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Flaked on Netflix inspired me to draw this ink drawing

Late on the train maybe, watching Flaked on Netflix. But me drawing in my sketchbook an ink nonetheless – i like Flaked. 

Drawing by Stefan Lindblad

After watching season 1 of Flaked i am seriously hooked one could say. There are many stories inside the overall story that could make for spin-offs, had that been a goal. Without going into too many details about my emotional feelings about Flaked on Netflix, the feeling I got inspired me to draw this street scene in my sketchbook. The drawing has nothing initself from flaked. It’s all totally made up scene, where I also added some names and words to blink-blink to my friends and my better half, my love, Mia. The names of a cafe, a kiosk, and street signage.

Hope you like it and that you enjoy the holidays this crazy year 2020. It put a strain on all of us, be it big or small. Let’s hope for a better 2021.

From Sweden to the world – a happier New Year!

Stefan Lindblad

Artist, Illustrator

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