Kiosk building drawing Stockholm Meat District

I took a stroll up to the Meat District – Slakthusområdet – to sketch and make some drawings. I stopped by this Kiosk in an older building.

Stockholm Meat District is a meat business production area, and in Swedish called: “Slakthusområdet”. In the future basically all meat production businesses will relocate to another are in the Stockholm outskirts. Being set up specifically for this type of companies, with contract lease of 50 – 100 years, to secure the success, and give peace to the businesses in that sort of cluster. This area, where this house stands today, will be converted into a new city area, in the continuously growing Stockholm City in Sweden.

This particular building in my drawing is most probably one of those older, historically interesting with presumable some sort of listing. Buildings that are historically interesting architecturally are being saved. The new extended radius of the city borders continue to push the town like Big Bang, wider and wider each decade. Once beginning with the old medieval city walls of Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla Stan). 

This area in particular will transition into a mix of apartment buildings and businesses. In the future it will probably be surrounded by both small, medium and high rising apartment buildings and other businesses.

At one point a conservative city politician wanted IKEA to build a department store in the new planned area. But that never came into fruition, when critic mounted, and IKEA´s demands probably wasn’t accepted by City Hall ” Stadshuset”.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & Graphic Designer

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