I am holding a course for a sign company in Sweden


I am holding a course in CorelDraw and PHOTO-PAINT for a Swedish sign company tomorrow. The course is all set up and I am prepared and ready to start teaching a great software.

It’s interesting to see how differently we all work. Although I don’t teach on a regular basis, after all I am an illustrator and graphic designer myself,  still occasionally I get questions to teach. And tomorrow is one of those occasions. The joy of teaching to someone else is also to reconnect and confirm ones own knowledge. Like when Mia got her driving license. The days she took a driving class at the driving school, I sat all quite and wrote down and draw images on everything she and her driving teacher spoked, teached, saw, experienced and learned. I too learned a lot. My own knowledge increased. I learned new traffic rules, new ways and refreshed new up to date thinking in the art of driving a car. Today I whent for coffee bringing the Box version Guidebook that comes with CorelDRAW GS X6. Like eating candy and learn something at the same time.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer

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