A new work day and a new CorelDRAW day

Hello fellow artist, designers and CorelDraw users around the world. Hope you have a great day working today. Feeling inspired. If you had a tough week or day, how about grabbing a cup of coffee or tea and listen to some music or favorite talk radio channel. Something positive. To get you going a new day like this one. 

Clients coming into your store, give them a smile.

Go to your favorite community site like community. CorelDRAW. Com or or red the morning paper.  Maybe picking up up a crayon, pencil or brush and just draw one stroke. Just like that.

What ever you do do something nice today

Have fun today – at least for five minutes before the clients come in or you make your first phone call trying to set up an appointment with a new possible client.

Stefan Lindblad

Now I am also on Vimeo, Drawing a Helicopter

I alredy have a Youtube Channel with Videos. I will post more as we go. Today I finally registered an account on VIMEO. And when uploading the video, I found I couldnt use the same music when posting it on vimeo. So fortunately I found classic music and an airplane sound with my corel VideoStudio Pro Video editing program to use instead. So I made a quick edit and now posted it. Here my Vimeo Account link https://vimeo.com/user35447026

Stefan-Lindblad Drawing Helicopter MusicCorel 2013 from Stefan Lindblad Illustrator, art on Vimeo.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator , artist & graphic designer

Dog training – I believe in Positive Reinforcement

I am really happy to hear when friends get a new family member in form of a dog.

In Sweden for some reason Cesar Milan (& Swedish Börjesson) is the main TV dog training show. I do not like punishment dog training. Unfortunately when talking dog training and philosophy behind it, this topic can easily go way over board. I dont like to talk dog training on my blog´s too much. But I am FORE Positive Reinforcement dog training.

Positive Reinforcement means, in short, that you don´t punish your dog in any way what so ever. Instead you encourage your dog. And you learn how to “read” your dogs language, signs. There is a science behind it. Something Milan dont use. One good thing is to look at and compare Stillwell videos on Youtube with Milan videos. If Milan says “The Pack & Dominance”, I instead say “A Family member and a friend, we listen and respect”. You could also frase it: “I dont correct my dog, I reinforce my dog for good behavior”

Here you can listen to one British dog trainer, Victoria Stillwell, who used to be aired on Swedish TV, but for some reason TV-people like Confrontation and action and dramatic violent Drama. Such as Cesar Milan and Börjesson.

Victoria Stillwell is the opposite in dog training on TV, and I hope we get more of that in Sweden instead. Stillwell dont use punishment anymore. And I thank her for that.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist & graphic designer

Lucia in Sweden

Women with burning candles on their heads will sing, all dressed in white and blood red ribbons  – it’s Lucia. One of Sweden ‘ s most important holidays. And how all Nobel prize winners will be woken up: a group of them entering their room while singing. And maybe give them ginger cookies.  It all makes sense.

It’s the Lucia festivities

Stefan Lindblad

Ghostscript and CorelDRAW, Photo-Paint, included

If you are using a version of CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT prior to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5, then you might like to know that since version X5, the RIP Software Ghostscript and Ghostview are included. If you have the DVD, then simply go to the folder on the DVD and install them.

Many have used Ghostscript and Ghostview and with X5, when Corel totally rewamped and rebuilt the Color Engine, and make it 100% ICC-complient, they included Ghostscript and Ghostview

Since then, version X6 and now X7 and later versions most probably, it still remanins as a great addition to the Graphics Suite.

Ghostscript website is kind of minimalistic in it´s design, so to read more about Ghostscript, also visit the Wikipedia for more information.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist & graphic designer


Sunday philosophy topic: What is fair and what is not – Common sense rarely rule

Capitalism can be as bad as Communism, it all boils down to common sense. Now the human race often don’t use common sense at all. It’s against its nature when it comes to money in their own pocket.

This movie attached is about the Waltons family: Wal-Mart, but it can easily be applied to any capitalist or Communist power-hungry leader in any country. Political or non-political. Which equals Power and control. Just look at any Swedish international company. H&M new factories at the african horn for instance. Said to work for people fair wages, but is it really? Its of course relative..

Common sense as a company owner would be to pay people fair wages, but common sense rarely rules, and share holders are purely into the growing & stock piling making. What rules is in making as much money as possible before people say a definite: Enough is enough. In the case of Wal-MArt and it´s equivalents regarding “Enough is enough” could be to go to your local store on the street and buy from them. Supporting the local business. And buy from companies that truly and not only on paper, support manufacturing companies employees fair wages. Communism and Captalism both loves monopoly. And monopoly is very rarely Democracy and freedom.

And remember, companies and politicians don´t create jobs. When it comes to companies not creating jobs, is because companies inner soul and reason to excist, is to make money. If that means employing people, it can also mean sacking people. People in common and politicians duty is therefore to see to that people are being respected fairly at the very least.

It´s a sunday, and I felt philosphical.


Stefan Lindblad

Hockey Legend Alfredsson ends his career in Ottawa

Hockey = Alfredsson.
In Sweden and many parts of the world, the biggest Swede is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but after once visiting Ottawa, Canada in 2012, before and after that trip, Alfredsson is the bigger name. At some point it bordered God status, like at the local SecondCup coffee shop close to the hotel. After reading the Sports pages you understand a bit more how important Alfredsson was for Ottawa Senators. When I stood in the coffee-room to grab a coffee, it was the talk of Hockey that ruled, not football (Soccer).

Reading today an interview in Sweden with Ottawa Suns Bruce Garrioch, he says it´s difficult to explain how big Alfredson is in Ottawa. “He is a Legend in this town. He was the soul and heart of the team”.

Equally, I feel, like  Bruce Garrioch in the article, and a Canadian I talk to yesterday via email, all agreed it was not beautiful how he left Senators last season to play for Detroit. Poetically it would´ve been more great if he had stayed, or ended last year. 17 years with Ottawa Senators says something, and he was leathal and instrumental to the last game. Basically.

And 2012 Nov/Dec the NHL was on a strike. They watched reruns of past games on TV at the Hotel I stayed at in Ottawa.


Read Swedish interview with Ottawa Suns Bruce Garrioch http://www.svt.se/sport/ishockey/utan-tvekan-den-storsta-i-klubbens-historia


“Alfredsson has a career record of 444 goals and 713 assists for a total of 1,157 points in 1,246 NHL games. He was a sixth-round pick of the Ottawa Senators in 1994 and was as popular in the community for his off-ice work as a supporter of charities, especially connected to mental health issues.

Alfredsson tweeted Thursday afternoon: “Coming to Ottawa with the family Dec. 4. Looking forward to seeing everyone.”

End Quote

He is a big star in Sweden as well.
Thank you for the games and all you´ve ment for Swedish & Senators/NHL Hockey!


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

Christmas songs and the world rage on

It is time for Christmas holidays around the world. And despite being religious or frankly plainly not, this time of year is that time most of us long to be with someone and feel the love. Or feel that the world isn’t all that bad after all. We hope the evil will just stop. After all who really wants anything other than peace. And still there is always evil around us. We can cover our eyes and pretend it’s not out there, but can we? I don´t like to ruin your holiday feeling approaching, but I hope you send at least a thought of kindness and love to the world during the holidays. We all need it. The world needs it.

We live in such a complex world. While writing this I listen to an old classic christmas song with Nat King Cole. It is his way of singing, his voice and his interpretation and plain dreaming of a better world which made me write these words. This song has followed me and so many other of us, at least in the western world. It may be an american tune and an american singer, but it has become our world heritage somewhat: “Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire”.

When Nat King Cole sung and recorded this beautiful song, the USA was an apartheid society. I know we are mostly seeing that label connected with South Africa, but it was. My mother, a blonde haired young married woman, in the 50-60´s went to a concert with Nat King Cole in Stockholm, Sweden. He saw her. She said thank you for the concert, with that being basically the only words of english she could and can talk still. Nat King Cole said “You are very beautiful”, according to my mom. She treasured that moment, and still does. She has never forgotten that moment. And in Sweden at that time people of darker colour was allowed through the main entrance door. And using the same toilet as people with brighter colour. And then he whent back home to USA. This brilliant and iconic artist who have affected generations after generations. These days USA have Obama, for at least two more years. Who´s skin colour in itself is a huge victory. His political legacy I leave out for now.

Most definitely neither of us will ever experience a century period without war and malfunctioning brains of the human race, which is mostly of the male nature. but that moment Nat King Cole sings that tune, that´s when I dream away and hope. Hope for a better world.

Happy Christmas and holiday to everyone.
Care for yourself, someone you love and care for. And send a thought of love to our world of a better peacful world.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

Reading interesting notes of history leads further

I really enjoy reading history.  Sometimes just small notes here and there. Those notes can be notes and links in a longer text.

For example I read the Turkish president Erdogan claim Muslims discovered the Americas before Columbus. Historians comment and say Erdogan miss understand the historic notes of eyewitnesses and that historians haven’t found any evidence of remains Erdogan claims.

In Sweden Olof Rudebeck, the man who founded the botanic garden that after being burned down and later became the famous Linné botanic garden in Uppsala, Sweden, also claimed Sweden to be the place for Atlantis. He claimed that during the 1600’s when Sweden was a mayor power.

Coincidentally Uppsala (& Gamla Uppsala ) is also the home of huge viking settlements in form of viking graves. Not far from Stockholm.  And the old place called Birka. The island at which many Vikings left and returned to and from on their voyages around Europe.  Even down to today’s turkey and Greece.

What Erdogan forgets though, or simply disregard is that Vikings discovered americas before the time Erdogan claims Muslims discovered it. Ghadaffi after all claimed Shakespear to be muslim. And took the name as “proof”: Shake-spear. Or maybe the horribly brutal dictator was just joking. But you never really know do you, when people in absolute power start to see their power as a god given right.

Now Erdogan have got himself a huge palace built.  Something that have been a scandal in Turkey.  Of course turkey is the former Ottoman empire. And leaders who see themselves as great, often start to claim things.  Right or wrong.

As I read about the viking Leif Eriksson who discovered the Americas and other Vikings after him, a German man, Adam of Bremen, wrote about Vinland (New Foundland, Canada) earlier than the year 1000. The other vikings after him, most probably met either eskimos or native american “indians”, which the viking tales call “Skrälingar”.  I personally wouldn’t be surpriced if Leif Erikson the viking and all other after him, whent even more south than the tales tell. After all why stop at New Foundland when the shores show more is down south, by the ever long-shore of the americas. After all that´s what the Swedish vikings did. They Brika and many other places and crossed sease, rivers and countries, and whent way south and had contact far far beyond their own home. There has been a finding of a buddist statue in the swedish ground, achelogical sites.

You can find many interesting notes and links for further reading by checking the text about Leif Eriksson. Link here: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leif_Erikson

Enjoy the read and discoveries


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist, graphic designer

Designing a telephone: the classic Cobra from Ericsson, Sweden

When I was a kid, the Swedish telecom company LM Ericsson had since way back designed and introduced maybe one of the best and most beautiful phones ever designed: the Kobra telephone. Or with english spelling “Cobra phone”. The original design had more rounded shapes, and the newer following design of the new Kobra Phone (Kobratelefonen in Swedish) had a slightly more edged corners. Still some round in it, but more square to it. That didnt fall well to my taste, design wise, as much as the original Cobra phone did. And still does. See pictures attached.

The Cobra telephone you lift and turn and dial underneath the bottom. It don´t way tons. It was and still is quite lightweight if you would find any still around. Well balanced. The red coloured one is still my personal favorite. At home we had the phone with the swirling calling system, and as is seen in the pictures it also came with push buttons.

Todays mobile feature phones and smartphones have their forte and strong sides, but just imagine that, despite you having to pay tons of money for a smartphone of today, the cobra if hooked up to the phone socket in the wall today, would still work just fine. While a smartphone would´nt necessarily have stand the tide of time at all. Todays phones brake down way too soon and too early in their life span. Quite ridiculous really. And one can not entirely blame the high tech involved. For example the Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5 have a plastic shell that gets easily scratched and easily crack and shattered to pieces if dropped. The Apple iphones up until at least 5, have a glass that cracks for almost anything. The sturdiest smartphones when dropped are still the Nokia Lumia´s. The Cobra phone is´nt undestructable, but it does stay intact WAY longer than any of todays phones.

And when the Cobra Phone was designed, the technical illustrations and modules and what have you, where all hand drawn and painted. No computers involved. It was all hand crafted just up to the molding in the factories.

From a personal viewpoint and being Swedish, its a shame LM Ericsson does´nt manufacture, invent and sell phones anymore. When it sold its half of the mobile devision to Sony, it was the end of an increadible era. Ericsson as a company is still around, and into communication, but it just aint making phones anymore. To me it´s like half their soul was sold.

Life moves on, and its true that very seldom does a company even excist after 10 years, let alone 100 years.

Enjoy the great design of the old swedish Cobra telephone “Kobratelefonen”. Its a beauty to look at and its eqaully nice to hold in your hand and call and talk with. It´s perfect. Try it if you find one.


Stefan Lindblad
Technical illustrator and illustrator of all sorts of illustrations, and artist and graphic designer.


The perfect christmas gift: buy the book & kids will get to eat food in Venezuela!

I recommend the perfect christmas gift, buy the book “Criollo: A Taste of Venezuela” and kids will get to eat food in Venezuela!

I have bought the book myself.

The book is written & designed buy a great guy, human being I got to meet in Ottawa, Canada, when visiting Corel Corp, in Nov-Dec 2012. Corel is the company that creates CorelDRAW and Corel Painter. Among many other great computer programs.

You can either buy the book printed on paper, or donating and buy a PDF.

“All profits benefit Casa de Maria in Venezuela” as it states at the website made and managed by Fernado himself. Read the blog, check out pictures and the book.

When you buy the book, and pay with your card & paypal account, when logging in, you get to be able to write a not to the author. Great if you like the book signed by the designer-writer of the book.




Stefan Lindblad



New release of Corel CAD 2015

Corel have released the New version of Corel CAD 2015. Now with more possibilities to use files exchanged with CorelDRAW and Corel Designer (CorelDRAW technical Suite).  You get among things:

  • Industry-standard CAD features
  • Comprehensive 2D drafting and 3D design tools
  • High-performance CAD engine
  • Flexible options to customize and automate

Visit Corel´s website for more information. And look at the YouTube video attached below.


Industry-standard CAD tools and features
Get powerful and affordable CAD software with industry-standard features and 2D drafting and 3D design tools. Improve your design productivity and performance with the new drawing constraints functionality,..

Enjoy the benefits of CorelDRAW® graphics support and automation capabilities that deliver impressive speed and performance on both a PC and Mac platform.”

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist & graphic Designer

CorelDRAW X7 tutorial Align & Distribute on my Youtube Channel

I just uploaded to my Youtube Channel a new video tutorial on how to use Align & Distribute Docker on Objects, in CorelDRAW X7. This works the same in CorelDRAW X6 for anyone who uses CorelDRAW X6.

This is a very good feature when you work in any type of production and really need to align two or more objects perfectly aligned to each other. Meaning in my case in the video tutorial, to have the outlines of both objects to be placed exactly on top of each other.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist & graphic designer
CorelDRAW Master


What confirms it´s World War III – in a way it´s Raging already

What is confirming if the World War III is raging in full flames. In a way it´s already a World War III raging in full flames.

If compared to the previous WW I and WW II, what constitutes might be if several countries fight against each other on a wider spectrum. For example the old war with Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Kosovo, Montenegro & Serbia, equal to old Yugoslavia Bosnia war, was not a WW III. It was a war that split Yugoslavia into new states and the rings on the water felt all over europe. And still does. Those born 1995 will probably live for ever as if the war was way back in history. They might live as if war would never happen again in Europe. It could too easily start again though. Just imagine if the current slightly fascist-coloured Hungarian regime would start to do very nasty things to minorities. Or the rise of groups of people who have been part of europe for over 500 and maybe 1000 or more years all over europe, and especially in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary would suddenly say: “Enough is enough” and their fight for their rights to be recognized as equals suddenly turned into a raging war, as the western european countries agree with them. Back in 1985 I remember feeling that Communist Europe, Eastern Europe, Warsaw pact, was´nt going to fall in my lifetime, or at least not in the near future. And how wrong I was. 1989 & 1990 things had been put so much into motion that the world we all knew five years earlier was no more. And who believed the Arab Spring would turn things around completely so suddenly and so quickly.

History could teach us something if we only allowed it.

Remember this back in 2003? The Anger European leaders felt at American Rumsfeld calling European opposition countries to join in waging war, such as France, Germany, Sweden etcetera as “Old Europe”. When Europe hoped to not start the Iraqi War. What if a “No War” had won instead, and USA & UK had let the inspections for Saddams so-called weapon of mass destruction had been taken into account instead. When Swede Hans Blix told there were NO findings of WOD in Iraq. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld didn’t like to listen – they instead started to slander all those who didn’t agree with them. They couldn’t accept that Iraq & Afghanistan wasnt the same thing at that time. I believe strongly that D. Cheney had his target on Iraq all along since Kuwaiti war ended in 1990, when they didn’t remove Saddam back then. The result of that decisions back in 2003 in part show us what we see and experience today. It wasnt the only reason and cause for today’s situation, but probably a strong ingredient. History already tell us something, and will tell us even more in 50 years from now, that the decisions made in 2003, was a strong ignition all for the horrible things we see today.

People really should read the great book “March of Folly ” by Barbara Tuchman from early age in schools. And politicians should have it as their default introductory literature before they are allowed to govern. But that is not how life work.

Here the interesting article in British The Guardian Newspaper back in 2003 when the Iraqi war wasnt raging. When USA Rumsfeld traveled to Europe trying to get them on board to invade Iraq. http://gu.com/p/qg28/tw via 

Is World War III currently raging in full flame, and where?

The Middle East and the fact it affects the entire world in one way or the other, yes. It is my own private opinion saying it is.


Stefan Lindblad

CorelDRAW X7 tutorial: Create round corner Radius using the Fillet Docker

I made a new tutorial now available on my Youtube channel. In this tutorial I show how to create a round corner on an object using the Fillet, Scallop and Campher Docker in CorelDRAW X7. And in combination with the Guidelines tool and Smart Fill tool.

In any kind of business you might need to have exact measurement to a curved corner. And with a Radius of let say 40 mm. of the corner. And adding an angle of let say 15 degrees.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist, designer
CorelDRAW Master