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Wacom Art Pens breaks down, poor engineering, or bad material

I love Wacom Tablets and use them extensively, almost everyday since the Wacom Intuos 1.0 was released almost 20 years ago. Before it was called an Intuos I believe. Therefore I have several different Wacom pen Tablets since 1999. But, as much as the Wacom Classic Pen, that first was introduced with the first wacom…

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Caffee Nero is coming to Stockholm

In 2007 sat and draw this illustration, in my sketchbook, on-site at Caffee Nero. Right where Bayswater borders Notting Hill in London, England. That’s very close to Princes Square. I asked the red haired girl working there, if it was okey that I drew her into the drawing while she was working. And she said…


Under fire, UN Human Rights Act goes 70 year, Illustration. New reactionary leaders violates

Here is the editorial illustration I made for the Swedish magazine “Kommunalarbetaren”. Article about the UN Human Rights Act going 70 years of age, and now under constant attack, even our own western democracies, via its new reactionary leaders. Trying to push it away, and cracking down on it. The Human Rights that are so…