Jean Giraud aka Moebius – one of the great comic artist´s

MOEBIUS REDUX – A Life in Pictures- Opening

Jean Giraud aka Moebius is one of those fantastic comic´s/ graphic novel artist´s, that have been a huge inspiration for more people than one at first might expect. And one of mine as well of course. As an artist and illustrator myself I have learn to draw and paint by getting inspired by all these great comic´s artist, as well as the painters and artist in the “art world”. Of some obscure reason comic´s artist have been looked down by the “fine art´s world” and media. At the same time they have been the inspiration for so many. The impact the Metal Hurlant magazine & movie, (Heavy Metal movie) had on me, and the ”Arzach” comics was very strong at the time. Here a link to the IMDB site:

On You Tube you can see the documentary about Jean Giraud aka Moebius. Its called MOEBIUS REDUX – A Life in Pictures. I saw the documentary my self this weekend with my girlfriend. Its pretty basic and straight forward as a documentary but still worth a look. Jean Giraud aka Moebius was an involved in the great movie Blad Runner. The vertical city, the perspective, the way Jean Giraud draw City´s was new and inspiring. For me being a European it never been any direct difficulties to get hold of great and inspiring artists like Jean Giraud. France and Belgium having been one of the giants of European graphic novels and cartoon art.

Do take time to look at this documentary, it will hopefully give you some inspiration. And if you like to read more about Jean Giraud aka Moebius then Wikipedia has a great site with more information on his work, click this link:
Jean Giraud is also the co founder of the French Sci-Fi magazine Metal Hurlant also known in its English version as Heavy Metal magazine.

You should really take the time to read the wikipedia presentation on his work, you will be surprised, especially if you are a non-european having not read european comics/graphic novels.

Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator & artist

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