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The Fabulous DMC 12 – my illustration of the DeLorean

Illustration by Stefan Lindblad, DMC 12, DeLorean car I sketched, drew, this fabulous DMC 12, DeLorean Car yesterday. With my digital wacom pen in Corel Painter. For a webinar I am going to hold. I’ve always loved this car since I saw it the first time, and in the movies with Michael J Fox. He…


Here’s how to turn off, disable, lockscreen password on Huawei P10

To turn off the password for my lockscreen, on my Huawei P10 turned it to be a pain. But after several try and search on Google, I turned to Bing earch, and for some reason Bing search had it there on page 2, a link to Bell Canada. The culprit, solution, is as follows. Go…


Drawing while waiting in the car

Just made this drawing in my sketchbook outdoors in the country side. Sitting in my car waiting. And what better to do while waiting than to draw. An old almost off the road place. One day this will all probably be populated with small family houses, or luxurious housing. I understand it, just feel sad…