Americans Miles apart from Western Europe mindset, Trump can still win

Before Corona Pandemic, Trump had 50% of americas voters support, come November election. That says a lot about how totally strange and different USA is.

At the same time, we non-American should not sit on too high horses – we have our own shit to handle.

Equally That isn’t giving me any hope Americans in general will ever change their world view mindset.

But with the Corona pandemic and Trumps total mess in handling it, suddenly there is a chance he could loose in November.

That too show how easily swayed American voters are. And how totally different Americans view the world, to a western European mindset. And for that matter a Scandinavian mindset. Because Swedes for instance are useally very America friendly, and to some extent influenced by American culture. Almost as we think we understand America, when actually we don’t. We can relate to those in big cities, but not so much rural right wing religious America, which feels quite different.

Trump could still win. And, when that happens, that is when I say to america: “Sayonara!”. And sail away

Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator, artist & graphic artist

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