop 5.1 a month or two ago. Surprisingly working now. It seams.

As of now though, one day after, the dam weather widget on the lock screen is gone. Jippi!

Now as much as I do enjoy many features and services from Google, I equally dislike some. And equally enjoy and sometimes dislike how Microsoft make theirs. I have found after using Windows phone for now three years, that what generally is bad with windows phone, is bad apps. And not windows phone OS so much.

As great as the smartphones are, I feel very limited in how I can correct bad user experience settings overall. On all smartphone devices. One really is locked in a system. And on smartphones it’s very apparant  More than on a pc and laptop. Windows 8.1 for pc feels refreshing in comparison to smartphones OS universe.

Hope better will come with windows 10 and Android in the future.

Stefan Lindblad /
illustration, design & art
Official CorelDRAW Master

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Webmail or IMAP/POP 3 email programs – use both

I have been using email since 1995. And I was jokingly called “email king” by friends who started to use emails as well back then, because I used so many different email services. It was when internet was really starting to hit off in Sweden where I live. My first email account was a Hotmail account, before Microsoft bought Hotmail. I used Yahoo email very quickly after hotmail, within weeks. And of course Netaddress email. All being Webmail. In 1996 I got my first internet service at my house, so I got my first email program, client. A POP 3 account. I believe the first email program I got was two. One from microsoft I believe and of course the classic Netscape Mail program (Todays Thunderbird looks and feel very much in line with said Netscape still, minotaur or no minotour)

I still use both webmail and IMAP/POP3 email services. I think its important to me, in my work to use both. At times I have prefered using Webmail, and sometimes desktop IMAP/POP3 email on my computer. but I have always kept both services. And to me its the IMAP I use instead of POP 3.



For my freelancing business, with emails going out and coming in, I am thankful for both services, but especially happy for speed and convinence and freedom the combination give. Had I ony used let say Gmail, then that wouldnt work for me. It is used not because I love Gmail, I dont as I prefer Yahoo Mail way of doing things. How it is set up in Yahoo is how most Free and payed for Email clients for IMAP and POP 3 work and look like. Gmail wanted to reinvent the wheel, but didnt do it the way I want it set up. It feels hindering somehow. Well everyone like it their way.

I read an article at MakeUseOf, a great site by the way, where I think the writer of the article posted in 2012, miss out on the fact that the combination of Webmail and IMAP desktop is very easy and convinient. The writer like to write off those using IMAP/POP3 as maybe old people who dont know better, simply becuase the writer suggest only webmail can be reached all over the world. And suggest that Gmail is the way to go. Like the only way to go.

The trick is to use IMAP in Email programs installed on your computer.

How Gmail for example is set up today, it will never be as fast and easy to manage and work with as let say a desktop/laptop email client with IMAP will, when writing and sending out emails, Managing your email correspondence. Where Free Gmail/Yahoo is set up to collect all information about you the user so they can sell your using information to advertizers, it is on the cost of somewhat slow use and odd way in how its set up. In comparison to any of the desktop/laptop email programs out there, with more power to you the user, instead of Google.



I have nothing against Google, they have great services, but I just think from my own perspective in running my freelance business, that using email as a tool for communication is better used in a combination of webmail and IMAP.

And of course, my webhost have webmail services I use with my IMAP. Gmail & Yahoo these days is just used for non-business emailing.

For free email program clients I personally recommend Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail 2012 (which is limited with managing service of IMAP bt allow POP 3 email rules, and respect rules once set up in Thunderbird up to version 31.6) Opera Mail, And using the IMAP instead of POP3, if you like to use it with your webhost Webmail. Where you have your website.

You can of course pay for an Email program like Microsoft Outlook as well.

Happy emaling!


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer & artist

My new tutorial: Stefan Lindblad Drawing a Sphere and stars in CorelDRAW X7

Just created and uploaded a new video tutorial for my YouTube Channel.
“Stefan Lindblad Drawing a Sphere and stars Tutorial in CorelDRAW X7 ”


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer & artist
CorelDRAW Master

Fonts can make a mess of your software

Who doesn’t love font’s. Letters that makes a word but also a designed feeling. There are tons of thousands of fonts out there and they keep coming.

Many quality fonts are shipped with various graphic Software suites, such as CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and Adibe Creative Suite, to just mention a few. You get fonts shipped with various office programs as well: mS Word, Libre Office, Open Office and WordPerfect.

And because we love fonts, type fonts, we sometimes see a font we like and install it. Happy having it, we start our programs – and bam! It choke our computer systems and we start to think what the heck happened to our graphics program or office program.

When in fact it’s the specific font that made it all stop working.

If possible and you remember which font was installed, then start by uninstalling it. And the start your fav programs again.

Most of the time this sort everything out, and everyone is happy.

So beware and why not make a not on which font you installed.

Italian pop-ballads and starting my own company, in 1997

The summer of 1997 I listened to way to much Italian pop ballads. Especially as so many italian restaurants and cheezy pizzerias did too unfortunately, during 1997. But I loved every second of it. I took my old bicycle from the 1940`s down to work, as the sun shined early mornings, wearing my Walkman and ear buds. I started my own freelancing company in 1997. I was delivering sandwiches by car during the days, and the nigths I worked at the theatres behind the stage as well as taking tickets.  And in between I drank loads of coffee and made drawings in my sketchbooks at cafes around town. The Stockholm Water Festival was moving towards it´s end as an event in the summer. I even took my PADI scuba diving certificate. The summer was excilirating, and with great hopes & expectations, I worked hard to save up enough money to buy my first licens of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and a desktop computer and a scanner. Eros Ramazotti halped a lot back then. Because Eros was so popular and his songs played all over the town, you basically bathed in his songs weather you liked it or not. I loved them then, and there was also the coolest French & italian Hip-Hop back then. Way cooler and rougher and slick than any of the american hip-hop artists, around the mid to end of 90´s.


Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator, artist, graphic desinger |

Comparing terms, names, tools in CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator

If you are a New user of CorelDRAW, and are used to terminologhy of names in Adobe Illustrator, here is a quick matrix comparing the names. Hope this help you in transitioning from Illustrator to CorelDRAW.

Have fun creating in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, the user friendly and professional industries tool.


Adobe Illustrator tool 

CorelDRAW tool 

Add Anchor Point tool
Shape tool . See To add or delete a node.
Area Type tool
Text tool . See To add paragraph text.
Blend tool
Blend tool . SeeTo blend objects.
Bloat tool
Envelope tool . See To apply an envelope.
Convert Anchor Point tool
Delete Anchor Point tool
Shape tool . See To add or delete a node.
Direct Selection tool
Shape tool . See To select a node.
Drop Shadow tool
Drop shadow tool . See To add a drop shadow.
Gradient tool
Interactive fill tool . See Applying fountain fills.
Line Segment tool
Polyline tool . See Drawing lines.
Live Paint Bucket tool
Live Trace command
Bitmaps Quick Trace command
Bitmaps Centerline Trace command
Bitmaps Outline Trace command. See To trace a bitmap by using the Outline Trace method.
Measure tool
Mesh tool
Mesh fill tool . See To apply a mesh to an object.
Paintbrush tool
Artistic media tool . See To draw a calligraphic line.
Brush tool . See Applying brushstrokes.
Pan tool
Path Type tool
Text tool . See To fit text to a path.
Pathfinder effects
Object Shaping commands. See Trimming objects and Welding and intersecting objects.
Pencil tool
Pucker tool
Envelope tool . See To apply an envelope.
Reflect tool
Mirror buttons. See To mirror an object.
Reshape tool
Rotate tool
Pick tool . See To rotate an object.
Rounded Rectangle tool
Save For Microsoft Office command
File Export for Office command
Scale tool
Scissors tool
Knife tool . See To split an object.
Selection tool
Pick tool . See To select objects.
Shear tool
Star tool
Star and Complex star tools. See To draw a star.
Symbol Sprayer tool
Sprayer tool . See To spray a pattern.
Twirl tool
Distort tool . See To distort an object.
Type tool
Vertical Type tool
Paragraph formatting docker. See To choose a text orientation for Asian text.
Warp tool
Smudge tool . See To smudge an object.
Wrinkle tool
Roughen tool . See To roughen an object.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer & cover artist
Appointed CorelDRAW Master by Corel Corporation.

Make up words and borrowing words

Borrowing words are not unique to Sweden. But equally funny sometimes, but also a way in how languages evolve.  In english and Anglo countries they may use Ombudsman in lack of a word in english, so it made it to the English dictionary. Same goes for Smörgåsbord,  but in english spelled Smorgasbord. Without the dots above the letters as in the original Swedish word. The term and meaning being the same.

I learned that many ordinary words used in english language for 1000 years, are Nordic Scandinavian words, brought with the Vikings.

Sweden and Swedes are no stranger to borrowing words from other languages. We have been influenced through centuries by Germany, France and Italy, and of course from England as well. So much that we invent words that might not even exist in how they are used by the English and Americans themselves.

Flipper being the name of a character in a movie, but how is it used in Sweden? Here are a few, enjoy!

After work = Having a beer after work, basically
Backslide = Slick-back
Flipper  = Pinnball
Freestyle  = walkman             
Smoking = Dinner Jacket
Playback = Lip sync
Trafficking = Human trafficking, Sex trafficking
After Ski =  Après-ski                       
Pain riche = Baguette. But then who says Pain Riche in Sweden these days. 25 years ago maybe. We say baguette these days mostly.

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Cameras on Smartphones – Nokia Lumia or Samsung?

My Nokia Lumia 920 CAMERA simply ROCKS!

When we talk cameras on Smartphones, I really have to say that although I daily use my Samsung S4 +4G and take photos with it, the Nokia Lumia 920 shines big time in comparison. One for having a physical button to take the snapshots with, which the Samsung and iphone for that matter doesnt. I just took a set of photos of my double espresso coffee cup. And although not unique for Lumia phones in taking sets of images, the stability holding the phone in my hand does. The Lumia is so much more stable to hold. And pressing the button, serioulsy is a greater joy than the Samsung and iphone. For me personally, when I bought my first smartphone, which was the Nokia Lumia 800, I choosed it, in one respect, because of the camera button. I dont have the Lumia 800 anymore, instead have the said Nokia Lumia 920 – and the Samsung S4 +4G.

Illustration & cameras

Being an illustrator, artist and graphic designer by profession, means I take reference photos quite exstensively. I use both Smartphones cameras doing this. And both cameras work fine, but again, that dam Lumia 920 rocks again. What sucks with the Lumia is not the Lumia, it is rather things like the “never” updated LinkedIn app. And that some app developer UI designers make the graphics user interface to bold, like the Twitter app or LinkedIn app. It is not the camera. It is not the Windows Phone OS, which I like.

When it comes to the camera on a smartphone, it always have to come down to the software used when taking photos, and I just love it on the Lumia. Feel much more “real” for some reason with the Nokia Lumia.


Okey, if someone only use their smartphone to Pin on Pinterest, or check and post on Facebook, whatsap, Instagram and so on, the camera might not be so important. That icon on the screen might be sufficiant for them and their use. But to me, it wobbles too much. No real stability when you have to hold with one hand and then press an icon on the screen. I sure hope the Lumia phones in the future keep having the camera button, for when I in a few years from now might need to update my phones, and buy another one. Seriously then thinking of another Lumia again.

Have a great weekend


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