McDonald’s cinnamo buns & muffins unessasary thrown

McDonald’s cinnamon & muffins are unecessary thrown in the trash. Each of them have a individual stamp with a date and time when it has to be thrown, same days as they are first brought out. At least here in Sweden. So that they are as fresh as possible for all their guests.

But if you start to think about it over the sheer amount of waste this builds up everytime a cinnamon bun is thrown throw in the bin, the taste adds a bitter after taste.

I am certain a few others have the same policy at their fast food restaurants. I am equally certain if McDonald’s and others cut prices in half when the bun and muffins are 1 second old or older, customers would gladly buy them. After all they are not bad after just a few hours. And McDonald’s would still make money and the goodwill they win would be priceless. And the amount of food mountain waste would be lower and make our earth happier. After all its cookies and not meat we are talking about

But are these international conglomerate companies ready to make this happen?

I hope so.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, graphic design and art

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