Great drawings by Illustrator Paul Madonna

As an illustrator & artist myself who dont go outside the door without my sketchbook (Moleskine for the moment) and pens, drawing people and surroundings while sitting at cafés and other places, I really appreciated the works by Paul Madonna. The San Francisco based illustrator, who got a book published by City Lights Books, showing his great drawings, illustrations originally published in the San Francisco Cronicle, Sunday Datebook Section. If you havent seen Paul Madonna´s works yet, try look for them in the newspaper or maybe even better buy the book. “All over Coffee”. I saw on his website that he also sell some of his originals. Click here to look and buy his originals.>>
And if you like to have the same book as I bought at Borders bookshop at Union Square in San Francisco, USA, when I was there with my girlfriend Mia in 2007, then click here “All over Coffee”>>
I havent seen the book sold in Swedish bookstores yet, but one could probably buy it via a “neighbourhood” online bookstore where you live. I have my signed copy in our bookshelve and love it.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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