Is it wrong to work in different styles?

No according to me it is not wrong to work in several styles and techniques. Wy should it be really?
As an artist and illustrator I mean that it is the most naturall thing to do. In the one-question-country of Sweden, which probably goes for other countries as well, it mait seem to be the finest thing to do, to do one thing and do only that “and do it good”. Well to do just one thing doesnt necesarily means it is made well. To work in several styles and techniques is as naturall as a person is more than the one first see, the face. A person useally like doing several things, thinking and feeling several things – at the same time, so why in the heck would an artist have to stick to do only one kind of art. It doesnt make sense.

Stefan Lindblad
illustrator & artist
Stockholm, Sweden

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