Latest Cover Illustration, Resumé magazine
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Latest Cover Illustration, Resumé magazine

My latest Cover illustration, this time for ”Resumé” magazine, and one for an article inside. I had a blast creating both vector illustrations for this issue and article. Made the illustration using Coreldraw 2019. The article I illustrated, a 2 page full spread illustration inside the magazine. ”Resume” is Swedens, and Scandinavias largest magazine for…

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Ink Drawing of Meat District in Stockholm. Hot dog stand, kiosk.

Drawing I sketched at the Meat District main entrance, in Stockholm. A hotdog kiosk. Which is close to Sports arenas like Globen and Tele 2 Arena. This area is being transformed into a new city neighborhood with apartments housing and nightlife, cafes and small businesses. All basically left of meat district will probably just be…

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NEW CorelDRAW 2019 for MAC and PC. For MAC people!

For a very long time now, we talk 20 or maybe even 30 years, and since the Mac version 11.0 in 2002, CorelDRAW and Mac users have longed for a proper Mac version for CorelDRAW. And finally it is here – CorelDRAW 2019 comes powered up with a grand beautiful Mac version I am on…