Greece is For Sale or am I missing something?

Greece as a country put this horrible economic and disasterous situation in many ways on themselves, with help from American and European banks and politicians who looked the other way, and fixed the numbers. So at a first glance you may think that whatever is hit at them, its their own fault and they are worth it. You sit there in your stool and sip coffee in Helsinki, Finland, Berlin, Germany or why not at a café somewhere in Latvia.

But then, regardless how missmanaged and corrupted Greece have been by banks, ship owners, small company owners and politicians, you say they  they have not been stopped by the general public of Greece.

But one thing is missing, right. In the agreement with the EuroZOne, ECB and IMF. Don´t you think that any company or country or regular person, need some sort of incenment to grow and be able to make money. You can after all only save up and starve so much. At one point you have to invest. So question is; why didnt the EuroZone countries put more money set aside, to make it easier for Greeks in general to make money, and help its own country to grow and invest friendly. According to some Swedish news media and people in the know, the money set aside in the agreement is way to small.

But does EVERYTHING have to be up for grabs? Or is it just a missconception in the media? Have the EuroZone countries been able to think enough, so Greece doesnt have t sell EVERYTHING? Sell all their islands and historical sites? Those sites that are part of our common history, like Acropolis.

Or does the EuroZone think that because British museum and other european museums already stole, sorry – bought… marbles and historic artifacts from Greece, its okey to have them sell the rest as well?

I feel deeply there is a serious lack of vision from the Eurozone, IMF and ECB. Or it is just media making this a bigger story than it is. Time will tell.


Stefan Lindblad
European, Sweden, human being
Occuption illustrator, artist and Graphic Designer

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