Illustration kidsbook Rizzo Racedriver, Berghs förlag, Publishing

I made these drawings for a kid’s book called : ”Rizzo Racerförare” (Rizzo Race driver), some years ago. It popped up again, when redesigning my website portfolio.

Illustration by Stefan Lindblad, kidsbook Rizzo Racerförare

I had a lot of fun with this book job. I made all illustrations inside the book, and the entire bookcover, design and illustration.  I sketched, drew these drawings digitally using my Wacom Intuos Pro and Corel Photo-Paint (Coreldraw Graphics Suite).

Illustration by Stefan Lindblad, kidsbook Rizzo Racerförare

To work withe people at Berghs förlag couldnt be better either. The Writer George Johansson, was and still is into race driving. Knows his stuff. It was such pleasure to work with him. I could always get all the racing lingo in the book, translated to regular language, helping me draw better details and things like that. Which was very helpful.

George Johansson is also the writer of Muller Meck, called Gary Gadget in English.

For the artists out here, who sometimes ask: To draw these illustrations, I used Corel Photo-Paint in CorelDRAW. And a Wacom pengar tablet.

Stefan Lindblad

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