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Illustration and book cover I made, rejected the last minute 2016

This illustration and book cover design, was done with another book title and author name initially, but I deleted title and author name, publisher, and added a new mockup title and my own name. The book was never published Of all the book covers I´ve made, only one book cover I´ve made has been rejected…

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Freelance Gig websites is your worst friend

I have worked full-time as a freelancer, professional illustrator and graphic designer, for over 20 years. And I learned that freelance gig websites are ones worst friends. I totally understand freelance illustrators and designers starting out, who long for a career running a freelance business, actively looking for work on freelance websites, in hope to…

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New ink drawing before lunch and coffee break

Today’s quick ink drawing in my Moleskine Sketchbook using ink pens from Uni pen, Touch twin markers and Winston Newton Promarker pens. Made this ink drawing while working on a completely different set of illustrations. Six in total for an editorial, magazine, illustration work, custom publishing client. Now time for that lunch and coffee break….