E-book DVD – CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 from Unleashed Productions

CorelDRAW Unleashed X5, by Foster D. Coburn.

Sometimes it’s easy to write big words about something, and this time especially. The ultimate manual for both beginners and professional users – the CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed ebook/DVD by Foster D. Coburn & Unleashed Productions. I really recommend it if you use or like to learn the same graphics suite that I use – CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5. If you already use CorelDRAW & Photo-Paint, which are the two main programs in the suite you will get a perfect recourse to have at hand when you like to freshen up your skills but also when you want to learn something new. If you are a beginner Foster D. Coburn is a really good in teaching. Honestly.

To quote from the ebook:
This is a training solution that combines a 565 page ebook featuring full color pages of detailed information on getting the most from CorelDRAW X5 with more than ten hours of video tutorials to help you fully understand what you’ve read. This book was fully designed to get the very most from the PDF format with links to useful Web pages, links to the video tutorials and links to other related information within the book. Sample files are provided so that you can work along while reading and watching. This is the most complete learning tool available for CorelDRAW X5! 

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist 

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