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Land people on Mars and leave them there to colonize it

You might have already read or heard about the news that NASA plans or at least elaborate over sending people to the planet Mars and then leave them there. Not to take them back to our earth but literally leave them there. That way they could start to colonize the planet.

The idea is it would be less costs to simply send them there and then partly send them food and supplies as well as them making themselves self sufficient. Picture yourself being sent to the planet Mars and never be able to go back home if you changed your mind while on Mars.

The idea continuous as the very reason to leave them there is to colonize Mars and probably in a distant future continue out in space, the universe to colonize more planets and solar systems and galaxy’s. According to chaos theory our earth will, and especially if our earth isn’t protected by ourselves, will eventually vanish, the life on earth as we know it. They take the example that if you plant all your asset in the same box (our planet Tellus) the risk for complete extinction is imminent on the long run.

In any case man history has always been exploring, to conquer new worlds. To move forward.
Read more in NASA pdf and their website www.nasa.gov and the PDF>

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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