Good Design by OK Mark, Old Spitelfields in London

I was in London for several days, and came back home yesterday to Stockholm, Sweden. On Sunday I whent with Mia my girlfriend to the market Old Spitelfields Market. A place and market on sundays filled with high and low design, food and a general nice atmosphere. It was my third time on my third trip to London, England. Among many nice things I (we) saw the design by OK Marc, Kervin Marc. T-shirts with screen prints on and bags. There were more items, but those where the items I stoped and took a closer look at. In plain english I liked it a lot, very good design. Great bags and T-shirts. Very nice colour combinations, and it all seemed well done. As well as I liked the prints on the t-shirts, I have to say also Iiked the seam on the t-shirt sleves. A seam that was not to tightly stitched. With space in between every seam.
Do take a look if you have your way through Old Spitelfields in London. OK Marc design is worth taking a look at!

And dont forget to take a coffe and carrot cake, the one without diary products, in the entrance towards Commercial street. A great cake!
Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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