Look through the smoke screens of political twitter rants

After reading a Facebook friends very good and reasonable post, about being too quick to vote for actors and directors for political office – in America for him, Sweden for me – it felt reasonable to me to come to grips with how I feel about it.

It may not come as a surprise to anybody, that actors and movie directors in any country on this planet, are people too. And, fact is, that literally everything is politics in the end. The price of milk for your coffee, or just coffee if you don’t have milk, is politics. The price and the manufacturing to make that cup of coffee, is politics. So, anyone on this planet have the right to have an opinion. For me as a non American I am still perplexed how republicans didn’t chose John Kasichs instead of the orange guy. I’m also perplexed that so many voters who wanted to vote for Bernie and against the orange guy, didn’t vote at all in the end. And that payed way for the orange guy.

His rants and outrageous comments, gave him exposure in media and debates. And others, like John Kasichs, suffered hard from media outlets inability to not fall into the trap. The trap that gave Me. Orange 24/7 airtime, and Kasichs basically none.

In my country we have the same situation, actually. And other countries as well. What is happening very clearly, is that a decent person who just happened to be an actor, can see through all the tingle tangle bombastic smoke on twitter. And recognise that while the smoke screens and bombastic language in capital L, other important matters are being done, that may be bad for the people and the land and planet they live off, can be smoke screens to cover other things that gets an unfortunate pass. Things that will affect your country, and my country and other countries for generations in a bad way.

Unless people wake up, smell the coffee and detract from splitting hair strands, get sane again. Famous though, doesn’t constitute humanity. And I will never, and have never, voted for a celebrity for political office, simply for being a famous celebrity. That’s more an American thing anyway.

Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator, Graphic Designer

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