Fake seriel number shuts down CorelDRAW X4, ” Error 24 ” – nothing strange but makes people angry






Update: Please remember this offer came in 2010, when “Error 24” started coming up. Since then several new versions of CorelDRAW have been released. But this blog post of mine does explain more on the CorelDRAW Error 24 problem. Below my original blog article on the subject.


“CorelDRAW Grapics Suite X5 “Product Installation Unsuccessful Please Reinstall Error 24”

The current version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is X5. The earlier version X4 have now been the victim of illegal serielnumbers sold together with illegal software versions with “discount” prices. A regular scam.

Solution to the “Error 24” problem is here, see Updated info
Updated info: Corel offers an Amnesty policy of good-faith purchase, read more here>
On Corel’s official forum CorelDRAW.com many CorelDRAW X4 users started to complain about CorelDRAW X4 shutting down after 1 June 2010. These programs certainly can have been purchased in good faith, although these have still been bought from illegitimate websites and shops in some countries. It has been shown that Keygen serial-generators had CorelDRAW X4 to completely stop working on 1 june 2010. 

The error message they get is “Product Installation Unsuccessful Please Reinstall Error 24“.

Corel has officially tried to explain what has taken place, but many buyers of the software has as of yet not entirely accepted this information. This despite the fact that it appeared that the affected serial number Corel was being sent to proved to be just a serial number generated illegally. 

Some have said they bought the programs in good faith on sites such as Ebay and other sites, offered discount prices some as low as $49 U.S. If you consider that the program only in Sweden goes for about 6000 crowns (aproximatly 600 euros)  it’s clear that something fishy was lurking around. The phrase “too good to be true” is the right fit. After al why would Corel sell the previous version for prices below 50-90% off. Scammers use peoples wish to make a good deal, its a very common procedure so to speak. Who knows if the scammers have something else part from CorelDRAW X4 being installed in the background, like a trojan. I would as soon as possible uninstalling this illegal copy and take Corels offer now being offered as soon as possible and then run the antivirus program as well.

In any case, Corel has offered to assist anyone who bought the programs legitimate in good faith, if it can bee proved with a receipt. 
Updated info: Corel offers an Amnesty policy of good-faith purchase, read more here>

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist
Official CorelDraw Master

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