CorelDRAW X6 Barcode Wizard

CorelDRAW Barcode Wizard is something I use myself when I create Barcode for different retail products, book covers and so forth.

CorelDRAW X6 Barcode Wizard
Barcode Wizard Generator have been with us for a while, and is available in versions CorelDRAW X5 and X6 under Edit> Insert Barcode. It creates an OLE object, which is an object, but the one most often wanted is a barcode without OLE, for various reasons.

To convert OLE object and make it a barcode with a common object – objects like curve and text, do this:

Go to Edit> Insert Barcode
Enter your ISBN number, if it is such, from there advance your way to the final ”insert/OK.”
The barcode is now placed in your document,

Now use either short cut Ctrl + C or go via the Edit (edit)> Copy (Copy)

Go back to Edit and create a Picture Metafile: Edit> Paste Special
And select the dialogue ”Picture Metafile”

Now you Bracode can easily be edited as a standard object!

I useally select all curves in the barcode to one single curve, and do the same with all the text – select text and click ctrl+Q and go to Property Bar and choose WELD.

I then keep the background object either as white – most common for easy reading by humans and scanners, or any color suitable if needed.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer

4 Responses

  • Barcode Wizard Generator CorelDRAW X6 is grey and can’t click on it, any ideas? Open, closed started new pg. nothing..


    • I tested the X6 Barcode Wizard again, Menu/Edit/Insert Barcode.
      Added a valid ISBN number, and the Barcode Wizard worked.

      Maybe you are trying the QR Code Generator? If that is greyed then it might be that you dont have Premium Membership account activated with Corel. Barcode Wizard you can use without problem, no need for premium membership that is. But QR is different for CorelDRAW X6.

      Try this valid ISBN number 978-3941248380 and place it as it is in the Barcode Wizard. And it will generate a barcode. In normal situations.

      But again, if it doesnt work, then tell me the exact steps you make. Dont leave out anything.

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