En Selfie illustration av mig själv

English below Efter sommarens vila på några veckor – för få egentligen, än så länge – en Selfie. Med alla selfies som läggs upp på Instagram och så vidare, var det dags för mig att slå till med en teckning. … Read More

Portrait drawing of Greta Thunberg and perspective on life choices

No one should be pressed to make too big bold decisions on what to do and become in life at an early age. And still, often as a younger person when you go from being a kid, to a teenager … Read More

Cartoonists suffer when a man with Power can’t take criticism and hits on those who oppose him

I feel for both of the illustrators, cartoonists, Michael De Adder and Greg Perry. I believe there is a specific reason to why the first, Michael, was replaced. It could very well be because of his latest Cartoon, although that … Read More