Alternative to Vero Instagram and Twitter

So you have Vero social media app installed, hoping it to be a great alternative to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and then you read about the CEO of Vero and goes: ”What? No! Crap”.

I will let it out there to the world to the know: I have Instagram, Twitter and now a Vero account. Yes, I have Facebook and LinkedIn and Google Plus as well. I was curious of Vero Social app like many others. And I made it as one of the first one millions. (And I feel as disturbed by news around Vero just like many others) .

And then you read news coming out about the founder and CEO of Vero. Accused about very disturbing things. So what to do know?

What alternatives are there to Vero app suddenly! Is there anything other out there!

Before Vero hyped the scene the last week’s, I started Tweeting a bit more again. I try to focus on using my own Twitter account for my illustration and graphic design life and work. Just like I do with my Instagram and official Facebook account.

But what can I do. Is there any meaning to find an alternative at all, really. To stay with Vero or not might be a question, but staying with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn is a no Brainerd to me personally.

But those alternatives out there, do they exist at all? And are they any good to begin with.


Flickr account is something I have but fear I just have a couple of bad photos on it. Never really started using it. But maybe Flickr can be something to look closer at. Currently 10 million Android App users on Flickr according to Google Play. Yahoo founded gives a nicer touch to the leadership. No known shady foundder/ CEO stuff lurking around. As we know of.
But will it generate sales and any prospective clients for Freelancers out there – who might be more illustrators and designers. Like it is on Instagram and Twitter.


Twitter is so much more than just a site and app for extreme political rants and trolls. It’s always been a decent place for illustrators and designers as well.


Instagram is Maki g people’s head spins with growing anxiety over shadow ban and algorithms. That apparently destroyed sales for Freelancers such as designers and illustrators. But that might get better again with time. Who knows. And has it really destroyed anything yet or is it just the fear of that have made people feel shattered.


Apparently an app with both great images features to share one’s I. Ages and at the same time it’s about stories. Never tried it before but can it be an alternative


I have an account. That’s it. Never use it.


Never used it and have no account.


Sorry, no account and no experience of Path social app. It’s said to be more intimate than Facebook. You can interact with strangers, but apparently more towards people you know. Which sounds a bit like the big guns like Instagram anyway. And like how Vero social app portray itself.


Never used it and have no account. Mostly I guess because I see it more like a blogging platform. And I already have a website and blog.


Never used it and have no account. And, honestly don’t know if it’s worth it if your a freelancing creative hoping to find prospective clients.

But really, does it have to an alternative only, or can it be seen as a tandem in conjunction use with the other bigger apps. Time will tell.

Till then, it’s a crazy world out there.

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