CorelDRAW & The Fashion industry

Not many people know that CorelDRAW is the software choice of many in the Fashion Industry. For example ZARA, the Spanish fashion house have chosen CorelDRAW C-Design. Here is a Pressrelease about this from Corel.

ZARA Selects C-DESIGN Fashion as its Company-Standard Design Solution
Paris – April 20, 2007
C-DESIGN, a developer of innovative design software for the fashion and textile industries, today announced that ZARA, the internationally renowned fashion retailer, has selected C-DESIGN Fashion® as its company-standard solution for its design, graphics and production departments.
Based on the power of CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite, C-DESIGN Fashion is a computer assisted design (CAD) and technical pack tool that allows ZARA to create and merchandise its collections quickly and efficiently. With C-DESIGN Fashion, designers are able to automate and modernize the entire creation and production process for its collections.
C-DESIGN Fashion is a complete and efficient software package that is designed specifically to meet the needs of the ready-to-wear industry. Leveraging the superior graphics capabilities and ease of use that CorelDRAW is known for, C-DESIGN Fashion is the most powerful software for fashion design and technical pack creation on the market. Now customers can choose a single software solution that supports the full creative lifecycle including design, textile drawing, technical packages, collection plans, line sheets and visual merchandising.
ZARA designers use C-DESIGN Fashion to create shapes, apply colors and fabrics, prints, embroideries, and apply special effects such as vintage and stone-wash. With the new and advanced features in C-DESIGN Fashion, designers are able to simplify the design process and improve the communication between designers, graphic designers, pattern makers and product management.
Read the whole pressrelease here>>
I mention this here because this could very well be something for you fashion designers to know more about. CorelDRAW is in my eyes THE software to use. Not to say that Adobe software is bad, only I use CorelDRAW Graphics Suite my self on a daily basis. Both CorelDRAW itself and Corel Photo-Paint. And looking at it as a freelancer its also good economy to choose CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. You could always try it out yourself by downloading a trial version at And at the brand new community there is a new section for fashion designers working with CorelDRAW. Its brand new so not that many have started to visit the forum yet, but I know that one very experienced user is visiting the forum, so you could always get advice from that forum on how to work with the software.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & Artist

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