I am A Swede so I swear. If an Anglo is offended, sorry it’s your own cultural fault

I was reminded  by a friend, and rightly so as he is correct,  that we swedes tend to over use the words “Fuck, fucking, shit”. That’s how it is really, the result of what? 100 or so years of American culture and some brittish  as well. All the movies from Hollywood  and all the TV shows and tv series invading  us, have made us all embrace  the words fuck fucking shit, the same way we use our own words  to emphasize things and meanings and expressions.

I am a Swede and I take offense when Swedish channels bleep swearing and bad mouthing on TV. I am proud that we can swear and curse freely on TV. And that’s  why we really, or very rarely  does that. But American famous people coming on Swedish  TV seems to always like to exercise  the right to do so.

We use our words “skit, fan & helvete”. Skit equals shit. Fuck is “knulla” and fucking  equals, it equals “knullar”. It’s plural. No one in Sweden would consider knulla and knullar to be words of beautiful  poetry. But again, it’s all the American culture  we are being exposed  by.

I think the brittish  words “bloody hell” equals the Swedish fan jävla helvete” better than fucking shit. But I guess swedes who have lived a year or so in England use that more than the American expressions of shit, fucking fuck”.

Now my take on this is: if an American or British person is offended by me saying shit fucking fuck, then sorry mate, it’s their own fault. That’s what happens when they like to sell coca cola to everyone  outside the US.

Stefan Lindblad

The book I never manage to read and followed me around


This Book have haunted me, almost, on trips through Europe on trains, and big towns and small towns in the US of A. In Sweden you are supposed to love any book of this writer. Full stop. And yep its a great writer.  Only… This particular  book I’ve never managed to read through. And feeling  guilty almost for not doing it. I used to bring it with me on all trips. I just thought I must manage to read the freaking book. And for some reason never make it.  I thought I had thrown  it away or give it to charity.  But no, I just found it on the top shelve. Staring at me: ” Yohoo, here I am, still, my friend”.

I bought it back in 1984 and still tried to read on trips early 2000. It was first published in 1983 and year after it came out in this pocket. It sold well. And the storyline is intriguing. And the story on the back cover and the first pages, first chapter, intrigued me as a very young man. It was a time when clothes from the 1940´s was hip again and for many years onwards. In 1983, the year before, I had been in Paris over the new year with my oldest friend. We had seen the start of Paris – Dakar Rally around Place de la Concord. And I had bought a Kashmir coat in Paris, close to the Opera house, to wear with my old second-hand original 1940´s hand-tailord suite on new years eve. And the cover of this book appealed to me. And still does. But reading it page to page from start to end or middle – nope. Just cant do it. It simply wasnt my tempo in the book or something like that. The way he wrote the story. I know, people years after, when I worked on theatres, convinced me it was a great book – because of the author. For so many years I gave it all the chances and packed it into my back packs. Who knows, maybe one day I will read it. And hopefully I will enjoy it. I just cant see it happening right now.

Last year, winter 2014 and january 2015, the book “Gentlemen” by the same author, a true classic of this writer, was released as a movie. I didn’t read the book, and I can’t say I was even near interested after seeing clips from the movie. Thats life, right. SOme work and some doesnt.

A detail maybe, but 1940´s, this book played out in 1937 Stockholm Continue reading

Ask questions tonight/today Patterns & Rapports CorelDRAW

Take the chans to ask me questions  about creating patterns and rapports 18:00-19:00 Berlin/Paris/Stockholm  time. 1 – 2 Eastern Canada time. Click Corels facebook page. Using Coreldraw  and Photo-Paint


New video: Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7 Dodge & Burn and Bokeh Blurh

Here my new video, on my own YouTube channel, showing how to use Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7 applying Bokeh Blur effect and Dodge and Burn effect to a photo. Photo-Paint is part of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7.

If you like to watch more videos of mine, just search here on my blog, or visit my YouTube Channel.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, graphic designer & artist
Image editing.
CorelDRAW Master

New CorelDRAW Tutorial: How to Center everything with 2 Steps

Here my latest FAST video tutorial: How to center everything in CorelDRAW X7 with only two steps. On my Youtube Channel you can see more tutorials. My own and those I do for Corel.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer & artist
CorelDRAW Master

Should or Shouldnt? – Business via LinkedIn, Facebook… or the BLOG

Social media platforms


In a LinkedIn group with creatives a question was raised on whether anyone in the arts actually got any business made by using LinkedIn. A very valid question. Some do and some doesn’t. Here is in part my thoughts on this topic.

Like the Subject title ask: Should or Shouldnt I even put time on having a social media account. Or any of the LinkedIn, Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, YouTube or why not simple the blog and website.

I have got more business made through LinkedIn than Facebook, that´s for sure. I agree that personal contact is always the best. Equally many of my clients I have never met at all, so again what is the best. A mix.

I have tried to use LinkedIn way more than I have before, the last two years 2013 and 2014. I have increased my activity. I am quite selective to whom I have on my contact list also. I like to keep LinkedIn as my business platform. I take contact with interesting businesses via LinkedIn, often just by searching before contacting via email, phone and so forth. Sometimes via the LinkedIn platform directly. I noticed that until 2nd quarter of 2014, my contacts were mainly international and not so much local Swedish. It is a bit like everyone is just starting to use LinkedIn. Not knowing what to do with it. So I started to make contacts with Swedish businesses via LinkedIn. I am a kids book cover artist and illustrator, but also an illustrator and graphic designer with a broader range of clients. Most, but not all, of my clients are not in the book business, nor advertizing agency’s these days, percentage wise that is. Most of my clients are in the non-media. But who need media and design and images for their own business nonetheless. That percantage wise can change of course from year to year and over time.

All in all I think its important to think business, and think of who the contacts are that one have. For example, I don’t have too many illustrator and designers on my contact list. In comparison to the other businesses. Simply because colleagues like illustrators and designers are not my clients. We creatives may temporarily collaborate, but Editors, Art Directors, Project managers, CEO´s, small business owners, printers and many others are. They are the ones who needs stuff made. And who pay the bills. My Facebook is another matter. On my private and public Facebook I have basically everyone and any type of field. Same goes for my Twitter, which is more Rock and Roll ;-)

We artists, illustrators, designers and so forth, must see ourselves as the business people we actually are. There is too much talk among artist and creatives about non-business side of things, when they actually talk business. Which is odd. People tend to accept to work for less and for nothing, when nothing pays the bills, but money does. Which is the reality.

But the most successful social media platform business wise for me, by far of all social media platforms I use, is my website and my two blog´s. And they are bilingual. One in Swedish and one in English.

Sometimes I hear and read how the blog is supposedly a dead platform, but I would say the contrary. The blog and website are what is generating more hits, SEO, via Google, Yahoo and other major search engines.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist, graphic designer

Webinar Video: Creating Rapports and Pattern Fills using CorelDRAW® and Corel® PHOTO-PAINT™

Check out my New Webinar for Corel!

On how to Create Rapports and Pattern Fills using CorelDRAW® and Corel® PHOTO-PAINT™ You’ll also get tips on how to work on several designs simultaneously, plus learn how to edit and create patterns on the fly.

When working with original designs, I always recommend to first save the design in “.CDR”, CorelDRAW file format before and after it have been created into a fill, using the fill tools. That way you your designs is 1) Securely saved in your own custom folder as an editable CDR file, and 2) saved as a fill in the “.fill” format in the Fill folder (Document>Corel>Corel Content>Fill), which is not an ordinary editable original, in the traditional sense.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer & Artist
CorelDRAW Master

FETURED on Corel´s website

Corel Discovery Center, CorelDRAW Master, Stefan Lindblad

FETURED on Corel´s website. Simply Cool & and an Honour.
Check out this page and click the “Experts”…



Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Artist
CorelDRAW Master

Starbucks first real store in Stockholm city

Starbucks Coffee in Stockholm, Sweden, Illustrator, artist, graphic designer, CorelDRAW MAster, Stefan Lindblad , www.canvas.nu, 2015

So Starbucks made it finally into the main city area, and bohemian Chic trendy Götgatgsbacken street at Södermalm island.

I have no problem with Starbucks per say. But if this store and the one at Central station is the best they can muster, in competition with local Swedish giant “Espresso House”, then it ain’t much to brag about. This location will make them survive though.

I whent in and turned.

If Starbucks made coffee shops feeling cozy and nice atmosphere,  then Espresso House took it even further.  Starbucks suddenly feel like a regular lunch place at a station. No more.

Stefan Lindblad
Cafe and coffee shop user
Illustrator,  graphic designer and artist

Hockey: Landeskog & Colorado Avalanche

Hockey: Swedish captain Gabriel Landeskog at Colorado Avalanche.  Quite impressive.

“”I remember a power-play goal where Gabe tipped it at the net-front against us,” Spott said. “He came by our bench and … on his way to his bench to celebrate kind of looked at us and kind of stared down our bench.

“The one side of me was upset being Team Canada coach. But the other side said, ‘I’ve got to find out who this kid is for the Kitchener Rangers.’



Stefan Lindblad

Christmas songs and pasta bolognese

Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra singing Christmas songs. While making dinner with pasta and bolognese.  Garlic and paprika. Soon guests arrive. Calm and restful just before they come. Mia and I sit and rest. Golden colours and red colours with lid candles around. Yesterday we had snow. Had we had it today it would had been even more picturesque.

Enjoy you dinner wherever you are

Stefan Lindblad

A new work day and a new CorelDRAW day

Hello fellow artist, designers and CorelDraw users around the world. Hope you have a great day working today. Feeling inspired. If you had a tough week or day, how about grabbing a cup of coffee or tea and listen to some music or favorite talk radio channel. Something positive. To get you going a new day like this one. 

Clients coming into your store, give them a smile.

Go to your favorite community site like community. CorelDRAW. Com or or red the morning paper.  Maybe picking up up a crayon, pencil or brush and just draw one stroke. Just like that.

What ever you do do something nice today

Have fun today – at least for five minutes before the clients come in or you make your first phone call trying to set up an appointment with a new possible client.

Stefan Lindblad

Now I am also on Vimeo, Drawing a Helicopter

I alredy have a Youtube Channel with Videos. I will post more as we go. Today I finally registered an account on VIMEO. And when uploading the video, I found I couldnt use the same music when posting it on vimeo. So fortunately I found classic music and an airplane sound with my corel VideoStudio Pro Video editing program to use instead. So I made a quick edit and now posted it. Here my Vimeo Account link https://vimeo.com/user35447026

Stefan-Lindblad Drawing Helicopter MusicCorel 2013 from Stefan Lindblad Illustrator, art on Vimeo.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator , artist & graphic designer

Dog training – I believe in Positive Reinforcement

I am really happy to hear when friends get a new family member in form of a dog.

In Sweden for some reason Cesar Milan (& Swedish Börjesson) is the main TV dog training show. I do not like punishment dog training. Unfortunately when talking dog training and philosophy behind it, this topic can easily go way over board. I dont like to talk dog training on my blog´s too much. But I am FORE Positive Reinforcement dog training.

Positive Reinforcement means, in short, that you don´t punish your dog in any way what so ever. Instead you encourage your dog. And you learn how to “read” your dogs language, signs. There is a science behind it. Something Milan dont use. One good thing is to look at and compare Stillwell videos on Youtube with Milan videos. If Milan says “The Pack & Dominance”, I instead say “A Family member and a friend, we listen and respect”. You could also frase it: “I dont correct my dog, I reinforce my dog for good behavior”

Here you can listen to one British dog trainer, Victoria Stillwell, who used to be aired on Swedish TV, but for some reason TV-people like Confrontation and action and dramatic violent Drama. Such as Cesar Milan and Börjesson.

Victoria Stillwell is the opposite in dog training on TV, and I hope we get more of that in Sweden instead. Stillwell dont use punishment anymore. And I thank her for that.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist & graphic designer

Lucia in Sweden

Women with burning candles on their heads will sing, all dressed in white and blood red ribbons  – it’s Lucia. One of Sweden ‘ s most important holidays. And how all Nobel prize winners will be woken up: a group of them entering their room while singing. And maybe give them ginger cookies.  It all makes sense.

It’s the Lucia festivities

Stefan Lindblad