Coachloads Japanese / Asian tourists keep visiting Kidlington, UK

 Kidlington? Ever heard about it? No? – Figures, not the most famous place on earth, but wait, that just changed. It just has to be the gardens, and their “perfect” layout. It does look a wee bit surreal, if you start to think about it. And use a lot of imagination. A bit like places in a possible computer game, or an Anime animated movie. Or Midsomer Murders or Morse.
I remember when my mom was at our country/all around house in Sirmishamn, south Sweden. She was enjoying her coffee in the garden reading a book, when a few German tourists opened the closed garden door, and walked in and took pictures. Hilarious and very odd. They didn’t even ask, if i am not mistaken.
But complain as if the tourists from asia are disrespectful. In some parts maybe, but Swedes,. English, british and all type of western tourists do this as well – all the time. They just can’t understand how their intrusion, photo taking of locals in a foreign country, could ever be – intrusion.
Anyway, quite hilarious


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer, artist

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