CorelDRAW X7 tutorial Align & Distribute on my Youtube Channel

I just uploaded to my Youtube Channel a new video tutorial on how to use Align & Distribute Docker on Objects, in CorelDRAW X7. This works the same in CorelDRAW X6 for anyone who uses CorelDRAW X6.

This is a very good feature when you work in any type of production and really need to align two or more objects perfectly aligned to each other. Meaning in my case in the video tutorial, to have the outlines of both objects to be placed exactly on top of each other.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist & graphic designer
CorelDRAW Master
& www.stefanlindblad.com


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    1. Hello, What do you think is “worth less”. My video tutorial or the actual feature in CorelDRAW? And if it is “worth less” according to you, what specifically is not working. It is not helping anything if you just write worth less.

      1) If it is the video tutorial I made you do not like, then, Sorry. Maybe you will find a tutorial on the internet that suits you better.

      2) If is the actual feature in CorelDRAW you do not like, then okey, apparently it is not working for you in your workflow. But personally I would like to say its pretty straight forward and very usefull feature. But if you do not like it: Go to the official Corel Corp website http://www.community.coreldraw.com and place your proposals to make it better directly to Corel.

  1. its worthless because what i want to search i din’t get rather than these . so ……………….

  2. Is there a simple way to align two objects so that they are side by side?

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