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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 – How to neatly pack a computer software

I read an article in Swedish Graphics Magazine Cap & Design (use google translate), Adobe Creative CS5 new packaging. Okay, it looks pretty traditional. Neither good nor bad. Nothing negative. It looks completely okay. Since Cap & Design is Cap & Design and usually is a very Adobe-oriented magazine it means all Adobe is good, but everything else left unnamed. Well almost. At least as its not labeld Adobe, Microsoft or Apple.

Like many may already know I use CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 (CDGSX5) in my work. And for this new version I was asked by Corel Corporation if I wanted to write an article for their ”Insight From The Experts” for the new version of CDGSX5, which I obviously said yes to. Hence why my article is now inside CDGSX5.

This is where we come into the isue of packaging a computer software. Corel has solved this very different from Adobe, they have printed a very useful and stylish 4-clour book in a slip-packaging with the program DVD inside the book. This means that you probably will really see the value in the book. All of a sudden there are tons of interesting and very useful material. This is not paper packaging you throw away. This is something you will have a lot of great value of. Very handy to say the least.

Check out the movie, a presentation Corel product manager Gérard Metrailler have done. Simple, neat, and yes, much fun!

Enjoy you who buy CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5!

Stefan Lindblad
illustrator & artist

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