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Logo design company used free clipart – bizarre

Illustration, flygbussarna, Sverigemässan, Göteborg, Stefan Lindblad, illustratör
Illustration, drawing by Stefan Lindblad. Drawn LIVE at a Convention in 2016.

Illustration, drawing by Stefan Lindblad. Drawn LIVE at a Convention in 2016.

I am currently working on a new logotype design, for a local Swedish company. Great fun, but it came with a background story.

It started out as a redesign of a logo the company had bought from a Swedish logotype firm, dedicated to creating logos for a smaller fee. And way less than a regular professional graphic designer would charge.

I was at first asked to have a look, and see if I could enhance the technical quality and fix a few design details. Fair enough, I started by looking at Google image search, with keywords appropriate for this Pictogram like style. And I instantly found this logo was a clipart image, available on numerous international clipart websites. It was far from unique. It was offered both free for personal use, and for a fee for commercial use.

What a scam!


UPDATE: 2018-11-01
What are the odds, but it really happened – my client bumped into a staff member from another company, dressed-up in company clothes, car with signage wearing a logo with the exact same clipart!

Just imagine if they had used this new logo on company clothes, signs, cars, and what have, only to see another one, firm another company coming in with exact same logo image.

Completely Shameless logotype company, who claim on their website: “… lean back, restaurant assure you will get a unique logotype professionally made for you…”.


This Swedish logotype low-price company, with a nice looking website and bold words, claiming for instance. “You will get a professional and unique logo”, actually sold the client a clipart image, and put it together with the company name. My now client, believing it was unique had payed accordingly. Only to find out, via my quick research it was far from it. They had been fooled, basically.

This is what we illustrators and graphic designers compete with. There is no pride to claim for this Swedish logotype company. Just shame.

When I thought more about this, it came to me, that for them to keep these low prices and quick traction, they could very well have asked a so called designer through Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru or some other site, to supply them this garbage, for all I know. 

What I do know, is that this logotype company took a clipart image, used by who knows how many, and maybe all over the world, and claiming it was a unique logotype design, and charged for it.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & Graphic Designer

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