Bamboo Stylus Pocket from Wacom


Bamboo Stylus Pocket from Wacom.

Gadgets are fun when they work and especially fun to me are gadgets that I like and use. Pens can be gadgets, like Bamboo Stylus Pocket. Would I use it?


Is it touch sensitive?

Now, I am a professional artist, illustrator and graphic designer so to me its not touch sensitive as I compare to a totally other products and I have my demands. For others it might be perfectly okey. While I perfectly understand people will like this product from Wacom, I wont be using it in my work, maybe if nothing else is at hand. Its nevertheless great to have a digital pen to instantly draw someothing on a digital touch screen, to take notes and mayeb sketch something very roughly ad fast – and simple.


I would instead grab my paper sketchbook and a pen and draw LIVE.
I already use a Wacom Intuos pen tablet in combination with my Computer graphics software, with a whole range of touch sensitivity & tools absolutly crucial to my work and pure joy. Would I add another product to use in my work other than a Wacom Intuos tablet it would be Wacom Inkling.

For someone who is not like myself an artist & illustrator who draw and paint daily in my work and when having fun, this might be a fun product to use. After all you download an app, you install it and you start to draw.
I have had a Wacom Intuos since version 1 and drawn & painted with great results in combination with my CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT and Corel PAINTER graphics software  – and I have dropped the Wacom Intuos on the floor numerous times, indoors and outside – and they still work. Simply great qualtiy. Sometimes I need to reinstall the driver or install a new driver, but thats is easy and it works great.

Download Bamboo Paper app for stylus pens

The good thing with Bamboo Stylus is that it does what it seems to be intended to do. But if you dont use the Wacom Bamboo Paper app, then you might get bored due to the apps for smartphones for example are so poor.
Use it as a gadget, a toy or in work – but not in any artistic work as of yet. After all its not a Wacom Intuos pen tablet. Its a fun product but with limitations.

Special features of the Bamboo Stylus Pocket

+ Four coloured rings to personalize it a tad

+ Extended in length if needed to make it a bit easier to hold and use.

+ Clip and plug in to have it hanging on your smartphone


Read and view more about this fun new product from Wacom on their website

1) http://www.wacom.com/creative/products/stylus/bamboo-stylus

2) http://www.wacom.com/creative/interests/on-your-mobile-device/note-taking


Stefan Lindblad
Artist, Illustrator & graphic Designer

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