Gothia cup small caos of idiots destroying the fun

I am a male myself. I like football. I like life. I like to have fun. But what is it with men, in this case young men, young adults who stupidly runs on to the pitch and start fist fighting the kid players of 16 year olds because of some hidden obscure reason. These young adults who destroy the game and general feeling of joy between kids playing football from all over the world. Gothia Cup have 1500 footballers from 60 different countries meating every year to play a great tournament  Through the years 800 000 kids from all over the world have come to play the biggest, the largest the most fun for kids tournament in the world – and then these tossers comes around and run on to the pitch and start fighting with the players. I dont get it. Its a freakin football torunament for KIDS! Wake up you male tossers.

Stefan Lindblad

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