A fake Hong Kong publisher unlawfully published illustrations

Today I got an email with a link from my girlfriend, to what is an awfull rip off by a fake Hong Kong publisher.

It is also interesting at the same time, on how illustration & image copyrights are continously being violated.

There is one thing to like the internet to be free, but to steal images from websites and unlawfully publish them, to make money, but not pay any of the illustrators a single amount. And not even asking them, or notifying them. Not even having contact with them. Just plainly take the images from their respective website and publish in a book. A book that later have been sold on various bookstores online. I mean how bad can it be. Its nothing new, but nevertheless awfull.

The people doing this is evidently a sort of criminals who cant care less. Here is the link to the blog written by one of the illustrators affected by this. And the updates is also interesting reading on how it all progress. Link is: apefluff.com/colorful-illustrations-93c-please-do-not-buy-this-book/
Image here published of the cover is made available by fellow illustrator Princess Camcam

I also made a post about this on the CorelDRAW.com forum.

Spread the word about this awfull behavior of the designers and publisher doing this.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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