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8 No. Always no. There is no May Way.

8 No. Always no. There is no May Way. Instead it seems the English men and women leavers don’t care enough about their Northern Irish nor Scottish counterparts.

They simply like to pull out and not give a single afterthought about them. They just like to leave no matter what.

So question is: why would N. Irland and Scotland care about England. If Brexit goes through, it is the start of the fall of the British empire, the dreams about it. It’s been gone for the last 50 years or so, and now it will fall. Dream on or not. End of.

Looking from the outside, in my own country Sweden, watching this chaos is exhausting and like a game of twisted thrones. No one budge. No one moves. No one like to shake hands or simply listen. Have a cup of tea and a biscuits in the UK Parliament and actually listen, talk and get along and solve things. And maybe a few hugs. No, it’s not the british way apparently.

The only way for the dream of the empire to continue being a dream believing it still being an empire (foolish dreamer nationalists) – an empire that doesn’t exist anyway – is to Stay and Remain in the EU. And continue being a United kingdom. It just is that simple. Scotland says
No. N. Irland say no. It is a No.

May Way therefore is to threaten to stay, unless MP vote here way. She said she would leave if they vote her way. How grotesque. How completely out of touch. It’s like watching and hearing a falling dictatorship last dance. She may well be the one remembered in history for dismantling and ending the UK.

Isn’t it funny how many brexit leavers leave.

And in the end, the ones who pay the price is the people ripped of their democratic rights to have a say, In May’s world.

Stefan Lindblad


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  1. For those of us who voted to stay, almost half the country), this is an absolute nightmare. We care about Europe and the Scots and Irish and want to stay in. A million Remainers marched last week in London. But all the politicians here care about is playing their games and living inside their own little bubble, and some of those saying they have to vote no because their voters expect it, come from areas where more people voted remain than leave. It’s an absolute farce.

    1. Hi Suzanne, A complete farce indeed. I follow the news, saw about the million people march and hope UK will remain. Agree about the politicians. They talk about the people, but refuse to allow a peoples vote. And knowing so many didn’t understand what they voted for. Madness. Fingers crossed

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