6 million americans are said to gain from NAFTA. Still whant out?

Read this without being angry. Just read and then think about this fact.

FACT: 6 million americans are said to gain from NAFTA. That´s a whole lot of potential american, US, workers and businesses who will lose their income, when and if NAFTA is shut down.

When NAFTA is shut down, it might take a year to come into effect, in the average american consumers pockets, salaries, income. So Trump voters loving Trump, wont hear or see much until a year, basically. So they can cheer on like crazy for a year without hurting anyone. And then shit hits the fan when they, or people in their surrounded network of people, like friends and families, are affected. 20% increase in costs will hurt. Especially those who don’t have much money. To quote: “6 million, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — currently depend on free trade with Mexico.”

Still want out of NAFTA?

Greetings from Sweden, member country of EU.

Stefan Lindblad

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