Hi CorelDRAW users, what do you like to see on my store

I have a online store on my website: www.canvas.nu/store
As an illustrator and graphic designer I create things everyday on commission for a wide variety of companies. Things I use and reuse in designs and illustrations.

After cleaning out my online store with many oldies and goodies merchandise and download products from the store, I whanted to restart clean in the store. I told myself I like to offer things to other CorelDRAW Graphic Suite users products they need and whant in their work.

For example a sign & t-shirt print shop who need stuff to their daily design and print clients in their store. And easily downloaded from my store. And with safe payment methods via Pay Pal. And from someone they can trust, is fair and who they may co-operate with. And who they kind of know who he/she is. And maybe come up with suggestions. For example telling what they need, and if I might be able to supply, design or create it.

Some of you know who I am through www.coreldraw.com community forum. Some have seen me appointed CorelDRAW MAster by COREL and so forth. Some may have read this one on Corel blogs>

Let me know your thoughts and ideas. Either via emailing me directly or via a comment here on my blog.

Ps. My website STORE is bilingual, so just click the ENGLISH language flag.

Look forward to any comments you may have.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & Graphic Designer – and artist



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