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New video tutorial – image editing directly inside CorelDARW X8

Image editing a photo directly inside CorelDRAW. No need to use Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Gimp, or that other program called Photoshop. Do it all inside CorelDRAW! “CorelDRAW photo image adjustments, using Tone curve and desaturate directly inside CorelDRAW. Altering, make changes to a photo. Change colors and depth to a photo using CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. Tutorial…

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How to draw and use Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7 to Flip image

Here a tip again, where i show a great useaful and simple workflow for artists and illustrators drawing digitally. “Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7, Flip image”. Great for artists and illustrators who like to view an image they are drawing and working on,  from various viewpoints. And the Customizing and Options feature in Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7. Stefan…


My new tutorial: Stefan Lindblad Drawing a Sphere and stars in CorelDRAW X7

Just created and uploaded a new video tutorial for my YouTube Channel. “Stefan Lindblad Drawing a Sphere and stars Tutorial in CorelDRAW X7 ”   Stefan Lindblad Illustrator, graphic designer & artist CorelDRAW Master www.stefanlindblad.com www.canvas.nu