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How much for a website in Sweden

I wrote this respons originally in respons to a question : “How much would you charge to create a website in Sweden, and how much is expected to be included. And is the designer expected to care for the website security?”.

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Now, that is a question that opens up a whole lot of things actually. And, with all due respect, it is a earnest question that deserves an earnest answer. And equally very difficult to answer right off the bat. Just like that.

I felt my short answer was food for thought and worthy a short blog post response.

A question that includes so many questions and have many answers, almost impossible to answer actually.

First, it depends on who your client is. There is a huge difference to building a Website for a small business owner just starting out, a small company who just needs a contact page like an online business card. Or a company with let say 5 employees and have a small online store – or a Swedish multinational company like IKEA. This question on how much to charge open up an ocean of questions. So, you should be more specific on that issue – what type of company are you talking about.

The other is of course, for even a one page site you just scroll down on, if its a contact website with just an “entrance/intro” page, a small “about” and a contact form. Or is it a website with all those three subjects who also intend to run an online shop.

Or is it a website for a designer, artist, illustrator who needs an additional portfolio page. Is it a portfolio page with just one gallery page or ten portfolio galleries. Is there a page where a company services is present.

Are you to create the technical side only, like CSS and Html, PHP and so forth. Are you expected to fix and run the security on the site, GDPR or some other privacy issue on the site. Or are you expected to select images or make small images corrections. Or even professional image editing. Will the client or you supply images to the site. Are you expected to take photos or should you hire a professional photographer. Is the client mysteriously believing that images are included in the price without mentioning it. Will you by from a stock image site and client known they have to pay for that too.

And SEO of course.

Is the client a professional minded person, or just a pain in you know what. And someone you found expects things done just like that, without understanding it will cost additional fees. (There are many people like that). And should you set up an agreement – yes of course you should! You must, and be very specific. If your a professional, act like one. And the client will hopefully act accordingly. And be prepared to walk away if needed. Should you agree on getting payed – in writing of course – to get payed for your time and work, even if you two decide you have to part ways.

Are you going to be a Web designer and expected to design and create all image graphics. Even graphics useally a professional illustrator creates for a living, with additional cost added to the overall price of the website.

Is it a wordpress website or a Webflow or some other plattform. Simply put, you have to narrow things down to get a proper answer.

If I would say I can create a website for a company for 7000 SEK + moms/VAT, what is included in that. How many pages, how many proof rounds “korr-rundor” as we say in Swedish are included. Meaning, how many times can a client give respons, get corrections per page, or the entire site, before it starts costing additional money part from the base price of the website. Do you limit to one or three proof rounds. Three per page or three per entire site. Things like that are extremely important to think about and plan ahead of time. And client and yourself need to have this written down. Pages, texts and images sometimes tends to be added by the client. And if you haven’t informed that will cost extra, it might create unnecessary conflicts. And communication problems. Communication is key.

Who should write the copy per page

If possible hire a professional copywriter. I would presume for a small company page for a one man company / freelancer, I would presume the client him/herself would do the copywriting for all pages – that mean, you the designer shouldn’t. Keep away from being the one expected to write text. Simply because your a designer and not a Jack of all trades. For many reasons you should stay away from that.

If not, you most probably should hire a local copywriter. Some native who really know the Swedish language. Many who are not born here, open shop and start a website tend to have non-correct Swedish. It’s normal in any country. Sounds good when speeking, but not in writing on a professional website representing a professional business. Bad grammar and spelling can turn many people off. And to be honest, many people who run companies, doesn’t matter how native speaking and born her they may be, they are often bad writers.

So, going back to the figures 7000 SEK +moms/vat. Is that a total amount regardless how many pages of the site. (Should not be). Remember a page can be anything from one page to thousands of pages. So, basically, to nail it down and going into the nitty gritty of things, you need specifics. People like to know what they are paying for. And you need to know what’s expected of you. No loose ends. And absolutely no: “come up with something and we will see”. And many things like that. And you need to nail it down and be specific because otherwise you sit there with a huge complex website or just a client who never delivers themselves, and hours of work being added and the 7000+moms/VAT is suddenly below coffee money, petty cash. And you walk away burned out and used.

And this just scratched the surface of things

Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator and graphic designer who sometimes create websites

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