Italian pop-ballads and starting my own company, in 1997

The summer of 1997 I listened to way to much Italian pop ballads. Especially as so many italian restaurants and cheezy pizzerias did too unfortunately, during 1997. But I loved every second of it. I took my old bicycle from the 1940`s down to work, as the sun shined early mornings, wearing my Walkman and ear buds. I started my own freelancing company in 1997. I was delivering sandwiches by car during the days, and the nigths I worked at the theatres behind the stage as well as taking tickets.  And in between I drank loads of coffee and made drawings in my sketchbooks at cafes around town. The Stockholm Water Festival was moving towards it´s end as an event in the summer. I even took my PADI scuba diving certificate. The summer was excilirating, and with great hopes & expectations, I worked hard to save up enough money to buy my first licens of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and a desktop computer and a scanner. Eros Ramazotti halped a lot back then. Because Eros was so popular and his songs played all over the town, you basically bathed in his songs weather you liked it or not. I loved them then, and there was also the coolest French & italian Hip-Hop back then. Way cooler and rougher and slick than any of the american hip-hop artists, around the mid to end of 90´s.


Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator, artist, graphic desinger
www.canvas.nu | www.stefanlindblad.com

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