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Cartoonists suffer when a man with Power can’t take criticism and hits on those who oppose him

Illustration Stefan Lindblad. Draw this one when US president 45 visited UK

I feel for both of the illustrators, cartoonists, Michael De Adder and Greg Perry. I believe there is a specific reason to why the first, Michael, was replaced. It could very well be because of his latest Cartoon, although that is said to not be the case. But it could very well be because of other critical Trump cartoons all put together. It could even be something totally different and mundane.

I love great cartoonists. I respect the work they do. And those who are really good at it, they punch hard and fast and dance like the glorious Mohammed Ali.

Cartoonists are an important part of newspapers soul. They’ve been around for a long time. And they will continue being here for a long time. Regardless how news media will look like in the future, rest assure they will always stick around and put light on topics that matters when we need it. In news or elsewhere. They are news.

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The most boring President of USA history is most probably the 45th. He may have the smallest hands or the largest according to him. He is still boring.

When Michael De Adder made that hard-to-look-at-and-read cartoon of USA Mr. 45, he surely put light on something that really matters. The Mr. 45 most probably hated seeing it. Regardless of his small or large hands having to do with Michael De Adder being dropped as Brunswick newspaper cartoonist or not, it clearly show why it is so important that a clearly anti-democratic person like that Mr. 45 be questioned time and time again. And not only him. All people of power must be.

Article about Greg Perry, Canadian Cartoonist

The leaked memo of the British Ambassador to Washington, Kim Darroch show an unpleasant face of that 45. It also demonstrate the importance to why UK should stay in the EU. And not roam around alone.

UK, the British, will eventually get their act together. And refuse being bullied, ridiculed and thrown around by a Mr.45 character. Seeing how Mr. 45 ridiculed, and intent to destroy Theresa May, when she protected her Ambassador, standing up against 45, just show he is no man to rely on when shit hit the fans. The EU is.

Theresa May, Ambassador BBC

The Brits – Theresa May and her advisors – too quickly invited Mr. 45 to the UK. And now they saw how quickly he change his mind. And that the visit for him to the UK was strictly about him. And for him being next to the Queen. To shine in his self-centred golden glory. He never cared for anything else. Not for any Americans and not for any British, unless they support him. And honestly not even then. So the british have to clean up the mess. Wash the streets. Start all over. And wash it away. And keep carry on. And not look for 45 for alliance based on equal terms and mutual respect.

Cartoonists are important. Their eyes and pens and wits.

I feel sorry for the replacement Cartoonist Greg Perry who voluntarily stopped doing cartoons for the Brunswick newspaper. And that because he felt the unnecessary outrage towards him destroyed his reputation and livelihood. He claimed to never use or maybe never read social media, but he let that and some other issues around it make him end his Brunswick gig when it just had started. That is sad too. Dangerous also. A twitter mob took him down. A single Mr. can act like a one-man mob too.

This whole story is a sad one. In the US WH is a man who is weak. Cant take critique. And one who have shown domestically and internationally that he won’t accept any deviations, and tolerate no criticism towards him. It’s all about him in his eyes. Sad boring figure. And it affects peoples people’s lives and livelihood on a grand scale. And will do for generations to come.

Being replaced as a freelancing illustrator is not uncommon. Its actually quite common. It happens everywhere and every day. But this was something not normal. Shouldn’t be normal. 45 made it normal.

As a fellow illustrator I feel for the fellow freelancers illustrators, the cartoonists. I wish them well. To keep sharp and edgy. Because we need them.

Stefan Lindblad


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