Corel Scrapbook is replaced with Corel Connect

Anyone who have used CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT up until version X6 have probably at least once used the nifty docker called Scrapbook. I LOVED the Scrapbook – and then came Corel CONNECT. I remember when Corel CONNECT made its entrance for version X5. And if you are using CorelDRAW Graphic Suite X6 you can still find and use the Scrapbook via Tools > Customizing > Commands. And then write in the Binocular icon searching for Scrapbook. Then drag it to the property bar and click OK.

With X7 this wonderful docker is no longer present. But if you are used to Scrapbook you really dont have to feel to sad because Corel CONNECT which is not only a Stand alone program, is very much so a DOCKER. So if you have either version X5, X6 and now X7 you simply go to Windows > Docker > Corel CONNECT and it will open up as a docker. And it really does look ver similar. And with added functions. Just give it a go. If you loved Corel Scrapbook then you will start to love Corel CONNECT as well.

In other words for me personally it is nothing I really miss from Scrapbook – part from its name – but I miss functions I would love to be added to Corel CONNECT. With each version of COnnect X5, X6 and now X7 features have been added. But me being a unpatiant user, I feel things could move on faster in that department, But I use Corel CONNECT Docker with the same easy really as I did with Scrapbook Docker.

Corel CONNECT works in great combo with the Tray Docker so the features compared with the scrapbook are many indeed.

Now, for sentimentality reasons I feel Corel could have let Scrapbook still be available in X7, but that’s my personal feel. I can somewhat understand that Corel remove oldies when new is so much more elaborated and more useful with added features.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer & artist
Corel appointed CorelDRAW Master

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  1. I just received Corel x7 and im a little bummed that scrapbook is gone. I use it daily. ive tried using Connect but what makes it difficult is that there is no “sort” option. is there a way to fix this to sort alphabetically or even a way to get back scrapbook?

    1. Hi Del,

      I used to use Scrapbook as well, up until X5. And then Corel Connect came. Scrapbook is not available as you noticed in X7. It was/is available up until X6, via the Customizing, and adding it that way. There is no way to get Scrapbook back to X7, sorry. Or as I know of. It simply isnt there anymore in the Customizing either. Connect is simply the one route to go right now.

      You can see Connect both as a Docker and a Stand alone. If you use Corel Connect in combination with Tray Docker, then you can create numerous Tray´s, and sort your files into projects, divided into various Trays. So for example if you work with let say 2-3 projects (or more) with clients, you drag from Connect into Tray, the files and images for each client/project to “their” tray. And then that would work quite good. You can then collaps Tray if needed.

      In Corel CONNECT, if you drag and drop Folders locally to the “Favorite Folders”, that is also a solution that I found quite good. When I work with a client, I simply drag their Folder from a local place on my computer, and drop it into “Favorite Folders” in Connect. And expand and collaps Connect, or the little arrow in white, that you expand connect windows with, as I work.

      You can reach ALL of your files and flders locally and on network, in Corel CONNECT via the “Folders”. And from there drag the specifik folder(-s) to the Favorite Folder. I think this works very well

      Hope this helps

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