How to reach out with marketing on Social media like LinkedIn

This text below I wrote as a response, a comment, to a marketer I know, in Canada, today. The person had a great post, a question that resonated, and written most definitely from personal experience of posting on LinkedIn.

So I posted a comment. I don’t have hubris, I just felt I formulated my own thoughts rather well. And I like to post so I remember myself.

Drawing by Stefan Lindblad

I feel from my perspective that corporations and advertising agencys too often sounds marketing. And that is the case for people like myself, who miss out on the personal touch.

Faces getting 40% more engagement on Instagram, I can understand that because it’s the same with magazine covers, like fashion and other magazines targeted towards women.

Same goes with colours. Red is a strong signal. But all covers can’t be red, then they just drown from the competition.

How can a big corporation reach out and not sound big Corp. How to reach out in the crowd. How to be the red cover standing out among all the other red. Its probably the one with a message that speaks to one person. Reaching out to a crowd while just speaking with one.

A famous Swedish male actor I talked to each night at the Royal Dramatic theatre, asked me every night if any famous one sat in the crowd. He didn’t care really if the person was famous or not. It just gave him a face, a person he could picture. So to play for an audience of 900 he picked one. And he was brilliant.

PS. His name was Ernst Hugo Järegård. And he played a part in “Aunt August” at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, in Stockholm.

Stefan Lindblad Illustrator, Artist

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