Fonts can make a mess of your software

Who doesn’t love font’s. Letters that makes a word but also a designed feeling. There are tons of thousands of fonts out there and they keep coming.

Many quality fonts are shipped with various graphic Software suites, such as CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and Adibe Creative Suite, to just mention a few. You get fonts shipped with various office programs as well: mS Word, Libre Office, Open Office and WordPerfect.

And because we love fonts, type fonts, we sometimes see a font we like and install it. Happy having it, we start our programs – and bam! It choke our computer systems and we start to think what the heck happened to our graphics program or office program.

When in fact it’s the specific font that made it all stop working.

If possible and you remember which font was installed, then start by uninstalling it. And the start your fav programs again.

Most of the time this sort everything out, and everyone is happy.

So beware and why not make a not on which font you installed.

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