The movie Valerian by Luc Besson, where is Laurelinne? 

I just loved all the “Linda and Valentin”  comic albums I read as a kid. Absolutely stunning stories and the Art, fabulous stuff. By  Jean-Claude Mézières, one of my comic illustrator heroes together with Mobius.  

And so good that eventually George Lucas and his team basically stole, sorry got VERY inspired by the Art, and made for instance The Millennium Falcon look very similar to, yep, Laurelinne & Valerian space ship. 

What bugs me though, with the new movie, is that some dumb…  just name the movie the name of the male character. “Valerian”. Both characters are equally important in this comic. So it bugs me. 

Wonder why Lucy Besson decided this, or whoever it was who took that decision. 

Stefan Lindblad 

Drawing from my coloring book in colour: The Eclectic Colouring Book 

Illustration, drawing, colouring, Stefan Lindblad, Eclectic, book
Illustration, drawing & colouring by Stefan Lindblad
Coloured my drawing from my Colouring Book. Enjoying a  soft Saturday after a long work week – of drawing and illustrations. Mad, but fun and relaxing. Just for the joy and not work. Had a great cup of coffee and two Swedish Ballerina chocolate cookies for my fika. My self, indie published coloring book: ” The Eclectic Colouring Book“. Available on Amazon

Stefan Lindblad 

Illustrator & graphic designer 

My best marketing tips for freelancers

I was asked if I could share some of my marketing tips. I always try to use both traditional and new ways to market my illustration & design business.

So, in how to marketing yourself as a freelancer, here a few thoughts.
I always carry my business cards with me. And I don’t mind talking with people. That alone have helped me quite a bit in marketing and branding myself. Meetings in person have often show to be one of the best and quick ways to land a gig. It´s hard to beat. But meetings are not for everyone. And in todays landscape, personal meetings are getting more rare by the seconds we breath.

I believe in stickers and flyers. They are small enough to carry, put in an envelope and stamp and off it goes! And hand out to people working for companies you meet on the fly. And they show my design at the same time. People instantly get a feel of who I am and what I can do. So they serve multiple marketing tricks, if you like.

Yesterday my own printed design on a T-Shirt arrived. I printed it via the great service of Spreadshirt. It is a design with my comany initials and company name. This is marketing, and give me a great t-shirt to wear, now with spring and summer approaching.

With all social media around, I try to be aware of what is new, and what might work for me as a professional freelancing illustrator and designer. And suites my personality. Snapchat have never felt like anything for me. My blog, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook I feel works great in interacting with people and companies. Paying for advertizing can work well, if you understand how to write, and what to write about. If an image, video and text isn’t reaching the right people, and you don’t catch them, to maybe sign up for your Newsletter, or subscribe to your blog, money can be lost with no real gain. It´s great to get your name out there, on Google and various social media networks, but just throwing out a name, will take too long to win the interest of companies and people.

Marketing is also networking. Therefore, if you have the possibility to interact in Facebook and Linkedin local business groups, then do. Some might create a networking lunch for instance. and you will meet people you interact with on the net. And great marketing. On these groups, interact with people, by sharing your experience, helping out.

I like being personal in my tone, and still professional in my approach in all my marketing. I like to let possible clients know they can trust my abilities, that they get great service and above all great illustration and design. It´s all a package really.

Linkedin works great for various reasons, one being I get the possibility to not lose client contacts, when they move on to other employers. Instagram being image based, let me reach out to an even broader stage, beyond the most obvious clients. You never know who is looking.

My blog´s are great, because writing a blog lets me connect in a different way. I can write about issues and ideas in a way that feels, frankly, more serious than let say Facebook. I have blog articles that are many years old, and still reach readers, in a way Facebook wouldn’t do today in the same way. Facebook is great in the now, but less in the previous.

And blogging have shown to be a great attractor that keeps on giving.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustration & Graphic Design

New Science Fiction novel “Lenders” by John Johnson

Check out my friend John Johnson´s brand new Science Fiction novel: “Lenders”. It´s now available as a Kindle version, and a print version will come later on. I simply love the cover,by designer Adrian Juman. And the book story sounds great! And I like to read the entire story.

This is John Johnson´s first Science Fiction book. And I have been fortunate to know about this book project since almost the start, when he mentioned it was going to be written. This is a great journey, and my biggest congratulations to Johns accomplishment.
I think you all should click the Amazon link “LENDERS by John Johnson“, read the first teasing part of the book, and who knows, you might even love it and buy it. I think you will enjoy the adventure!
Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, Graphic Designer
Cover Artist

Nr 5 of my illustrations from my Colouring Book being coloured: Steampunk Woman

Here comes the Steampunk Woman coloured. Straight out of “The Eclectic Colouring Book”. When I started drawing the illustrations for my Indie published Colouring Book, this was one of the very first I made. She has the same steampunk machinery on her back, like she who made it to the book cover.

If you too like to colour this drawing, head over to Amazon, or check at your favorite store. will ship worldwide, and quickly. One reason I chose Amazon/ Createspace Publishing Plattform. Simply click on the image or the Amazon buttons attached. 

The book is single sided, with each illustration on one page at the time. Paper works for most type of colouring known to man. I personally used Touch Twin Marker pens from Shin Han art to color this one.

Stefan Lindblad 

My 4th coloured illustration from The Eclectic Colouring Book 

Coloring, Colouring, books, adults, grownups, grown-ups, wacom, Corel, Corel Painter, Photo-Paint, Photopaint, draing, målarbok, Målarböcker, The, Eclectic Colouring Book, Steampunk, Fantasy, art, Science, Fiction

I really enjoyed,  loved creating my own indie published Book.  I first said, this is for others to colour. But I can’t hold back now, it’s just so fun.

My fourth illustration in my book The Eclectic Colouring Book, I’ve now coloured. I made the drawing in Corel Painter. I used Touch Twin marker pens for the colouring.

Illustrator / artist : Stefan Lindblad
Colouring: Stefan Lindblad
Book: The Eclectic Colouring Book

Available at Amazon
Stefan Lindblad

My 2nd coloured illustration in The Eclectic Colouring Book 

Coloring, Colouring, books, adults, grownups, grown-ups, wacom, Corel, Corel Painter, Photo-Paint, Photopaint, draing, målarbok, Målarböcker, The, Eclectic Colouring Book, Steampunk, Fantasy, art, Science, Fiction
As i continue on my fun quest on colouring my own illustrations, drawings from my own self published / indie published Coloring Book: The Eclectic Colouring Book. Available via Createspace Publishing / Amazon. 

For colouring I used Touch – Twin Markers and Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen. The illustration itself I drew in Corel Painter and sketch in my sketchbook. Using a wacom drawing tablet.

Artist/illustrator: Stefan Lindblad (yours truly)

Colouring: Stefan Lindblad

You can buy the book via: The Eclectic Colouring Book, Available at Amazon

I publish the book under my own Imprint Canvas Illustration Press. Createspace Publishing/Amazon.

Stefan Lindblad

New illustration coloured, The Eclectic Colouring Book going forward 

Coloring, Colouring, books, adults, grownups, grown-ups, wacom, Corel, Corel Painter, Photo-Paint, Photopaint, draing, målarbok, Målarböcker, The, Eclectic Colouring Book, Steampunk, Fantasy, art, Science, Fiction

Here one more of my illustrations coloured from my book: The Eclectic Colouring Book. For colouring I used Touch – Twin Markers.The illustration itself I drew in Corel Painter. And a wacom drawing tablet. Drawn from beginning to finish.

Artist/illustrator: Stefan Lindblad (yours truly)

Colouring: Stefan Lindblad

You can buy the book via: The Eclectic Colouring Book, Available at Amazon

I publish the book under my own Imprint Canvas Illustration Press. Createspace Publishing/Amazon.

Stefan Lindblad

Me colouring in my own book The Eclectic Colouring Book 

Here is my own illustration & colouring from my book: The Eclectic Colouring Book. PS.  Sorry for the meme text effect on the text, but it’s the only app I found. For colouring I used Touch – Twin Markers,  and Faber Castellated Pitt Artist Pen.

Artist: Stefan Lindblad

Colouring: Stefan Lindblad

You can buy the book via: The Eclectic Colouring Book, Available at Amazon

I publish the book under my own Imprint Canvas Illustration Press. Createspace Publishing/Amazon.

Stefan Lindblad

Being a mobile worker, nomad, is natural to me

I´ve always been a mobile “nomad” grabbing a coffee and working at cafés, hotel lounges and outdoor places. Computers, wi-fi and wall sockets, have made it so much more efficient.

A drawing I made from inside the car, on route to IKEA in Stockholm, 2016. Illustration, drawing by Stefan Lindblad

15 years ago, I was still like an all alone island among people who just looked at me, where I sat with my sketchbooks and pencils, markers – and my paper calendar. Today I still have those, part from the paper calendar. Together with my laptop, graphics programs from Corel for illustration and design, accounting & invoice program and office suite – and wacom digital pen. It all comes natural, and always has.

These days this is all very normal. As if it always been like this: tons of younger and seasoned professionals from all sorts of life and careers. Just hanging around and working like mobile islands.

Here an article from CNN about this very common world of today: Smart business hotels where work meets play

Stefan Lindblad, working, drawing, nomad, mobile, corel, photopaint, photo-paint, Espresso House Stockholm

There are countless hours and coffee cups I have had, at coffee shops/cafés around. Often I both read an article sent to me from a newspaper, magazine, advertizing agency – and draw.

During 2016 I came to set aside time to create two of my own colouring books for adults and all ages. In a Way they can be used as coffee table books as well as colouring them.

Some of the work I do, can bee seen in my two colouring books, self – Indie published. Stockholm Urban Mix. And The Eclectic Colouring Book.



Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer, cover artist

Inspiration for the Eclectic colouring book.

Eclectic, colouring, book, Stefan, Lindblad, coloring, adults, grownups, steampunk, fantasy, science, fiction
The Eclectic Colouring Book by illustrator Stefan Lindblad

My inspiration for my second colouring book The Eclectic Colouring Book, available on Amazon, was plenty. I really felt it inspirational to come up with ideas, mixing references, sources by starting to draw two eyes, a tilt of a head position, and then go with it.

A lot of my references for each drawing,  illustrations, was from all over the worlds continents. Including my own country history Sweden. For two and half months I searched inspiration from Hopi native american tribes in Arizona, US. To Africa’s tribes. As well as both popular and old culture, from Asia for example. Bringing them into various world’s.  Such as a steampunk world. A fantasy world. A science fiction world. I tried my best to not draw the usual viking stuff, now when it’s so popular in TV and movies, games and what have you. And me being a swede living in an area were the vikings lived, fought and trade. But then, summer of 2016, my Mia and I walked with our dog Bella, on the old viking/ pre – historic viking graves, tall and wide like hills in a row in Old Uppsala, an hours drive from my town Stockholm. It influenced me enough to make a drawing inspired from those hills. And a woman walking that land. It suddenly felt so appropriate to include some viking reference, because they had contacts with the world. They were fighters yes, but they also made trade. They got influences from the world. They saw the world. They didn’t run away from the world, and wasn’t afraid of it. I don´t like to romanticise them. So to make a book including drawings of women with references from the world, it was correct to make one.

I’ve always loved everything about the universe and space travels. And what would be better than a woman in a sort of space suite with jet engines on her back. And dreads, hair style inspired by African tribe women, who colour their hair and body in read. like the sand of Mars.

As a kid I just loved watching Akira Kurosawa’s samurai movies. Great movies. So intricate and stylish – and full of action when the story needed it. And the TV show Shogun with actor Richard Chamberlain. So I just had to subconsciously draw a Japanese, Korean,  Chinese woman with a sword – and headphones.

I really enjoyed deeply to draw each drawing for my self published coloring book The Eclectic Colouring Book. It was pure joy. A journey in itself.

I also wanted very strongly to draw strong and independent women. No male manga fantasies of Pin Ups with huge – chests. I wanted to draw only women.  And cool, interesting women. And make it beautifully told. I hope I managed it. I am proud of the book.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & graphic designer

You can buy my colouring book on Amazon

Colour of the Year 2017

I know, we have all waited, which one will it be; the Colour of the Year 2017. It’s Greenary by Pantone. Sorry for the sarcastic tone.  I am far from sarcastic really. It could work as an inspiration, and probably do for many. 

It is a bit like walking in to a café and look for a tasty cake to go with ones coffee or tea. To relax and get re-energized. 

With that said, let me present the Colour of the Year 2017 in Pantone colour system code:  FASHION + HOME PANTONE 15-0343 TCX. And PANTONE 376 C (Closest Match).

Stefan Lindblad 

Illustrator & graphic designer

Read this OLD book on advertising 

It strikes me that people should still read this old book on advertising,  written by Ogilvy. 

At some point you will find yourself lost of inspiration, and maybe feel like a failure. We all do at some point, or points, in our life.

Thats why you should read this book.

Grab a cup if coffee or tea. At your local coffee shop/ Café. Or comfy at your home. Take an hour or two and read. You will like it.

Stefan Lindblad 

Illustrator & graphic designer 


6 million americans are said to gain from NAFTA. Still whant out?

Read this without being angry. Just read and then think about this fact.

FACT: 6 million americans are said to gain from NAFTA. That´s a whole lot of potential american, US, workers and businesses who will lose their income, when and if NAFTA is shut down.

When NAFTA is shut down, it might take a year to come into effect, in the average american consumers pockets, salaries, income. So Trump voters loving Trump, wont hear or see much until a year, basically. So they can cheer on like crazy for a year without hurting anyone. And then shit hits the fan when they, or people in their surrounded network of people, like friends and families, are affected. 20% increase in costs will hurt. Especially those who don’t have much money. To quote: “6 million, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — currently depend on free trade with Mexico.”

Still want out of NAFTA?

Greetings from Sweden, member country of EU.

Stefan Lindblad

No, America will pay for the wall, not Mexico

​Fact: if Trump put a 20% tax on Mexican trade, goods and services, to pay for the Wall, it will still be the US citizens paying for the wall, when they buy Mexican goods and services. Companies will increase prices with 20%. If americans decide to not buy Mexican, it will still be americans, US, paying for the wall. Wake up people: Mexico won’t pay for the damn wall. 

If US leave NAFTA, taxes will anyway be reinstated, thats what is implemented when a Free Trade agreement is ended. So however this is done, americans in US will pay for the wall. There is no going around this. 

Forget about the wall. Build a bridge instead. Help yourself by helping and respecting each others. Countries and societies grow through interaction with each others, free speach, education and trade. Not through isolation and war. Everyone knows this. Even those who refuse to even think the thought. Just make it more locally related when explaining it.

Greetings from Sweden, Europe 

Stefan Lindblad 


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