Me drawing a Helicopter Live in my sketchbook

In this video I recorded myself drawing on free hand a Helicopter. Using my marker pens. (Touch pen by ShinHan and Faber-Castell) I originally recorded the video for a video made by M. Adam creating the video for Corel Corporation. Made for the Video presentation they did about me for their Hero´s video after they had appointed me to CorelDRAW Master.

Mark A. who made the Hero´s video only used a second or so for his video, so now almost 2 years later I felt it was in order I put the full video out there. For the shear fun of it. Because we artists can be like nerds about our material, here goes: No, its not a Moleskin sketchbook. Its a Swedish brand sketchbook.

For the making of this video I first used a Canon digital camera on a tripod. My Sketchpad and pens. And I used Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X7 for editing and compiling this video. The music I use is by Courtesy of YouTube music/Audia library

You can read about the related articles by clicking Here> . And at Corles blog here>.  Corel´s Hero´s videos are made to present users using their great illustration software. In my case CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. 


Hope you enjoy the movie!

Stefan Lindblad
Artist & illustrator

See me in a VIDEO – “Stefan Lindblad´s Hero Video” as COREL calls it.

During the trip and stay to Corel Corporation in Ottawa, Canada, in Nov/Dec 2012  I was interviewed and filmed by COREL.

During 2012 I was appointed CorelDRAW Master by COREL. And have since held online webinars LIVE for an audience around the globe, and written tutorials for Corel, developer of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT and Corel PAINTER, Corel AFTERSHOT PRO, Corel Videostudio PRO. All programs I use.


Hope you enjoy the video!

And if you like to read about the trip on Corel´s official blog as well as my own, here are two links.
Here is the Official Corel blog about the trip

Here my own blog, were everything regarding the trip is published

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic Designer
Appointed CorelDRAW Master by Corel

My Corel trip got some attention in our Business magazine in Sweden

I’m not much different from most people. So when the Swedish Graphic Arts/Design Magazine Cap & Design mentioned my appointment to CorelDRAW Master (“Master of Corel” as Cap & Design called it) and that I was invited by Corel and traveled to Corel’s Headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, it was fun – of course.

And of course, it is both an honour being appointed CorelDRAW Master no doubt about it. And then get to visit with them in Ottawa, Canada, what else is it to say other than Surreal. As I wrote earlier on my blog, it was a wonderful trip that was packed with activities and meetings with people. Meanwhile in Downtown Ottawa, I got the evenings to myself when I could stroll around the neighborhood taking in the atmosphere and process all things I had experienced during the day. And sip coffee and hang around at the local coffee shop Second Hand Cup on Dalhousie Street. And also get a nice theater experience at NAC, Ottawa National Arts Centre, the English Theatre;

Wrote a little about the journey itself on my own blog, as well as Corel´s own official blog at corelblogs, Sharing a photo or two from a trip is common practice I guess and fun, so here are some pictures. First from the air plane’s wing when we had entered Canadian airspace, past Greenland. And my first breakfast at the Marriot Hotel in Downtown Ottawa. Every morning I read the newspapers the Ottawa Citizen and The Globe and Mail. To see Canadian illustrator colleagues’ work in the newspapers was nice.

Going off topic a bit: in Sweden today, we have now got pretty boring daily newspapers, (due to the bad economy for newspapers in general of course), when illustrations are given so little space – again. Sure illustrations cost, but a good illustration like the one in the Ottawa Citizen or The Globe and Mail, add so much to the reading experience. And it would give so much extra flavor and reading experience to the Swedish dailys “Dagens Nyheter” and “Svenska Dagbladet” for example. Both those big national newspapers who used to have a very strong illustration tradition and in some way help lead the way when illustration got the extra boost in the 90´s. And why not go against the common stream of being afraid of spending money – maybe they would sell more if they dared to once again use illustrations. Maybe that could actually help them to stand out, and give a reason to buy them again. Because what else does a printed paper give, or a digital equivalent on a ipad, surface, in value? Not money value but reading experience value, which in turn means money value.


WP_001704Stefan Lindblad, photo copyright. Over Canadian airspace, crossed Greenland, 2012. In Ottawa!
WP_001707Stefan Lindblad, photo copyright, First breakfast at the Marriot Hotel Courtyard, Downtown Ottawa, Canada

Frukost på Marriot Hotel, Courtyard, Downtown Ottawa, Kanada. Dalhousie 350Stefan Lindblad, photo copyright, breakfast at the Marriot Hotel, Courtyard, Downtown Ottawa, Canada. Dalhousie. Reading the newspaper the Ottawa Citizen and The Globe and Mail.

WP_001771Stefan Lindblad, photo copyright, rain and wind woke me up last morning in Ottawa, Canada.
I went down to breakfast and at the elevator, I took this picture. The day before it was below freezing, some snow and icy. Much like Stockholm weather in other words :-). Flew home to Stockholm and arrived the day after the Swedish local time in Stockholm and was greeted by – blizzard!

If I understand it correctly Sweden’s embassy in Ottawa is in the picture. The house at the corner in red brick with a clock tower. In the same house, at the grill restaurant in that corner I had a barbecue dinner by myself before I laterheaded to the NAC theater.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer, artist



I crossed the Atlantic – I´ve been to Corel HQ, home of CorelDRAW

In late November / December this year 2012, I got the super nice opportunity to travel to Corel HQ in Ottawa, Canada for a visit with COREL. Corel is the company that develops CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Suite including CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. And the same company that develops Corel PAINTER.

Image use courtesy Corel & Photographer Mark Adam
Ottawa, Canada Dec. 2012

Read my text I wrote to Corel to their official blog

I use all the programs daily in my work as an illustrator and graphic designer. Mostly I use CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT and I love all the programs the same way that I love my favorite pencils, sketch pads, markers, paints, brushes and my Wacom Intuos tablet and so on. I Can imagine that anyone working creatively with images understand what I mean by the love of his tools.

I’ve been using CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT, since 1997 almost daily. 1997 was also the year when I registered my own company as an illustrator, artist and graphic designer. It was also the first program I gladly paid the license to use, and that already in 1997. Mind you, the year 1997 people in general actually almost looked down on you, as if you were a fool to pay for their software licenses. When I paid my license for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 1997, I felt proud. I had worked to start my own company with my own money, and felt proud and happy that I could buy my first computer, second hand one, and a scanner, and CorelDRAW by myself. It was my way of telling myself that I did this with a serious intention to make it my own way as an illustrator and artist. It was a sort of proof and a pat on my own shoulder “Stefan, you did it. Lets Rock”. I have paid for all licenses since, those that obviously are payed for software. I only talk for myself, but to me and my own self esteme it was certainly a nice feeling to pay for the paid software, I saw it as some sort of recognition of my progress and intention to my own work. And of course I think it’s totally okay to use the free to use program, open source, who are legally free.

Many people ask me how to become an illustrator and graphic designer and artist. To me this is part of that process, to feel good about paying and respecting others work. And who´s work make it possible for me to create and make money through my own work. When I go to an exhibition or somewhere else and see other creative peoples work, I can somehow feel the work and feelings behind their work. I dont have to speak with them as many of them dont necessarily like to speak about their own work, which isnt the most natural thing to do actually. But it feels good to respect their work. This year for example I saw on CNN how in India a few Indians had started to try saving the great artwork of movie posters for Bollywood movies. To hear about the artists work and how finally someone tried to save their work as part of Indias cultural history. And especially important these days when so much is done digitally.

It really warms my heart to see these people respecting and preserving the great Indian poster art. Before it is totally lost. Thank you for saving them!

To finally meet these great people creating the  Corel software, CorelDRAW, PHOTO-PAINT and PAINTER was a fun, interesting, rewarding and simply a wonderful experience. And it felt extra good to see the how great the people behind “my” software were. I miss them already.

Read my text I wrote to Corel for their own official blog

Ps. Reading my text on COREL´s official blog “”, link above, the TATTOO shop I mention, I believe it was Planet Ink Extreme at 174 Rideau Street, Ottawa, Canada.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, painter, graphic designer