Encouraging words of illustrations & book covers designs I made ​​for Swedish publishing houses

Even I as an illustrator and designer of book covers like reactions to the books I have made illustrations and designs for.

Therefore, even more fun when I came back to a blog I came across by chance in 2010. Then lost the link to the book blog. And now again come back to it again after having lost the link.

(Book blogs in Sweden are many times runned like this particular blog, by librarians in different libraries across the country. These librarians are those who order and buy books to the school libraries. And they ofte review and comment, and suggest books)

It made my day to read that the book illustrations and designs reach out to the readers – and buyers, and do what they are supposed to – get readers to read and buyers wanting to buy. I am humble and pleased by the response.

Here is the link to the blog and the comments made in the post itself and the comments to the post. (Using google translate swedish to english)

Ps. the blog posters post originally wrote about another book, and image of the book IS NOT mine. But the book of mine “Spelet”, (“The Game” in English) is mentioned and then below further comments from the reviewer/librarian/buyer to my comment of their text/review.


Posted by: Frid

Your illustrations are really what draws readers. Copies of the game is always on loan. We’ll see how it will look like with Level 13, it is still too early to tell.

@ 2010-06-29 19:52:58

Glad to hear from you again. Unfortunately, it is difficult remember an illustrator’s name in regard to the authors. Your link made me realize that you continue to affect my purchases for school libraries. Leif Jacobson MC-books I bought, in part because they may fit some guys tired of reading (Reluctant readers) but also for the cool front pages (have not read them myself). The negative is that Hegas books are so expensive! I recently read Ankh´s book “Festen” (“The Party” in English). We have a large audience for such books in schools. Glad to see that you have made the cover of one edition of Brites Lost Souls. Read it in the 90s. Good book but very homoerotic. Maybe not every vampire lover’s first choice. I have now added your blog to bookmark, I get a bit more in control of your future production.

@ 2011-04-17 14:27:59


More comments on the page in question.

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