How important information is communicated to everyone who needs it. An Illustrator’s thoughts

Illustration, drawing Stefan Lindblad

Communication is so important. How is it interpreted by a reader, listener when society says to “protect our elderly and those at risk”. How to get the right and correct information out. And then to someone who might interpret the opposite of what they meant. When we in Sweden say “to protect…” meaning isolate the elderly to protect them, another may interprets it “to protect..” as going to them. Hold their hand, give them a warm hug or sit and laugh with each other so the drip spread spreads a meter. I read on social media, the slightly crazy Twitter, some discuss (taking for granted and write “What The fuck” with the capital letters WTF) and establish for some that the reason why so many with dark skin died, in this case Swedish-Somali, proved racism in society.

I was mostly disillusioned when I saw this slanted reaction.
I logged out of the madness world Twitter that day.

In what way does their per automatic reaction in accuse people of racism help in any way, during an ongoing epidemic these Swedes who immigrated here from being infected. How does it help to protect them during a raging virus attack, to pull out the racist card. Or even try to understand the social living conditions in which the infected live, and make them understand the seriousness we all suffer from – Covid-19.

Instead, the question should have been how do you communicate to people so that everyone understands what you mean. Because it is all about reaching out to everyone in society and make them understand what is going on, and what they have to do. And not start by setting groups against each other.

My initial reaction after being disillusioned was wanting to unsubscribe from just about all social media. We would all lose the daily digital contact. Then angry that we humans are no more intelligent than this. We hit first and then ask. If even that. We carry preconceived notions around us. Very few people take a helicopter’s gaze to gather information. Information is conspired of, if you misread the sources, reinterpret and incites and rasing animosity, anger, and then get lost when it is most needed.

Just because you live in a country, doesnt mean you understand the cods. Those you learn from childhood and onwards

Although everyone speaks Swedish in Sweden, not everyone does, do they. Although everyone lives in Sweden, we have different backgrounds, and everyone does not automatically understand the same codes in society. We live in the same city, countryside, country, but we still do not have the same way of interpreting the information. A Greek, a Spanish person or an American can easily stand as a question mark before our decisions. So therefore we all, the official channels of society to a very high degree, have to get out the information right. Quickly. Extremely fast to save lives.

This short clip mentions this very clearly, among other things. Look, listen and learn. It takes three minutes “TV Channel SVT Agenda, Authorities risk being misinterpreted”. In Swedish language.

Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator, Graphic Artist/Designer

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