Americans get itchy about non-americans comments on Trump

I just read a comment on a public FB page about dogs, from an american who was sick of celebrities who were non-citizens of the US, basically foreigners, who have their say, having opinions, on how america is, and how they try to influence how americans should vote. So he asked the public person, Victoria Stillwell: “Are you a citizen of the USA?”. And when she responded yes, then he said it was okey for her to comment, and rant his statement. Victoria Stilwell had just put a comment on her FB page, saying Donald Trump was out of line. That is very scary, sketchy stuff for conservatives to say – apparently 😉

Now,it seems especially those who are very conservative (I know, not all, just some few odd balls), seem to strongly dislike people from other countries having an opinion on their country and politics, presidential election. The United States of America is a country which constantly affect other countries with strong intent to do just that – for their own benefit. Both politically and economically and culturally. Just like Russia. The so called super power countries (aka owners of atom b´s). USA intentionally so much, that actually we non-american citizens should most definitely have our say about their country. Maybe we should even be allowed to vote as well. And the same should apply with Russia.

Now, no country is an island even with water around it 360 degrees. It is still connected to this planet.

Stefan Lindblad
A Swede living in Sweden, and who has no problems with americans, or russians, on any other for that matter, for having a say about Sweden, for being americans, or others.

Here for reference

I don’t normally get political on my page but this is going too far. This man for president? It would make this great…

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